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  1. Vvnspsnrntr

    Kcr garu a gentle reminder

    Veedini garu anatam waste thagubothu vedhava notikochindi vagi ennisarlu fool avuthado Vaadike thelvadu
  2. Vvnspsnrntr

    what are your wants..

    Rajasthan and MP Elections vastinnayiga biuscut ready chesthunnara hmm grow up Rey amith and Modi matter reaches point of no return
  3. Vvnspsnrntr

    Prakruthi vyavasayam

    bro. can u please share the contact information for attending the above seminor
  4. Vvnspsnrntr

    Prakruthi vyavasayam

    pm ur number
  5. Vvnspsnrntr

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Chimakurthy lo kooda paduthundi right now
  6. Vvnspsnrntr

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Between medarametla and Ongole heavy rain ninnna night
  7. Vvnspsnrntr

    panta sanjeevani (farm ponds)

    brother you can do it yourself with puck-lain atlealst a small farmpond 20*20 with 4 ft. depth size.it cost me aroun 4k with out waiting for govt help
  8. Vvnspsnrntr

    panta sanjeevani (farm ponds)

    I dig my pantakunta last week in my farm land
  9. Vvnspsnrntr

    Prakruthi vyavasayam

  10. Bhagavgeeta telugu poorti saramsam mee daggara vuntey kingvasi@gmail.com ki mail cheyygalaru...Thanks