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  1. Real Agnyathavasi TV9 RaviPrakash

    One abusive word against his Mother is an Outrage and requires a ban on TV Channels... We wish everyone has REAL OUTRAGE when real incidents happen such as CORRUPTION, RAPE n DISCRIMINATION...
  2. You are a wise man with wisdom. And Yes would not prefer to digress from this thread. But as much as I like to glorify about my own Indian civilization, I would also like to remind that the Phone, Computer, keypad, Internet almost all modern amenities we are using today did not derive from Upanishads. So I see this is as one large blue planet where several civilizations have evolved during various phases of mankind. There is good and bad in all humans. I would refrain from stating that my history is better than Others. This is just an evolution of one planet where we might all be children of GOD (one God)
  3. You are right about looking deep inside each of us. But lets not sugar coat Indian history. Our Own kings and rulers have plundered our wealth, fortune and our citizens. They are the ones who conspired on each other to allow British or Nawabs to the country. Our history books in School always conveniently lies the blame on British and the West when in fact it is our Rulers/ Kings and partly our civilization that is responsible for where we are today.
  4. Regardless of Communists ...what he talks about is ... Value-based Life. This the hallmark attribute you can see in well-known atheists including ANR. Whatever Communists have become today, there is a wealth of knowledge in those books that can be applied in this current society where you have a country such as India where the inequality between Poor and Rich is at staggering proportions. A greedy Capitalist Society is not the answer to our Values. Having Fair business practices, and being a responsible citizen of society fighting for equality is a Core Ingredient our values.