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  1. Oka Pakka state elections aipotunte, panchayati elections ki Corona addu vachinda 😀 Chattam power lo unnodi chuttam ani malli proved. Ika Nageshwar and batch digabadandi. Amravati batch saddukondi.
  2. https://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/chinese-firm-wins-contract-for-delhi-meerut-rail-project-twitter-reactions-531122.html Chinese Firm Wins Contract For Delhi-Meerut Rail Project; People Ask If #BoycottChina Was Real What happened to Atmanirbhar?
  3. What a disgrace https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/06/politics/us-capitol-lockdown/index.html
  4. As long as BJP is ruling in the center, Jaggad will be fine.
  5. Ambani empire is completely dependent on sharing Jio Consumers' data. The stock value or upcoming JIO IPO will be judged based on the new consumers on the Jio network. So, Mukesh will keep Jio close to his strategy.
  6. Emundi Police ki ivvalsindi iste, anta normal chesestaru
  7. Fake documents submit chesi accrediation dobbettukunnav anta ga
  8. Edo pedda intellectual laaga venkamaala books background pettadu. Cleaner Nani, Labor Malladi Vishnu minister and MLA ainattu, veedu kuda future lo ala aipotademo .
  9. Still they rushed to buy Pfizer vaccine from US without any formal analysis from their food and drug department.
  10. Vaadi bonda video. After watching the entire video, I did not understand what he was trying to convey. Waste of time.
  11. Ee UK batch vaccine discover cheyaleru kaani, kotha variant ani oka news vesukoni vacharu. It looks like they are doing this to spook the world. Boris ga, emi ra nee valla upayogam
  12. YSRCP nundi evaranna jump kotti vastarani waiting TDP
  13. Media lo vachindi chusi press meet petti dobbada Believing in India media is same as believing a road side magic show
  14. This results from CBN's ego as well. He thinks Modi is his opponent and Jaggad is just a small leader in stature. Focusing the fight on central in the last elections really screwed up the strategy.
  15. Daridrudu ani telisi pakka pettukovatam leader tappu
  16. They are all world class businessmen like Jaggad who have extreme business acumen to grow their net worth 100x in a very little time span. Instead of blaming them for accruing the wealth due to their relationship with the PM, please invite them to Harvard and IIMs for business strategy seminars.
  17. What does cow welfare mean? If it doesn't include abolition of slaughter houses, then what is it trying to achieve? As a Hindu, I am not against spending money for welfare of cows. But what is it really achieving? I am sure this is another black box like Clean Ganga and PM Cares Fund
  18. Jagan will be able to twist the HC to formalize his 3 capitals bill. But he will not be able to move HC to Kurnool. He might sit in Vizag and say this is my primary office. Media will project it as administrative capital.
  19. If transferring High Court CJ is going to convert the judgement from objective to subjective process, then it's a huge success for Jaggad.
  20. If he continues with Congress, he will at least have chance of getting a central level post once Cong. comes to power. Within BJP, they will never encourage him.