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  1. For me RTGS and NEFT both are free. I am using HDFC current account.
  2. Don't do IMPS bro. use RTGS payment mode which takes 2 hrs credit amount. Blunder is most of the people doesn't knows this and they are not giving any awareness programs.
  3. Savings gurinchi alochistunnau ante meru Rich kids. Em desam kosam sacrifice chesukoleraaa? Just say Jai modi jai Bharat you will be relaxed.
  4. Aaa jaffa batch malli lokesh ni pappu anatam. Ohhh my modi
  5. Redmi phones kuda Made in India mari enduku China phones antaru?
  6. MLC votes adigai. Just mlc elections stunt.
  7. TDP vallavi konni places lo with draw cheincharu last minute lo. So mana vallu aa places lo Janasena ki support chestunnaru
  8. Correcte bro. But as video tho compare cheste ee video reach enta vuntundi. Just jarigina 10 min. lo anni what's up lo upload chesaru. Manam ee video entamandiki reply ga pampagalam.
  9. Why can't we expect subsidy tell one reason. We are paying tax. Just imagine last month oil 100 rs now it's 160 rs. Are we getting hikes in such a way. Only tax payers are getting gas subsidy other than this tell me one.
  10. Bro, sivazi ki already TDP brand vesaru. At least imka official ga dinchatame better.
  11. Domestic : Government-owned oil companies have increased cooking gas prices by ₹100 in December 2020.
  12. Gas prices 190 per calendar increase chesaru.