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  1. Intial stages both ap and tg CMs same mindset tho vunnaru Later jagan chaged KCR didn't Now telangana is experiencing worst
  2. Maa mukyamantri ni ee kulaala godava loki laagoddu anta
  3. Carona varaku ap government baane chesaaru Intial stages lo comedy gaa behave chesaru but later corrected
  4. Next elections ki Hyderabad ki drinking water problem leakunda pothadi Godavari water shamirpet lake ki vasthadi inko 4/5 years lo
  5. He deserves this regarding kaleswaram and other irrigation works Cost effective aa kaada anedi pakkana pedithe The way farming/paddy cultivation growth in last 3 years is unbelievable
  6. Gurram egurutundemo kaani Lokesh cm kaaledu
  7. Somasila reaches it's full capacity 78tmc for the first time after the dam built. Today afternoon 2 gates lifted and released water to sangam anicut and Nellore anicut
  8. Edo video lo giddalur janalu memu antha Jagan ki vestham votes ani annapudu enduku ani adigite maaku ee 5 years varsham ledu Jagan vasthey varshalu padatai annaru Last 6/7 years lo giddalur area lo Leni varsham padindi ee year
  9. Jagan vasthey vaanalu padatai ani janalu anukodam aa vaanalu padadam saripoindi AP lo Anni areas almost received their annual rainfall many places received 40% above Rainfall
  10. Musi flowing gaa light gaa 2 days nundi Ee 10 days manchi rains padatai ley mee area lo
  11. @Kedism mee oori status enti heavy rains vunnaya night and ivvala
  12. Somasila dam reached full capacity of 75 tmc Gates lifted Last time eppudu lift chesaro no idea
  13. Ee year mee season Kuda chala baguntadi wait inko 10 days lo start avuthadi mee season
  14. Extra ordinary monsoon season this year after a long long time All major/minor dams in the state are completely filled Next 10 days varaku inflows expecting in Krishna basin Anantapur District received excess rainfall in September and October
  15. South Maharashtra and North Karnataka under severe floods
  16. Can expect rains around 30-40mm upto 30kms from coast in prakasam district
  17. Bangalore lo rain bebathsam ninna ivvala Southwest Bangalore lo floods possible
  18. Ananatapur received 228mm in last 2 days