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  1. Jagan enduku..jagan gaarini anandi...tdp supporters antha vps ni ekada chudla...ah pizza reddy gadiki edava respect okati
  2. Evadiki kula pichi..pichi p la matladaku
  3. Shh... maree kozza ante pillodu hurt avtadani pizza reddy anadam jarigindi
  4. Pizza next level bro... that's what I'm saying..stick to one major one and popularize it.....look at what they did with lokesh
  5. This is a new opportunity for tdp to tarnish jaglak's image. Hope we don't miss it. Knowing tdp and it's followers I don't think this can gain attention..but try cheidam lo tappu ledu
  6. But gorre biddalaki jesus reddy alias pizza reddy ante ne love bro
  7. We can clearly see the difference...eh pizza slogans tdp regime lo iyyunte labour batch racha racha chesedi... When there is scope to damage opposition image tdp fails as always
  8. He doesn't crave for power..but vaste bavuntadi