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  1. CBN

    endi ee bokkalo scheme ni publicise cheyyala
  2. Runamaphi 4th n 5th term by Jan19

    ground level lo deeni implementation
  3. CBN

    If an SC bride marries an SC boy, she would get Rs 40,000 as gift and Rs 30,000 if a Backward Class girl marries a Backward Class boy. State govt is planning to spend up to Rs 100 crore for providing financial incentive under this scheme: Andhra CM @ncbn https://t.co/qGzvyiNByo Endo ee Cotton business
  4. ***Monsoon Updates***

    manaku no idea daani gurinchi
  5. modi

    inkentha kalam raa saami same story
  6. Roja

    this rain is predicted one week back
  7. Roja

    monna vontimitta evaru vacharu mari ?
  8. CBN Live

    sadly national medial evadu telecaast cheyatledu
  9. ***Monsoon Updates***

    thundersttrom in amaravathi live https://crda.ap.gov.in/APCRDA/UserInterface/LiveVideo/Home.aspx
  10. ***Monsoon Updates***

    thundershowers possible in CRDA and west krishna direct region in next 2 hours
  11. Kodandarama Temple, Vontimitta

    sheds kulipoyay, power lines tegipoyay rain still continuing 3 mins vadagalla vaana padindi
  12. Kodandarama Temple, Vontimitta