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  1. +1 Limited time doesnt make sense.... People will rush in that hour causing more crowd formation...
  2. Lockdown for long duration is not that easy in india setup... So much population..unorganised sector and daily labourers..how can they survive without essentials supply... Complete lockdown ani panic create cheyatam kante...limited and monitored lockdown kind of stuff needs to be planned in longterm
  3. Senseless... What are they achieving by this... Unnecessary ga crowd form avtundi...which is counter-productive... Adedo evadi vehicle lo vadu intiki vellipothe inka better....em problem undadu..... Ee police nayals chance dorikindani sadism baitapedtunaru
  4. Best among recent...straight and no mohamatam speech
  5. Paracetamol(crocin/dolo) is given for any bloody fever...it is just symptomatic treatment....daniki virus ki no link.... Kottukokunda trolls spread cheyandi vai....😂
  6. 3,4 with one car ante....too gud ga...nice