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  1. 2024 bjp win in TS Bjp+jsp 2nd place in AP Bjp+ rajini party 2nd place in TN Ah central lo bjp lepandroyyy
  2. బీజేపీ ని దూరం పెట్టాలి లౌకికవాద తెలంగాణ పార్టీలు అన్ని ఏకం కావాలి - నాగేశ్వర్! Ika start ayyindhi music
  3. Congress ni kapadukovatam congress badyathe kaadhu trs badyatha kuda ippudu
  4. Entha edchina he has reddy+christian vote ade chaalu vaadiki to stay in game aadikaaram etu undi I think he will win next time also
  5. ycp 120 tdp 30 bjp+jsp 25 After elections oka 20 members jump tho tdp will come to 3rd place
  6. Trs congress tdp should go on a background alliance to stop bjp.Trs oppositon lo unna congress tdp lekunda chesi tappu chesindhi
  7. Until unless bjp looses in centre they will be main opposition or form govt in every state they are financially too strong and they wont give money to states Next general elections ki trs party valla meda raids kuda untaayi I think bjp winning in tg in 2024 Ika ap vishyaniki vasthe ycp will go to trs position 2019 they will win but tdp will go further down and bjp+jsp will come to 2nd position
  8. Kopam kaadhu they played safe voting to the ruling partt dongalu vallu regular elections vache sariki bjp ki estharu
  9. Total 123/150 TRS 32 BJP 74 MIM 16 Congress 1 Others 0
  10. 102 for mayor TRS need 64 because it has 38 ex-officio votes (MPs, MLAs MLCs) BJP need 99, 3 ex-offico votes
  11. Total 104/150 Bjp : 62 TRS : 31 AIMIM : 10 Congress: 1