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  1. Y this kolaveri.... It's a known fact that privatisation is bound to happen. In fact it is good for hardworking employees as they will get good pay for the pressure they take.. It's the freebies batch that will suffer not a genuine employee
  2. Psbs are surviving due to their reach in rural... If that's achieved by corporates , tough time for psbs
  3. Mi lanti karyakartha TDP ki undatam.. party cheskuna punyam bro
  4. I guess you are referring to some state govt jobs where corruption persists . For low level jobs at village secretariat corruption exists but you should also give a thought about who is going for such posts. Are they really educated? For a higher cadre state post, corruption exist only at interview level not at exam level. In Central govt jobs you could see nill corruption in jobs, as everything is online now and no interviews till group b cadre. Interview exists only for Group A cadre like civil services , IES.. Etc Guess you have little knowledge about current govt job market. If u compare fake employees in IT with fake employees in govt , ratio is skewed. And you mentioned that employees should bring revenue and show their potential. Do you think it's possible in govt jobs? It's not a company to run for revenue. If a govt wants to improve revenue it should b harsh on tax payers which does not go well in the system and even if one brings revenue he will face a different harassment. Pls don't compare a profit seeking company with a welfare state. A state has umpteen roadblocks which is not the case of a company. An employee in a company can add value to it's company but a govt employee couldn't do same due to many factors. You seem to be looking everything in capitalistic way of thought. For your information, India is not yet capitalistic economy. We are still a mixed economy and govt is not run for profit and govt doesn't incentivise it's employees as private sector do. Jus look into Maslow's theory of motivation... Motivation is key for work which is nill in govt job due to promotion structure and pay structure. And you cannot expect them to work on par with such low motivation. Its like a IT job which pays u half with no/less promotion in lifetime. And an OC govt employee gets promoted only after reserved people are promoted. If you encounter such employee, he might not b willing to work enthusiastically. Here fault is with system not the employee. I'm giving my view in holistic way. You seem to be looking only low level state govt jobs . If you rephrase your opinion that reservation is the main reason for this inefficiency, it would have been agreeable not the other way. You will be wondered to know that at the max govt is run by only 25 percent of its employees who works genuinely. Rest all escape work by using loopholes like reservation, influence,caste card, gender card. Now those 25 percent percent peoples work pressure is work more than any IT employee pressure. Their accountability is way higher because they do the work of whole escaping staff along with theirs. Now coming to question why don't they go to software? I guess you should think about it. Not everything is same once you cross the age. They can't move anywhere due to several obligations and can't let go off their hardwork put into to get such job. The emotional feeling of loosing their hardwork and again starting from scratch is tough.
  5. I gave timeline example taking twice only
  6. Now imagine this scenario IT employees earns atleast double/triple than government employee which in turn implies that they need half time to save as much money as a genuine govt employee. Where is the question of job security? IT guy loosing job at 45 years can pursue other careers. On the flip side govt employee needs to work 60 years for the same money with no option to move/work at fag end of life Who is at the better side now? If u still feel govt employee doesn't have any accountability you should rethink....a govt employee is much more answerable and accountable for 30 years. If you give a thought about attrition, you wouldn't have made this statement. And don't forget CBI, cvd, acb are always back of govt employee even for genuine decisions taken. Who is on back of IT employee ? Manager? Manager is far better to deal than CBI sleuths, if u could understand. It's the reservation and govt policies that's killing the worth in government jobs... Not the work capacity of genuine employees. You pay them on par with market, then you can see their efficiency. Do IT employees perform at same level if their salary is reduced to half? They swiftly jump to other job. But a govt job will underpay u for whole career and u expect them to work at levels of IT folks who couldn't endure lower pay for a brief time. Are you serious sir? And u can never compare the efficiency of govt job aspirant with IT JOB aspirant. The former competes for 30 % seats and later competes for 100%. So who is doing hard work? Forget speaking about patience of govt employee. They had much more patience in initial days of career which ultimately made them do many sacrifices. Do IT folks patiently wait for 2 or 3 or 5 years in the beginning of career to get dream job? The amount of stress and endurance you need to crack a govt job is no less than pvt job pressure. In fact many govt job aspirants see more stress levels earlier in their life. Speak to some one who prepared for civil services... You will understand how unemployment will effect their life during preparation whereas their counterparts in IT chit chat about hikes/promotion. I hope u got it.. With all this being said, I hope you are aware of exploitation being done by IT folks with fake experience. Who is genuine according to u? A person struggling with unemployment in the process of getting what he desired? Or a person faking experience? I agree to your answer if u had mentioned about shameless work escapists. They are every where.
  7. Villages lo open ga churches kattukoni going... BJP valle intha majority thone etini restrict Cheyledu ante ika India lo yepatiki maradu ee situation.. Villu baptised ainattu records untay anta pastors daggara... Kani adigevadu rvadu
  8. Reservation gurinchi not even a decision in 2nd term also Rss em chestundo ento Atleast creamy layer kuda pettakunda
  9. bro though we understand u r opinion... Pls be aware that minority is a term for religion but not for caste
  10. It's India and what can we expect? Keeping hope on politicians is our mistake. Jus move on, atleast we will have some peace.
  11. Faceless assessment miku antha silly anipisthundi... Jus check how IRS officers are crying foul regarding this... It takes away all the powers of taxman Economy wise I also agree that he messed up and thats known fact... Luck is in Modis favour as whole world reels under recession he simply took shelter there by blaming several things.. Gst may have hurted some businesses but it also benefitted many from harassment of tax officials.. Jus speak to a person working in tax dept you will come to know how insignificant they became... And you treat it as silly
  12. No problem with making people tax compliant Inka gas subsidy lu kavali ane thinking yepatiki poido... insurance policy lo coverage kavali ante pay money... Irdai, sebi lantivi with proper discussions decision tiskuntay and they roll back if that's not working Prathi daniki PM ni link cheytam ento... I agree he failed to implement many policies but if you see he is curtailing corruption atleast at lower level... Did u ever think of getting face less assessment of income tax? read about Turant customs which is on fast track implementation.... Ivemi chudakunda modi tax esadu.. Subsidy tesadu ani threads eskunte em ochidi... 2 guys in this db particularly target PM daily. They never mention single good thing(tax compliance and eradicating corruption) that is happening on other side. You may say he is supporting corporates... Atleast you should appreciate the fact that he is making IT and customs officials powerless which facilitates trade and reduces inspector raj Foreign remittances taggutay but meaningful expenditure like supporting parents, buying fixed assets ki no one will back off.... Only money rotaters ki problem. Extra remittances are always a reason for inflations or booms whatever u call it... Indian major foreign exchange expenditure is oil and if India can trade in local currency rather than dollar...not much effect on capital account can be seen even if nri send less remittances. Single sided view pettukoni modi waste modi waste ante em ochidi