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  1. katti

    Cbn mamata kumaraswamy

    Assault was totally wrong... but ennallu strike chestaru.. this is where LG should have taken the initiative and resolved the problem... otherwise it is the aam admi who will suffer
  2. katti

    Cbn mamata kumaraswamy

    exactly bro.. This meeting is more about uniting regional parties than anything else.
  3. can center do all alone without states approval?
  4. katti

    How far it is correct

    country Head foreign trips ki velletappudu business teams kuda velatayyi... this has been happening for a long long time.. and if indian companies make some business deal during these trips, then good for India... Corporates sponsoring Modi anedhi point to discuss.. but in general corporates always gave more money to the ruling party..
  5. katti

    Anam Ramnarayana Reddy Resign

    Same bro... but they r committed politicians with good following.
  6. katti

    Anam Ramnarayana Reddy Resign

    Atmakur head chesaru kadha... Soma ki equal how?
  7. katti

    Anam Ramnarayana Reddy Resign

    emi kavali anta? assembly tk confirm chesaru kadha? gelichi emanna adigithe ok... odi poyi inko party nunchi vachhi kuda ee picchi veshalu endukooo
  8. katti

    Congress + AAP

    congress will not change bro... vallaki change cheyyagalige big leader kuda ledu... at the same time vallaki migatha parties ni mingeyyali ane thought ledhu capacity kuda ledhu
  9. katti

    Third front politics in AP

    max 10-15 seats lo 2k+ votes ravochhu emo bro... vetillo kuda max TDP geliche seats like Mangalagiri, Vijayawada west etc
  10. katti

    Third front politics in AP

    KA lo communists ki 43k votes vachhayyi anta... AP lo kuda TDP ee communist parties ki duram ga vundatamu better.. valla ki seats ichhi gelipinchuku ni malli tittinchukovatanika?? don't think they will do any better that they did in KA elections.
  11. around 2010 lo inquiry jarigindhi... malli eeyana edho annadani inquiry chesthe... tomorrow inkevaro edho antaru... ila annappudalla inquiry veyyagalama?
  12. katti

    Poonam tweets again!!

  13. katti

    Ganta tried YCP?

    Ayyanna tho padaka PRP lo ki velladu... daniki manam Ganta ni bad chesesam... why would Ganta go to other parties at this time?
  14. katti

    P.K Nirahara deeksha

    fill cheyyaka povatam enti? Yanamala ki iccharu ga health ministry