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  1. Suresh_Ongole

    Nadendla manohar

    Sidda bane help chestunnadu vysyas ki. Manchi pattu vundi. Max TDP thone vuntaru.
  2. Suresh_Ongole

    Nadendla manohar

    Gaddalagunta batch JS ki shift avtundi. Balineni kI mejarity vachedi town lone. Adi JS ki shift avtadi DJ ki easy win.
  3. Suresh_Ongole

    Nadendla manohar

    Ongole lo TDP ki solid vote bank vundi. Triangle fight ayite DJ intlo kurchunna gelustadu.
  4. Suresh_Ongole

    Telangana lo nijalu.

    https://youtu.be/ZpTroFI2HLg see this video for KCR toung twist. Some one please post video here.
  5. Suresh_Ongole

    JS Likely Candidates

    TDP lo join ayyadu ga?
  6. Office lo late ayite next day late ga velta. CBN sir no word's to describe you and your dedication. You are truly inspiration for many people.
  7. Suresh_Ongole

    Telangana Leaders about AP+TS Maya Kutami

    Krishank, VamshI chand from congress super ga matladataaru.
  8. Suresh_Ongole

    PMJAY- Ayushman Bharat Launched

    What ever Kiran bro. If we see the above eligible criteria really wrost scheme. No use for middle class people. Arogya sree is far better scheme. Central govt half scheme implement chesi fail ayite state govts ni blame cheyatam correct kadu kada.
  9. Suresh_Ongole

    Live: 5-states election schedule

    That's the Baffas game. They accepted ycp resignation on Jun 4th. Current government term is till June 3rd. As per the rule after resignation there should be 1 year gap. See Baffas gAme plan. They accepted resignation with one day gap to avoid elections