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  1. That is not possible because Chinese can’t own a gun like in America. Chinese army should split and fight among themselves. But that is not going to happen. China don’t mess with Russia because they are ruthless. US public consumerism is too dependent on China so China knows US can’t pluck them.
  2. Dr. Sudhakar treatment veedi ki isthe ela vuntundhi.
  3. మనో నిర్భరత చేసుకోండి.
  4. Monna Twitter okadu freedom of expression is not an absolute right in Indian constitution ani reply kottadu. I didn’t know it is conditional. It is as good as not having if the ruler is a thug like Kim Jong Un.
  5. Vaadu ruthless monarch... be careful.. Twitter lo o TDP lady job pogottukondi Visa gaadiki against ga tweets vesi... LG Polymers victims pine case pettarante choodu.... ruthless rowdies... stay safe.... don’t risk lives...
  6. ee dakota gaadini inkaa choosthunnara ?? ina vaadi nota America news.... G moham thelvani yadava...
  7. Jagga has excellent core coterie and they all are very loyal..... middle ages lo thuraka king laantodu Jagga... everyone fears him... no mistakes made.... babanna daridramu.... andarini pogottukonnadu..... of course lakkonna party whereas jaggas is own...
  8. We can easily relate to the activities he performed..
  9. Publicity yaada miss avuthamo... ani vachhesinattu vunnadu.... malli reentry ki try chesthademo....
  10. Mr. President, Thanks for your incredible leadership.... vacchina prathi vaadu first dialogue...,
  11. JC gaadini entertain chesthe repu kalasi kattuga dobbukelli pothadu vaadi varganni.... winning MLAs is more important than MP.... vaadu MP veyanante let us get some dummy one but don’t entertain him.... MP MLA voting sambandam ledhu... don’t fall into his trap....
  12. Sriram ee elections lone poti cheyali....next time ki late avuthundhi.... JC gaadi youth tho baatu ... idhebest time....
  13. Maa thavanampalli vinod reddy super.
  14. vaadiki vese reddy votes anni YCP ki vellai last time..... TDP votes tho gelichadu....