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  1. Prakruthi vyavasayam

    bro. can u please share the contact information for attending the above seminor
  2. Change in attitude

    Akbar: What is the biggest achievement of the Modi Government Birbal? Birbal: Jahapanah, the biggest achievement of the government is the change in attitude they have brought upon the population in general... Until 2016 people felt and believed they had nothing and wanted a lot more from the government. Today people have realised they do have a lot and must somehow protect it from the government!!
  3. Experience

    Soon after getting freedom from British rule in 1947, the de-facto prime minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru called a meeting of senior Army Officers to select the first General of the Indian army. Nehru proposed, "I think we should appoint a British officer as a General of The Indian Army, as we don't have enough experience to lead the same." Having learned under the British, only to serve and rarely to lead, all the civilians and men in uniform present nodded their heads in agreement. However one senior officer, Nathu Singh Rathore, asked for permission to speak. Nehru was a bit taken aback by the independent streak of the officer, though, he asked him to speak freely. Rathore said, "You see, sir, we don't have enough experience to lead a nation too, so shouldn't we appoint a British person as the first Prime Minister of India?" After a pregnant pause, Nehru asked Rathore, "Are you ready to be the first General of The Indian Army?".. Rathore declined the offer saying "Sir, we have a very talented army officer, my senior, Gen. Cariappa, who is the most deserving among us." This is how the brilliant Gen. Cariappa became the first General and Rathore the first ever Lt. General of the Indian Army. (Many thanks to Lt. Gen Niranjan Malik PVSM (Retd) for this article.) Worth reading??
  4. Make in India

    *Make in India* Bullet-Train: Made-In-Japan Patel-Statue: Made-In-China Smart-Cities: Made-In-Sweden Make-In-India logo: Made-In-Switzerland Modi's Bullet Proof Car: Made-in-Germany Modi's 10 lakh Suit: Made-in-England Modi's Sun Glass "Bvlgari": Made-In-Italy Modi's Pen "Movado": Made-In-Switzerland Modi's RSS Swastik Symbol: Made-In Germany Modi Friend Ambani's JIO Devices: Made-In-China Modi's PR Company APCO: Made-In-AMERICA Please comment if anything that is DESI other than his MOUTH
  5. Gujju Blood

    An Arab was admitted to Lilavati Hospital at Mumbai for a heart transplant ... but, prior to the surgery the doctors needed to store blood in case need arises. As the gentleman had a rare type of blood, it couldn't be found locally. So the call went out to a number of countries. Finally a Gujarati in Ahemedabad was located who had a similar type of blood. The Gujarati willingly donated his blood for the Arab. After the surgery, the Arab sent the Gujarati as appreciation for giving his blood, a new Toyota Prado, diamonds, lapiz lazuri jewellery, and a million US dollars. Later, once again the Arab had to go through a corrective surgery. His doctor telephoned the Gujarati who was more than happy to donate his blood again. After the second surgery, the Arab sent the Gujarati a thank you card & a jar of Almond halwa sweets. The Gujarati was shocked to see that the Arab this time did not reciprocate the Gujarati's kind gesture as he had anticipated. He phoned the Arab and asked him that this time also i thought that you would give me Toyota Prado, Diamonds and Jewellery ... But, you gave only a thank you card and a jar of Almond sweets.. On this the Arab replied ... 'Mota bhai, now I have Gujju blood in my veins!'
  6. Happy Deepavali

  7. Prakruthi vyavasayam

    pm ur number
  8. Goosebumps Guaranteed #NTR

    Temper bits nbnb superb video
  9. ***Monsoon Updates***

    Chimakurthy lo kooda paduthundi right now
  10. ***Monsoon Updates***

    Between medarametla and Ongole heavy rain ninnna night
  11. Prakruthi vyavasayam

  12. Bhagavgeeta telugu poorti saramsam mee daggara vuntey kingvasi@gmail.com ki mail cheyygalaru...Thanks