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  1. annadmk

    Rajini/Kamal lekapothe DMK sweep chesedhi. ippudu parties ekkuva ayyi result predict cheeyatam kastame
  2. Inter-state projects ki Center should give funds... even if they don't give and states have funds and come to an agreement, I think they can go ahead and do it as long as they get the environmental clearances. But if three states join and fight, center would have to fund the project atleast partially... otherwise pedda issue avuddi..
  3. Why NCM?? What is the Use

    pushpam batch Q chesina oka artham vundi.. JanaSena batch Q ing ante comedy ga vundhi... PK ne NCM pettali annadu kadha... pedithe Delhi velli parties support teesuku vasthanannadu kadha... intha short memory na JS batch ki
  4. Matti parcel To Modi/BJP

    Modi ki Amit Shah ki kuda post lo pampinchali emo
  5. MP, MH lo kuda atleast 15-20 seats taggutayyi.. ekkuva taggina no surprise
  6. AP and TG lo congi xxxxx nakina taruvata emotions ki votes kuda raavu ani artham ayindhi kadha
  7. Modi insulting Adwani full vedio

    whatever advani did is not the issue here bro... but age ki respect, alane politics lo pyki tesukuvachhina person kabatti atleast public lo respect chupinchali.. adhi lenappudu vunnadhi inka okate... downfall
  8. Jai Congress

    RJ, KA and Odisha lo definite... MP kuda atu itu ga vundhi situation as of now...
  9. AP ppl

    National parties tho problem vunde kadha Regional parties vachhayyi...
  10. Amaravati

    ohh... idhi Kittayya dha... ippati varuku ee builder evara ani Q vundedhi...
  11. Please tweet CBN and Lokesh

    kadupu nindinavallu aatma gouravam ani enni ayina chebutaru. Nindanivalla paristiti vellaki artham kaadhu... with one letter, Polavaram works got stopped for three months. That too CBN somehow managed... other wise who knows how longer would it have been... Modi ni tittatam not difficult... but any use?
  12. mana daggara allauddin lamp ledhu kadha bro.. one by one complete chestaru.. if work is not happening,, then we should Q. but work jarugutunte kuda Q cheyyatam too much
  13. local people who benefitted will understand this bro.. that is why Jaffas are still not getting any traction.. but at the same time, ilantivi online lo petti, vallani expose cheyyali...
  14. congi and left friendship valla BJP loki vachharu... friendship continue ayinantha kalam... don't think it will happen... even if it happens... no impact on AP..