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  1. In normal circumstances also bills take around 2 years for clearance Reddys are major contractors
  2. Hoping atleast now he will b bold and develop a cult base
  3. Tdp unapudu leva ee pekata clubs ... Tdp Highlight chesthe janam enduku patichukuntaru....monnati daka miru kuda idega chesindi anukuntaru... It's all politics ..
  4. What happened to this project...? Any news about this? Amaravathi kosam kakapoina it is beneficial to ananthapur people Any news about this?
  5. Chairman lu mla lu ayundi. .. Toll ki katte chillara migulchukuntarentra
  6. He proved to b a business man rather than politician
  7. Ballot kuda tampering ani comments ochina ascharyam ledu... Yepudo evaro oka leader otami ni angikarinchaleka tampering anarani ... BJP gelichina prati election EVM tampering anukuntu brama lo living.. Ilage EVM tampering anukuntu kurchunte BJP ki ycp ki poyedemi ledu... BJP hindutv agenda(Bc,kapu votes) tho Ap lo consolidation chesidi.... Ycp (reddy and converted) batch tho gatti fight isthadi... Tdp BC votes loose aithe... Devagowda party laaga 3 rd place ki ellidi... Ipatikina reality loki ochi chustaro ledo... BJP is here to stay whether you like it or not.. Save TDP rather than crying on BJP Ghmc lo tdp seats kosam chustunaru inka... Asalu andhra lone tough time tdp ki next election ki
  8. Y this kolaveri.... It's a known fact that privatisation is bound to happen. In fact it is good for hardworking employees as they will get good pay for the pressure they take.. It's the freebies batch that will suffer not a genuine employee
  9. Psbs are surviving due to their reach in rural... If that's achieved by corporates , tough time for psbs
  10. Mi lanti karyakartha TDP ki undatam.. party cheskuna punyam bro