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  1. Kangana security national level issue. What are you talking Amaravati issues is just AP issue. When CBN silent in TS issue same bakts said he should be very clear. But BJP can have 2 stands national level and state level.
  2. May be youth kada promotions ki chances ekkuva vuntai ani supporting kavochu.
  3. Haha. Modi chooste sachipotadu.
  4. Disable option ledaa? Maa pakoda sab ki asale insecurity feeling ekkuva.
  5. Old video bro. I got this video 10 months back from other channel. There they mentioned that vehicle shock obsorber testing.
  6. Disabled comments anta kada. Kiki
  7. Boss ABN is controlling by TDP. It's just pro TDP. It's their wish what they want to telecast. Why CBN came into the picture.
  8. What expects from baffas. AP Lo kuda we supports Amaravati but will not involve in state govt decision.
  9. Already lokesh valla family like call chesi support chestamu ani cheppadu. Also tweeted it's a govt murder ani.
  10. Bro. Time bad ga vunte banana 🍌 tinna teeth virigipotundi antaru. Govt form chedinapudu CBN thopu chanakyudu annaru. Ippudu outdated antunnaru. Ippudu baffa and juffa time nadustundi.
  11. What ever Kiran bro. If we see the above eligible criteria really wrost scheme. No use for middle class people. Arogya sree is far better scheme. Central govt half scheme implement chesi fail ayite state govts ni blame cheyatam correct kadu kada.