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  1. Runa maafi status

    Okappudu indulo vachedi
  2. Companies in sricity

    http://www.sricity.in/customers/ https://www.apindustries.gov.in/APIndus/CMDashBoard.aspx?deptid=06-0&recent=Y http://core.ap.gov.in/core2.0/#/all/card-table-details/18 Ila search cheyyalemo bro not sure
  3. Benefits of Railway Zone

    Image kanapadatla bro
  4. TDP MP's protest infront of MODI

    YSRCP lo kuda oka leader unnadu..
  5. Araku Valley Instant Coffee

    To submit a false negative: Obtain a sample: For steps to obtain, compress, and encrypt the sample directly from the ATD appliance, see Chapter 7 of the Advanced Threat Defense Product Guide (PD25573). Submit the sample to McAfee Labs: Follow the method documented in KB68030. You will receive an Analysis ID after the submission is received. Open a Service Request with Technical Support and provide the Analysis ID from McAfee Labs. See the Related Information section for contact details.IMPORTANT: Do not send the malware to the technician or upload it as part of this Service Request. Technical Support will validate the sandbox configuration and determine if the issue needs to be escalated further. Related Information To contact Technical Support, log on to the ServicePortal and go to the Create a Service Request page at https://support.mcafee.com/ServicePortal/faces/serviceRequests/createSR: If you are a registered user, type your User Id and Password, and then click Log In. If you are not a registered user, click Register and complete the required fields. Your password and logon instructions will be emailed to you.
  6. Lets review BJP FB Page

    Vallu option theessaru..lol no one can review
  7. Lets review BJP FB Page

    Rated 1 morning itself
  8. My book out for delivery today..☺
  9. Kicked up the day with this tweet

    Kailash Satyarthi (@k_satyarthi) Tweeted: Thank you for your warm wishes dear brother @ncbn ji. https://t.co/IyPNh4re7Z
  10. PK met KCR and praised 24hr

    TG farmers e vadhu baboy antunnaru.. Power sector lo babu gariki evadu neethulu nerpakkarledu.. Topic over..
  11. Happy New Year 2018

    Thanks bro.. Happy new year all...