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  1. Love Modi..Trust Modi... Jai Modi..
  2. Manchi publicity stunts.. great actor... acting lo matram Namo analsinde...
  3. Okkadu kuda thread topic itc - king - cigar gurinchi post veyyaledu
  4. In a press release last week NDLF said, “We came to know that Cognizant (CTS) is now actively pursuing to lay off, several of their employees at various locations in Chennai. Many of our union members have come to us complaining about the resignation threats made by HR over email and through telephone.” Karnataka State IT/ITeS Employees Union (KITU) said it had initiated legal action after receiving complaints from dozens of technology workers who had lost their jobs or were faced with the prospect of lay offs at Cognizant. A KITU spokesperson said that as per the Labour Laws, companies that employ more than 100 employees need to obtain approval from the Labour department in order to execute layoffs. “Rebranding a layoff by arguing that employees voluntarily resigned when they were, in fact, forced to resign, is also against the law. KITU urges all the affected employees to refuse to resign if asked to do so by the company,” he said. As per reports, Cognizant is first benching employees, and taking them off their projects. In the IT industry, benched employees are those, who have no active projects, and are kept in a resource pool for future projects. Once an employee is placed in the bench, Cognizant gives them 35 days to upskill themselves, and find a project. After 35 days, 6 days extension is also provided, and if that employee is not able to find a new project within those 41 days, then the HR asks them to resign, and if they resist, then as per NDLF, they are threatened by the HR. But in a contradictory statement, a Cognizant spokesperson said, “Performance management is a normal process across all companies in the IT industry, including Cognizant.” The statement added, “While Cognizant does not comment on rumor and speculation in the marketplace, we would like to clarify that recent third party allegations regarding a specific number of job actions are not accurate, not based on facts, and were not announced by Cognizant. Cognizant continues to hire at all levels in India and globally.” Do you know any of your CTS friends facing this problem?
  5. 18k ni teesesarantaga ? Edo IT union govt ni approached amta..anta
  6. 2009 my osmania mba time peteol 35 anukunta ... king 35 - 38 eso undei.. almost same price... E roju king 170.. petrol.. 85... equal price Itc vadu *4chesadu.. MODI matram *2 chesaru.. bczz he knows the middle class comkon man peoblems.. thank u modi ji....
  7. Subsidy cash back paytm laga ani telsu, 850 varaku kuda katta 150- 220 cahs back ki ayina abov 500 600 a ga... earlier indane 350
  8. Bt katte 600 - 800 amount lo 130 - 200rs back vatondi..
  9. 20q5 varaku max ante 350 - 450 we paid.. last 6 yrs 550 - 750 i paid.. na online history idi... nak telisinantha varaku gdp ,fdp,barrel bokkaaa manaki telidu..
  10. All 3 taj eedivega.. hulyd lo unde rojullo gvk mall nundi masab flyover daaaka veellade, road kuda veeelle icharu ani vinna janala daggara.. emanta eesi baadha.. papam nagarjuna happy feel ayuntadu.
  11. Soon there will be a revolution... upper vs lower... anukuntunna... reddy r chow r etc aath care annattu undi villages lo light ga... kurxhunte 5k vastunnayi... nannu REY ani enduku antunnav annattu tayaru ayyaru... soon USA laga software kante pani manishi salary ekkuva la tayaru avutundi india lo.. carona debbaki migrant labours jump..
  12. Entha donga ayina 5 times cheyagaladu.. 6th tine dorakasinde..wait and watch... Entha gorrelu ayina rendu sarlu mosapavalsinde 3rd time cant... Any study, any case, CBN no.1 in dignity, work, capability, mainly LEGALLY he is KING.. no one can touch ... he is a GEM in politics... Time answers... Gorre DB members Admin, co admin mods ni pakkana petti ntrtdpntr o evado aadini nethina petti MA RAJUVI NUVVE MA DEVUDU NUVVE ANNARU..emayyindi..cut chesthe ..Time TIME