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  1. Centre bans 90 NGOs in Telangana, 168 in Andhra Pradesh for FCRA norm violation HYDERABAD: Ninety non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Telangana and 168 in AP found to be violating foreign funding laws have been banned by the government this year. Among those whose registration under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010, has been cancelled include churches and educational institutions operating in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Seva Bharati, Hyderabad Archdiocese Educational Society and Satya Harishchandra Foundation (SHF) are among the violator's list. The FCRA registration was cancelled mainly due to their failure to submit annual income and expenditure statement on foreign funding. The Union ministry of home affairs has made filing of annual returns mandatory for foreign contribution under FCRA. K Rajeshwar of SHF told TOI that they did not submit annual returns for two consecutive years. “Our foundation has not received a single rupee towards foreign donation after we enrolled ourselves under FCRA. We were supposed to file the annual returns, but we forgot to do so,” he agreed. SHF helps in cremating unidentified Modies in the city. In its order, MHA said: “It has been observed that the mandatory annual returns for 2017-18 have not been uploaded on FCRA portal by some of the NGOs even after the extended date of March 31, 2019. Non-filing of annual returns is a violation of Section 18 of the Act. A final notice was issued on June 22 to the defaulters, giving them an opportunity to file within 15 days. However, they have failed to submit the returns." Under section 14 of FCRA, the Centre cancelled the registration of United Grace Ministries, St Paul’s Educational Academy, Shammah Ministries International, Rudrama Devi Mahila Mandali, Dhyana Ashram, Amma Nanna Ananda Ashramam, All India Christian Federation and Banjara Tribal Initiative. In AP, Rural Education and Development Society, Rayapati Charitable Association, YS Vijaxxxxx Charitable Trust, Philadelphia Zion Ministries and Aruna Mahila Mandali are among those whose registration has been cancelled. Secretary of Forum for Good Governance M Padmanabha Reddy said that FCRA should be amended to ensure that no religious organisation gets foreign funding. “NGOs should work to get funding from within India,” he told TOI.
  2. Enduku konchem fame raagane boothulu titti vere party lo cheratanikaaa
  3. Edo matham ni teesukuni vere matham vallani desam lone lekunda sarvanasam cheseyyali Neeku addu vachina vallandari meda cases esi jail lo eyyali Identi ani adigina press/media ni ban chesi special GO's ichi apeyyali 1 MLA unna center lo adikaaram lo state lo govt form cheyyagalagaali Party odipogane MLA's MP's andaru Govt form chesina party loki dookeyyali Dookothunnam ani maname leak lu ichi own party vallane bedirinchaali Party maare roju paatha party and leader ni amma akka aali boothulu tittali Party maarina ventane minister ichi sontha party vallane bayataku nettali Assembly lo kottukovali parliament lo dabbu kattalu panchukovaali Cheekatlo commission lu panchukovali veluthurulo niladeestham ane speech lu ivvali Websites lo negative raathalu rayinchali twitter lo morphing chesi negative trends cheyyinchali
  4. YCP vs BJP ina marushanam Jagan jail lo untadu Vaadantha pichodu kadhu TDP undali 2nd place lo but vallaki TDP vote share gap ekkkuva undali