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  1. Ee panikimalina janam kosam Leader bayataki ravadam...... As per my sources, paavuralagutta is calling again.....
  2. I stopped considering AP as my state since May 2019. I just want to laugh at AP people not because they gave 23 to TDP but for giving 151 to this barbaric government. xxxx AP🖕
  3. Panikimalina state and panikimalina janam.
  4. Gibberish. I wonder why people follow such kind of YT videos. Too much free time or too much interest in vulgar language.
  5. Happy tears for AP people. Other expenses 97k🤣
  6. Why to be calm. Stand and support the decision. This is for the country. no matter who gains the profit out of it.
  7. Happy to see my state going down. Nobody needs good governance, let the sadism be the prime thing.
  8. It may be for the good cause ( animal and nature protection), but hate to see Modi in that. Never a fan of this person even when we were in alliance with BJP.
  9. Well done Lokesh. Try to arrange press meet and explain the same..
  10. Come on Mudragada... make some noise you stupid father of the community..
  11. Well written. But I don't care about my state anymore.
  12. Irrespective of the topic, common attack on Lokesh. Antis are much better than this.
  13. Speaking fluent English is a good skill for politicians in India but that doesn't make them great.