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  1. vinayak

    summer lo hussain sagar kali

    Transparency in TS governance dropped from 100% in 2014 to 42% in 2017. Govt kept 21,969 GOs passed as 'secret', called it 'Internal orders'. Seriously?! MAUD and TS Road & Building wings concealed a majority of decisions: RTI
  2. vinayak

    summer lo hussain sagar kali

    More Replying to @KTRTRS Wish he cud lay the foundation for new roads. Stop building castles in the air. We need roads, only then we can travel to ur dream castle RaaoSaab‏ @RaaoSaab 11 Nov 2016 More Replying to @KTRTRS anna roads dhi kuda oka pic pettu itla...chusi santoshistam...elagoo reality lo chustamo ledo
  3. vinayak

    summer lo hussain sagar kali

    @KTRTRS FollowFollow @KTRTRS More Unveiled first look of IMAGE tower (Innovation in Multimedia, Animation, Gaming & Entertainment) at the NASSCOM Game developers conference
  4. vinayak

    summer lo hussain sagar kali

    Police headquarters towers ani edo kusaduga laksha kotla migulu budget unchukoni 4 1/2 years lo emi feekado aa kotalarayudu KTR ni adagandi. Congi is not using all these failures properly for their campaign.malli bench yemo intavaraku seats ye telchala 1 mnth ayyindi
  5. vinayak

    Modi sir bagotham

  6. vinayak

    summer lo hussain sagar kali

    KTR drustilo mongadu 4 1/2 years lo emi peekalekapoyadu,amravati 5 yrs lo kattalanta
  7. During my personal visits, I have seen heart wrenching scenes of people who have lost crops and houses. Estimation of crop loss by officials has begun. Instructed officials to be cordial and patient with people while estimating the loss because they have just survived a natural disaster. Also, directed them to not make any mistakes in estimations because people’s lives depended on it. Reviewed the relief measures undertaken in Mandasa mandal. Drinking Water is being supplied using generators at multi-village sources and through water tankers that are drawing water from NTR Sujala plants. Food arrangements have been made in 38 village panchayaths and 244 settlements. Essential goods, rice and milk are being distributed in all villages. Restoration of roads and electricity is being carried out on a war footing.