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  1. Notice that camera vipu donga choopulu chostunnadu
  2. వాషింగ్టన్‌: అమెరికా అధ్యక్షుడు డొనాల్డ్‌ ట్రంప్‌ దంపతులకు కరోనా పాజిటివ్‌ వచ్చింది. సలహాదారు హోప్‌హక్స్‌కు కరోనా సోకడంతో.. సతీమణితో పాటు ఆయన కూడా పరీక్షలు చేయించుకన్నట్లు ట్రంప్‌ వెల్లడించారు. దీంతో వారిరువురికి కరోనా నిర్ధరణ అయినట్లు ట్రంప్‌ తెలిపారు.
  3. Forgot to add one more new quotation. Ban China apps.
  4. You are not caching my point. Former can sell their products is good but govt should give minimum price and procure minimum production otherwise it's not easy small formers. They have to go with millers or mediators.
  5. Sorry bro I may not agree this. Mediators perigi potaru. No control on prices. May be farming lo kuda mono poly avtundi. Vademi chepte ade pandinchali. Chinna chinna formers it's not easy to transport and sell their products.
  6. Kangana security national level issue. What are you talking Amaravati issues is just AP issue. When CBN silent in TS issue same bakts said he should be very clear. But BJP can have 2 stands national level and state level.
  7. May be youth kada promotions ki chances ekkuva vuntai ani supporting kavochu.
  8. Haha. Modi chooste sachipotadu.
  9. Disable option ledaa? Maa pakoda sab ki asale insecurity feeling ekkuva.
  10. Old video bro. I got this video 10 months back from other channel. There they mentioned that vehicle shock obsorber testing.
  11. Disabled comments anta kada. Kiki
  12. What ever Kiran bro. If we see the above eligible criteria really wrost scheme. No use for middle class people. Arogya sree is far better scheme. Central govt half scheme implement chesi fail ayite state govts ni blame cheyatam correct kadu kada.
  13. May be AP lo elections delay cheyataniki or TRS lo seats adjust cheyaleka potunna ru. So Baffa gallu game plan emo.
  14. Ee decision manaki emanna advantage vunda...?
  15. It's raining in between Ongole and Addanki
  16. Mahesh bro maa Nellore ki emanna rain vache chance vunda.It's very hot in Nellore.
  17. Kukatpally lo kumming.papam nizam pet and Miyapur
  18. This rains not enough Urban bro. No water in penna, Somasila and local ponds.
  19. Night kuda manchi rain padindi. Nellore and gudur area lo
  20. KD bro gundlakamma vagu baga flow avtundi anta.
  21. hmm. Just reached secunderabad. Ikkada kuda rain kumming