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  1. Suresh_Ongole

    ABN channel and AP 24 X 7

    Might be true. Maku aa channels ravatam ledu.
  2. Suresh_Ongole

    Vangaveeti Radha entry emayindi?

    Addepalli sridhar gadu Janasena lo join avtadu annadu.
  3. Suresh_Ongole


  4. Suresh_Ongole

    AP Elections April 30

    Election code will applicable from today on words?
  5. Correct ga cheppadu only middle class people are struggling
  6. Correct bro. Prakasam lo TDP bad position lo vundataniki main reason Karanam. He has created groups in every village in KaMs. Now one group with TDP other with YCP. Papam Yekkala tulasi Rao ni complete ga naakinchesadu.
  7. Suresh_Ongole

    Video on ap pourushandhra

  8. Suresh_Ongole

    only in India

    Then that can give same rebate for morethan 5lk kada bro. Its really painfull situation when a person getting more salary than him even his earnings morethan opponent.
  9. Suresh_Ongole

    only in India

    Yes if you earn 5lk+1kyou have to pay 20% taX.
  10. Suresh_Ongole

    FEB1- Budget Day

    I don't know how still people are supporting Baffas after seeing Tax exemption. Last 4 years they didn't help us now also they did only for limited people.
  11. Suresh_Ongole

    Erri pushpam

    Lokesh notlo pettadu ga.
  12. Suresh_Ongole

    Erri pushpam

    Sakshi lo same news cover chestunnadu. Please die ra VSR.