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  1. BNP Paribas ane bank undi Europe countries lo, ma client bank accounts Anni ee bank lone
  2. Tatasky lo Mahaa news channel radu
  3. srohith

    Severe Criticism on TDP in Social Media

    Out of control 😔
  4. srohith

    Chandranna bima

    really happy tears Jai TDP
  5. srohith

    Excellent Speech by Garikipati...

    Narsi Reddy ki chances iste Revant Reddy ni replace chestademo 👌
  6. Party lo no2 and vallu, okati matram oppukovali Andhra lo Kante TG lo TDP ki strong leaders unde vallu.
  7. srohith

    ABP news mood of the nation

    CSDS poll says SP- BSP likely to get 46% ( gain 4%) while NDA to get 35% (loss of 8%) in Uttar Pradesh Loksabha poll
  8. srohith

    ABP news mood of the nation

    In Maharashtra, while the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance continues to be ahead, the Congress and the NCP are giving it a tough fight.
  9. srohith

    ABP news mood of the nation

    There's a surge in support for Congress in Gujarat and the gap between the two parties has shrunk considerably. In May 2017, NDA had led UPA by 24 percentage points. In January 2018 this lead dropped to 8 points and now it has further reduced to just 5 points.
  10. BJP is remains strong on East India, congress gaining in Rajasthan v& Madhya Pradesh
  11. srohith

    ap govt lawsuit on

    CBN meeda nammakam ledu Dora tuning train incident ke Inka em cheyyala
  12. @sonykongara bro mana govt schools lo English medium implement chestara, last year announce cheste social media lo godava chesaru
  13. srohith

    TTD meda kutra rajakiyam

    Idi correct vedhavalaki
  14. srohith

    TTD meda kutra rajakiyam

    Asalu eeyana eppudu retired kani extend chesaru tesi dobbite saripodhi
  15. srohith

    Janmabhoomi Maa Ooru

    Maadi Chandragiri niyojakavargam, Tirupati rural. Ma inti electricity meter problem ayyi daily 150+ units run ayedi. Bill 3000+ vachinde, local lineman ki report chesi electricity office lo complaint cheste meter replace chesi old meter test chesi chepta annaru. Kani tarvatha response ledu, madyalo old bill pay cheyyamani force chesaru enni sarlu office ki vellina response ledu. Eroju ma oorlo Janma Bhoomi program lo complaint cheste immediate ga AE intiki vachi me pata bill pay cheyyalsina avasaram ledu, me old meter 2 days lo vastundi annaru. Jai Janmabhoomi, Jai CBN, Jai TDP