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  1. Mind unde matladatanava.. Power lo unapudu kodela and his son enni veshalu vesina party paruvu potanna kodela loyalty ki atanni epudu back chestune vachadu kaani epudu ibbandi pettala.. Deenikosam CBN chala mandi cheta titlu kuda tinnadu including our DB members.. Ipudu vachi emi cheyaledu anattu cheptave.. Teliste chepu telikapote silent ga undu
  2. Vijayawada siti cable lo 3 months nunchi ravatla
  3. Oka weak bank ni strong bank lo kalipetapudu weak bank shares perugutayi strong bank shares taggutayi adi common.. Observe the same trend for other banks also.. U can't compare union with andhra bank uncle.. Union bank is peer bank
  4. I don't talk about demonetization but GST is disaster evaru oppukuna oppukokapoina... Inka effect untadi future lo
  5. With this I agree with your statement "I am poor in this topic"
  6. SBI shown losses for 2 years and now it is recovered and showing positive results. BOB vijaya dena after merger they showed profit in the first quarter itself
  7. Completely wrong statement.. Btw bankers are not govt employees those are only PSUs
  8. Can't tell now itself.. We have to wait and see.. According to me it is benefit for employees and bad for customers as there will be less number of opportunities to customers, some branches will be closed and there will be no recruitment for some years these all are disadvantages for public
  9. PNB OBC and United Canara and syndicate Union bank andhra bank and corporation Indian bank and allahabad bank
  10. Before piece reddy rule evadina corruption chesadu money tinnadu ante avuna ani acharyamga chusevaru.. After he came to power janam mindset ela ayindante evadu matram tinatledu ane stage ki techadu.. Completely changed mindeset of society