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  1. GST draft chesindi Congress anukunta. Modi pushed it forward
  2. This is proven by research and facts. Everything else
  3. Vachestundi special status next week ani announce chesindi ee candidate e ga. Capital is still Amravati. The real problem is it’s only 1 of the 3 capitals. This candidate is a snake who will not acknowledge addressing the real problem.
  4. Tamil Brahmins show open discrimination against lower class and Muslims in CTS Chennai.
  5. Asala ilaanti Deputy CM unnadani Corona positive aithene kaani janaalaki teleedemo
  6. Jagan has a unique advantage over CBN: perception. In CBN’s regime, all failures are attributed to the leader. In Jagan’s rule, all failures are attributed to his team rather than to him. People are still saying Jagan is doing good. The team around him is misleading and incompetent. Jagan will learn more as he gets more experience. So, there’s less negativity on Jagan himself.
  7. People who have landed in India for stamping are impacted. Tough times until Dec. 2020.
  8. Though I admit Vajpayee is an extremely efficient PM, I should say that he's not up for emergency situations and his foreign affairs office was a failure. The way he handled the Kandahar flight hijack was just ridiculous. Indian gov. clearly had a chance of military operation when that flight landed in Punjab but let it go. They requested for a military action when that flight landed in middle east which is absurd. Finally, India agreed to terrorists' demands. This itself explains Vajpayee gov.'s helplessness and their poor emergency planning and foreign relations. We should also remember that the Pokhran II nuclear blasts were initiated by P.V. Narasimha Rao. He requested Vajpayee to take it past the finish line. Vaypayee gov. more like turned on the switch in the Pokhran II episode. Overall, Vajpayee's foreign affairs are not that praiseworthy, he failed with his peace mission with Pakistan and Pokhran II was not his baby. It was PV Narasimha Rao's bold decision and execution. Pokhran I was Indira's project. So, India's nuclear program design and execution was Congress' contribution. Let's give them the credit where it's due. Vajpayee's only win was Kargil war.
  9. Foreign affairs always work on a give and take basis. They don’t work on the respective leaders charisma. If M thought that India would get favors based on his image, then he’s mistaken. There were far more charismatic leaders in history who were left alone in difficult times. For example, Winston Churchill had excellent rapport with American president Roosevelt. However, Roosevelt rejected any official help to Britain during WWII’s Dunkirk episode. USA helped Britain only after it was directly attacked by Japan. So foreign relations are more geo politically motivated than depending on the person’s image.
  10. Ithane naa naaku ycp lo shakeela cinema chupincharu ani cheppindi 🤪
  11. Police chief resigned yesterday taking moral responsibility. They are about to dismantle the entire city police department.
  12. Veedike Delhi lo appointment ki dikku ledu + Court lo em proofs and arguments cheyyalo teleedu. Endo ee Jaffa pichi aaratam
  13. CBI ante PM kinda untadi ga. Vellu decision teesukovatam endi, veella bonda
  14. Govt is formed only when public votes for them.
  15. No democratic country can ever beat China.
  16. She's well educated. In fact she's Abhijit Benarjee's classmate in JNU. This actually flips your statement. Education is not important at all. It's all about facing facts and being truthful.
  17. We did not use the lockdown efficiently. Lock down only gave us some time and an estimate of what’s coming. Now that we know what are we in for, we put everything up in the air. New drama with China war started.
  18. India lo police already politicians ki prostitutes aipoyaaru. I think next it will be judges' turn.