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  1. Toyota in ap

  2. HCL - Gannavaram

    hyd lo industry naduputha ap ki move orap lo inko unit pettukundham ane vallaki max allot ayyindhi,, max small scale industries,, and food park lo ashok leyland ki allot ayyindhi same place lo
  3. sakshi

    cbn garu
  4. HCL - Gannavaram

    mallavalli lo chala mandhiki ichharu lands small scale vallaki,,
  5. HCL - Gannavaram

    mallavalli lo land ok ayyindhi 1/2 acre,, e week lo allotment. 1 year time to start industry,,
  6. Nbk hindupur

    super news jai balayya
  7. Apple Iphone X available from today

    Idhi inko range pichhi or craze anukunta,,,
  8. Dr.Rajsekhar Happy Moments

    Movie super,,,pakka chudandi theatre lo antunnaru max 1st day chusina batch