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  1. baaa ee article raasindi meerane
  2. i'm really feeling awkward when some of so called Hindus tag their names at the end "xx xx Hindu" i never had a tag sayin am hindu nenu evariki cheppukonakkarledu.. i'm seeing mostly posts from them. em saadhinchaalani anukuntunnaru.. criticizing on each movement and any issues on state finger point to CBN/TDP why
  3. Ilantivi chadivi bp techukune kante ignore cheste better
  4. why delete bro.. let educate others.. and be aware.. Recent ga supreme ki kooda poyaru ga gay marriages legal cheyyamani edupotundo desam bhagavantuda
  5. annai vikalangulanki enta vastundi pinchanu.. baaga disabled , cant walk,cant talk,mentally also disabled no father.
  6. John

    Amit Shah - Ramoji - Srini raju

    Naakaite epudo saduvkunna science patame gurtostadi sampark ante
  7. 8th wonder in the world eifiltower kanna height that too underground ani article raasaru not sure on eenadu or aj
  8. John

    AP fibre Grid project

    Reliance vodi fiber gola endi is it same
  9. Govt em chestondi ilanti valla ki siksha padalsinde
  10. John

    Janmabhoomi Maa Ooru

    where is the safety for the workers.. no shoes/glows and mask