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  1. Tiger gaaru uppudu which party lo unnaru
  2. Same as the rest of the lot In 2014 TC & Pepperpati were the outliers. Everybody made fun of them.
  3. We are going with the outlier Matrix associates : NDA - 215 and done
  4. YRUS gallaki correct mogudu PK ne. Whether YRUS is in ruling or opposition does not matter. Jai TrollSena
  5. Yes. PK MUST enter assembly Jaffa gaadu assembly lo sakshi editorials/articles saduvutaa untaadu, PK gaadu Prajasakthi editorials saduvutaa undaali KEKAAAAAA......
  6. ప్రతీది ఫ్యాషన్ షోనే. ఆయనకి అది మామూలే.