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    Ongole MP Ticket

    assembly constituency edi bhayya?
  2. ntr_king

    who will WIN Karnataka elections ?

    Bengaluru is a garbage city, But Varanasi, my constituency, is the dirtiest, So please vote for me! I will fight corruption, By appointing Yedurappa as CM, And Reddy brothers as Ministers, So please vote for me! I am honest, And I don’t know how friends Adani and Ambanis get all major government contracts, So please vote for me. Ram is from UP, Hanuman is from Karnataka, So Karnataka should be a Bhakt of UP I have sent Yogi to you from UP, So please vote for me! I can’t bring down price of petrol and diesel, But Congress glorifies Tipu Sultan, So please vote for me! I can’t solve farmers’ problems, But Sonia is an Italian, So please vote for me! I can't resolve Cauvery dispute despite Supreme Court orders, Let uncertainty remain and farmers suffer, But Nehru insulted Cariappa and Thimayya, So please vote for me! Rahul has challenged me for a debate, I won't debate because he can’t speak without reading a paper, So please vote for me! And last but not the least, If you are a Hindu, Please vote for me!
  3. ntr_king

    who will WIN Karnataka elections ?

    Dear Karnataka, I travel in jet planes, But my mother travels in an auto rickshaw, So please vote for me! I live in a palace, But my mother lives in a hut, So please vote for me! I don’t let my mother live with me, I don’t let her live like me, So please vote for me! I fight for women’s cause, But desert my wife to lead a lonely life, So please vote for me! I can’t give you jobs and development, But AMU puts Jinnah’s portrait, So please vote for me!
  4. ntr_king

    Sujana into BJP?

    Ex Chairman of Maa TV - Murali Krishnam Raju
  5. Telangana overstated revenue surplus at ₹ 6,778 cr: CAG PTI T+ T- Hyderabad, Mar 29 The Telangana government registered revenue surplus of ₹ 1,386 crore during 2016-17 but it was ove₹tated at ₹ 6,778 crore on account of irregular accounting, the Comptroller and Auditor General said. “Thus, the state had revenue deficit of ₹ 5,392 crore in 2016-17,” it said. Fiscal deficit (₹ 35,281 crore), which stood at 5.46 per cent of Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP), was understated by ₹ 2,500 crore due to crediting of borrowed funds as Revenue Receipts,” the CAG said in its report on State Finances for the year ended March, 2017. The maturity profile of debt as on March 31, 2017 indicated that state has to repay 49 per cent of debt amounting to ₹ 56,388 crore within the next seven years, the report tabled in the Telangana assembly said. “The repayment of debt as percentage of tax revenue increased from 7.12 cent during 2015-16 to 32.16 cent during 2016-17,” the government auditor said in its Analysis of Finances of the state government. The ratio of fiscal deficit to GSDP excluding amount transferred under UDAY scheme (₹ 7,500 crore) was 4.3 per cent, it said. “This exceeded the ceiling of 3.5 per cent stipulated for 2016-17 by the 14th Finance Commission and targeted in Medium Term Fiscal Policy Statement (MFPS) of the state under Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) legislation,” it said. Capital expenditure (₹ 33,371 crore) was more than the budget estimates (₹ 29,313 crore). “Its ratio to total expenditure stood at 28.22 per cent which was higher than the combined average (19.70 per cent) of General Category States,” it said. The capital expenditure of the state, excluding ₹ 7,500 crore transferred to discoms (state power distribution companies) under UDAY scheme, was ₹ 25,871 crore, it said. During the year, revenue expenditure accounted for 69 per cent of the state’s aggregate expenditure, which was in the nature of current consumption, leaving only 31 per cent for investment in infrastructure and asset creation, it said. Devolution to the state was enhanced to the tune of ₹ 2,525 crore during 2016-17 on the basis of 14th Finance Commission recommendations, the report said. “Audit noted that additional devolution led to increase in revenue expenditure by ₹ 5,536 crore over previous year,” it said.
  6. https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/national/telangana-overstated-revenue-surplus-at-6778-cr-cag/article23383907.ece