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  1. Rtn

    Mandapeta Ycp

    This time its tough for them to win in Anaparthi unless there is a TDP Wave. BBR is another factor .
  2. Rtn

    Sahithi Vaagdevi Techno Park

    Do we know how he is doing ?
  3. There is huge lobbying effort behind the scenes from H1 Perspective. But there are many hardliners in his own party that will oppose this. His party, for the most part, is opposed to Legal and Illegal Immigration. Believing Trump Tweet is equivalent to believing that KCR will have a Dalit CM.
  4. Rtn

    Balka Suman

    Change does not happen overnight... It's incremental .... Govts can only do so much. Socio-behavioral changes take generations ....
  5. Rtn

    Vijayawada city Beautification

    @sonykongara thank you for posting info on regular basis for each area in A.P.