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  1. Babu

    200 percent..if u like their acting that is your psychological happiness...that doesn't mean that they should play according to your tunes. I like jr ntr acting and that means I can't demand him that he shud do what I expect
  2. Babu

    Em responsibly undani cement industry valla issues ni gvt ki represent chstndi... am responsibility undani doctors association valla issues ni gvt ki chepthay.am responsibility undani gvt employs valla pay penchamantaru. Every industry will represent and fight for their industry issues and requirements..since they are paying taxes to gvt for what they do. When it is common issue if the person feels to do something he can or if he didn't interest he can't.you can't divide by industry wise.cinema vallu andkni raledu...kirana shop vallu andku raledu...petrol bunk vallu andku raledu.real estate vallu andku raledu ante BTW TG movement lead by leader who demanded it and followed by gvt employs,lawyers,student wings and then public...no film industry involved.
  3. Babu

    excluding chiru..since he is MP..how come film industry has additional responsibility than any industry. why not real estate,why not cement,iron,why not retail,why not IT industry don't say you are giving money to them..above industries also will take money from people.every body will give money as a change for service. don't say film industry money is begged money by them from people tamil movie industry people are more political minded.they will respond now next immediately they jump to politics.
  4. idi na chirakala korika.....ila cheyakudada any constituitonal issue? any IT or CBI gus vasthe vallani tisukelli bokkalo vesthe. case kavalante jail lo pettadanki adoka case petti suspect ga booka lo veyakudada i beleive jayalalitha has that guts anukunta
  5. operation garuda

    just now in tv9 shivaji said he knows six months back itself and he is going to explain in 2-3 days and requested live for all tv channels and asked for security
  6. PK or A2 strategy worked?

    what they did to tripura
  7. annadmk

    Why can't tdp expose the same
  8. Vallu lokesh mida case pettedaka Manam wait cheydm andku...Maname rammadhav gadni bokkalo tosthe poddi kda
  9. Sabbam Hari Live

    Very very intresting
  10. Prasanth kishore met amit shah

    Hmtv lo same coming.but pk jagan tho cut cheskoni bjp tho work chstdni chptndu
  11. National Media

    Tune to zee news.big discussion is on Atu cbn itu modo bommalu petti rough adistunnadu
  12. National Media

    Zee news chusa total highlight is they didn't mention ysrcp.he is saying parties giving support to tdp no confidence motion.tdp tdp.... main reason for this is coming out from nda and no confidence motion at same time.impact optimised
  13. National Media

    He hates congress and supported tdp always as anti congress in ap.but now congress disappeared in ap.so his agenda accomplished.so he ignoring tdp now
  14. Jai dakshina bharatam

    memu ade cheptunnam..valla daridranki memu bali avtunnam ani..south korea and noth korea di same scene ikkada south korea is developing.north is under dictator ship and towards sinking