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  1. Suresh_Ongole

    Boss is Back

    That's every where. Project lo mistake cheste company CEO ni, VP ni, BRM mi teesi veyaru. Respective person meda action tesukontaru.
  2. Suresh_Ongole

    Jagan Paadayatra

    Elections time. Whoever expect seats they will pull the crowd and they will spend the money.
  3. Suresh_Ongole

    Happy Birthday MLA Sri Nandamuri Balakrishna

    Happy birthday Balayya.
  4. Suresh_Ongole

    Kutumbarao press meet video

    Pattabhi Ram ani recent ga TDP spoke person ga vastunnadu. Voice lo manchi base and content vundi. Debates lo kummutundu.
  5. Suresh_Ongole

    Lokesh oora mass Tweet

  6. 1100 ki call chesara ? Seems to be so many issues are resolved.
  7. Suresh_Ongole

    Anam Ramnarayana Reddy Resign

  8. Suresh_Ongole

    Maha News moorthi GVL ni ruff adinchadu

    Thanks Gurrm bro.