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  1. I was in India for 2 weeks and came back in March and knew it was almost impossible to win... Most folks outside this DB believed ...but hardly anyone here understands the ground reality...
  2. The simple truth is that his style of leadership suits the corprate world more than a messed up democracy like India.
  3. This is a constituency with one of the worst TDP Sitting MLA+ Good Candidate for YSRCP MLA + Sitting TDP MLA not aligned with Boddu = Bumper Majority for YSRCP
  4. Thatta can look like a broker . But he is and ALWAYS a King Maker.
  5. The Truth is Modi was never as good as he was publicized or nor as bad as we think he is now... He is somewhere in the middle.. He was the right person at the right time to become PM. Unfortunately, Unchecked power corrupts.
  6. You are only free when you can speak your mind. KA PAUL is 10x better than all these So-Called Politicians KA PAUL is 100x better than all the So-Called Tollywood Stars from Andhra
  7. President was appointed by BJP... He Will make sure BJP get ample opportunities before they let INC or anyone else.
  8. If there is one thing we can learn from this election, have at least 10 % of exuberance as KA PAUL. Everyone knows he will lose but always campaign like a champ and enjoy the journey like a kid with a box of chocolates. Win or Loose always be proud of what CBN has done.
  9. Unfortunately When there are ZERO Strong Opposition National Level Leaders in a great country like India... We get Modi for the 2nd term.
  10. Pros: CBN Cons: Kamma Caste Factor Lack of Young Leader in TDP at No.2 Level (no knock on lokesh) who can be the face moving forward. This goes back to the lack of emotional connection for most youth with a leader. 40% MLA's need to be sacked . YSRCP + TRS + BJP means more funds to the State from folks who justify for a change or on the fence
  11. When everyone is bombarded 24x7 with News Media+ Electronic Media + Social Media + Caste + Money + Religion, There are hardly any Neutral Voters. This is a Polarized Society to an extent a Polarized world.
  12. Very true. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Morality tends to decrease with Power. This is from an MLA to PM. No difference. There are only a few leaders that can say otherwise.
  13. When CBN had guts , Folks like Kodela , Partiala , NHK had good cabinet posts. Now folks like Chinnarajappa is our Home Minister. In Indian Politics, Always have to be BOLD. At least that is what most folks look for. That is the only advantage Jagan has. He is shameless and will do exactly what he likes to. No Caste equations.
  14. Bro, Out of Curiosity ... Could you define a Typical Neutral Voter in A.P.?
  15. This 68 Year Old Man is a machine that runs on Auto Pilot mode. Relentless in willpower. We all should strive for his work ethic. Unfortunately, he is representing us who spend time on betting for the outcome of elections. Shame on us.