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  1. Em BJP ante velakolam ga unda next time ki individual ga ap lo govt chestadi
  2. BJP ki unna 20% vote share ycp ki epinchaaru
  3. TDP activists stage protests against closure of Anna Canteens TDP MLA V.R.K. Babu serving meals to the poor outside the Anna Canteen at MVP Colony in Visakhapatnam They raise slogans against govt. Expressing displeasure over the closure of Anna Canteens by the State government, TDP MLAs and party workers staged a novel protest at different parts of the city, by serving food to public at the canteen premises in their constituencies, here on Friday. TDP MLA Visakhapatnam(South) Vasupalli Ganesh Kumar staged a protest by serving food to the poor near an Anna Canteen at King George Hospital (KGH), while TDP MLA(East) Ramakrishna Babu did the same at another canteen in MVP Colony. Similar protests were staged at Thatichetlapalem, Gopalapatnam and at many other Anna Canteens in the city by the TDP party representatives, in the backdrop of supporters raising slogans against the Jagan Mohan Reddy-led YSRCP government. Mr. Ganesh Kumar said that many poor have been dependent on the Anna Canteens and closing them is completely unacceptable. He said that Mr. Jagan should immediately pass orders to reopen them. A few other leaders said that the Chief Minister had closed Anna Canteens as they were started by the earlier TDP government.