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  1. Selecting Reliance also is not a problem bro... as long as it is clearly told... India needs more companies in defense sector other than HAL and this is a big opportunity
  2. It is not about Rahul.... but about transparency... adhi lenappudu Rahul ayina Modi ayina okkate...
  3. asalu ikkada varuku techhukovatam enduku if there is nothing wrong in it? Modi gave a chance and they will use it...
  4. This is where Modi’s govt failed utterly to explain. Modi’s deal clearly shows price has increased. This increase might be for a reason but it should have made the reason public... if that is not possible they should have formed a parliamentary committee and disclosed to that committee. They didn’t do and now even if modi is right there will always be big percentage of people who believe there is corruption in this deal. Chesukunna vadiki chesukunnantha antaru kadha
  5. Implementation is the main thing kadha... that is where it effects people
  6. katti

    Mahaa murthy

    where is 99 TV?
  7. katti

    JC Mass LOL

    few months more... next elections lo contest cheyyam antunnaru... hope they stick to it
  8. Company registration is ok bro... many big companies do that by starting a new company for some type of business. But Modi helping them anedhi matram worst of India. No one expected this..
  9. katti

    Operation Kumara

    edho video clip dorikindanta https://www.oneindia.com/india/how-a-video-clip-saved-the-government-and-ended-the-karnataka-crisis-2779318.html
  10. katti

    Operation Kumara

    military helicopters ila kuda vadochha
  11. katti

    West Godavari Politics

    what is the basis for this?
  12. competition will always be there... who knows these companies might need IT people too... this is the beginning... hope these companies grow and grow very fast... that way more jobs get created... more money might be spent on Research...
  13. katti

    ap lo adugu pettanu

    akkada mislead evaranna chesaru ante adhi Baffas. BJP was silent all the time until voting. News lo BJP might oppose ani vacchindi most of the times... also Court also acted very strange... Bill pettina taruvata randi ani cheppayyi... also the way bill was passed, it was never seen before... hope no bill passes like that again... no one expected that the bill will be passed that way...
  14. katti

    ap lo adugu pettanu

    why should we blame AP public and leaders? they didn't want bifurcation and they stood by that... blame sonia for it. blame congress for it.. and blame BJP (who silently supported) for it... at the same time adiginavanni ichhestara? even if we ask... adagaledhu kabatti ila saty avvatam tappa
  15. katti

    lokesh china tour

    akkada lokesh follow up chesina inkokallu follow up chesina at the end the credit always goes to CBN. even investors look at CBN before they invest. so sorry... ur wish cannot not be achieved...