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  1. police custody lo aa bed endi swami, AC kuda pettasindi papam. dani badulu police rest thisukovataniki room pedithe good......
  2. aa sakshi paper lo ghats repair lu chestunnaru and antha chedipoyali ani vesadu ee roju vedava
  3. avunu TG tho PPA lu eppudu complete avuthai manaki..
  4. news paper vi kanapaduthunnai kani images .jpg vi kanapadatam ledu. example: ee post lo vesina 1st 3 images kanapatam ledu nenu chala post lo kuda ide chustunna
  5. sonykongara i am not able to your pic you posting, Hi all this is happening to me or all of us??
  6. Hi if any one have map or information how water is going to disturbed from Prakasham Barriage? means which areas (districts) it is going to covers