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  1. Yes. All have to believe BJP stunts..stunts mida BJP ke undi patent.. 2014 nundi chustune unnam kada
  2. Jamili tarwatha madyalo adina stare gvt padipothe.. malli jamili vachevaraku akkada gvt undada
  3. i am always confused about this project since getting info from different sources..if you have details about this please share.
  4. ee year rai full ga padnindi TG lo 40 % extra till now...secondly free power unlimited..dintho bores kottaru andaru...rain vall unna ground water plus ani dams full..mostl last year kuda rain bagundi...kaleswaram project auytcut ado chepthe telusukuntam...dani valla akkada pandindo
  5. Kudirithe answer cheppandi sir anthe kani dont behave like modi. Be human being not modi being
  6. Pina cheppina rendu aa country ki sambandichibavi? Kopmadisi mana country na?
  7. MLC election aypoyndi kda?after election ante after general elections?
  8. ivi 2000 annaru...1000 matrame vastunnay ma cousin ki
  9. This is one of the regular fresher recruitment process for HCL..not for vijayawada even Noida and Bangalore, chennai
  10. ami use bro....deeni gurinchi andku publicity cheyatledu deeni use anto chala mandiki telidu asalu
  11. Nene land ammutha ani cheppindi correct. BTW CBN made me to drop this idea forever with sagar canal linking Ma father ki nina phone chesthe urlo antha manchi vupu mida unnaru sagar linking gurinchi...jeeplu matldkoni vellatarta urlo farmers antha meeting manake kada water vachedi ani.
  12. guntur-macherla road ante macherla-nadukudi kada bro..direct road amundi macherla to guntur
  13. road kinda land pokunda unte chalu..automatic ga rate vastundi.peg marking aythe artham avtdi situation. irrespective of these..e road mida povalante especially bike mida terror...last year oka lady maa relative spot dead RTC bus kotti
  14. sattenapalli lo atu vypu vastundi bypass..any idea...oka vypu mavi inkovypu naa katnam land(maa athaagru pettinavi) unnay.
  15. it will be wonder if gets completed and comes to reality.Hope it happens ASAP. NSP RMC farmers are in deep plight from so many years,and CBN will be remembered for long time and putting NTR's name is perfect for this project. BTW small doubt..how water flow to back from nakarikallu to till macherla. is there any mechanism
  16. November 1 st na vchaya...maa cousin ki am raledu..update amina unda
  17. Asalu benificiery criteria ne illogical anipistundi....not only this scheme,most of the schema in India. Example: take arogya sri...eligibility is ration card...assuming 100000 is family income as criteria he gets benefit of 2.5l per year.assume he or his family's got benefited with one major surgery in a year..another family with 1,20000 income,no ration card and no arogya sri...got spent same own 2.5 lak per major surgery...just matter of 20000 diff he lost 2.5 and now he becomes poor since he will bring same amount as debt. Same to this ayushmann bhava also...person can buy bike not because he is affordable and he will buy it due to nature of his job/business even it is small Numbers I have given are example Instead of this person should benefit based on proporinary to his income
  18. Not only Hyd ashok nagar,bangaolore and chennai lo kuda untaru chala mandi IT aspirants
  19. biometric lo finger prints ivvala...every month?penisoners ante urlo unataru kabatti istharu...un-emplyed ante job trails kosam hyd,bangalore or chennai,inka akkadekkado untaru.every month deeni kosam vachipothe charge ke saripotadi.bangalore nundi aythe adi kuda saripodu
  20. yuvanestham customer care number 1100 is never connecting..not sure why this kind of wrong directions will be given
  21. anyone can have idea about mapping bank account with NCPI. yuvanestham portal lo it is asking bank to map with NCPI