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  1. Rtn

    Jaggubhai Variations

    Some are born Actors ..Tarak Some Take Time..AA Some Take More Time ..Nag Some Take Decades but only find their groove late- JB. JB is doing phenomenal now..
  2. He will do the same if he is a CM or PM or a Peon. The One and Only Love, he has in Life is Dedication to Work. He Truly believes and preaches to everyone/anyone that with Hard Work can move ahead in life.
  3. Rtn

    Rip Haranna

    Rest in Peace Hari garu .. The sad irony is he probably one of the most skilled driver in India.
  4. TDP is the Only Party to have excess Local Leaders/ Candidates in every constituency. If you are new to politics and want to gain quick prominence, YCP is a better option for them.
  5. Rtn

    Vijayawada city Beautification

    @sonykongara thank you for posting info on regular basis for each area in A.P.