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  1. This guy is mini version of Vundavelli. You should watch his interviews in TV9 during 2004 elections. He literally dissected CBN. If I am not wrong, his MLC was sponsored by YCP as well. His videos are very biased and he ends them as if he's asking a question and says he does not have all the facts. Silly fellow for being such a sissy even though he's a professor I take pity on such guys who want to project themselves as rationalists but put forward semi-biased theories.
  2. People will forget all these miseries by next elections. Only thing that matters is what happens 1 year before the election. People have short term memory when it comes to choosing their leader. They only live in the recent past.
  3. Pride and self respect unte antha develop chesina tarvata kuda YCP ki vote enduku vestaru
  4. Though he's an atheist and does not believe in caste system, he will now be linked to a particular caste(based on his last name) and targeted.
  5. People don't need roads. They need monthly free income.
  6. Janaala ki valla caste and religion thopu ani chepte chaalu edaina nammestaru
  7. Hey M, it's time to take credit for this unrest and start fooling your bhakts. Is the SM wing ready yet
  8. Instant gratification society lo inka communism endi aadi boche Avanni books lone baaguntayi All these so called communism followers and proponents are confused souls in a globalized capitalist world.
  9. Chalameshwar hardcore friend of NHK and opponent of CBN. Belongs to Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad category.
  10. Yanamala was key in NTR revolt episode. He twisted lot of rules along with Governor for CBN during that time. He's extremely close to CBN and in some terms his alter ego. So, Yanamala will have that importance as long as he's with TDP.
  11. Expected a ga Janaalu malli TRS ke vote vestaru. Adi kuda expected TG gurinchi disco ki time waste. They know what they want.
  12. Jaggad was never isolated from public. He was with public through Odarpu and Pada Yatra. He was even closer to all sections of public through I-PAC team.
  13. Bro, I agree with your sentiment. But in politics power ultimately matters.
  14. Ivanni aa CBN veyinchana roads and plans, anduke poyinayi floods ki. Ippudu memu vestam new roads. Inko 100 years untayi
  15. KTR CM avvataaniki correct vaastu kosam kotha secretariat kaduthunte, Jai TG anaka, ee golendi
  16. To all bhakts who are supporting this divide in the society, remember only one thing: If this kind of divide was in place since beginning of the independence, then we would not have had a personality like Abdul Kalam.
  17. I don't know why you are referring to open sex talk by an adult as an insult to our culture. A woman is sharing her sexual desires with her own husband. I don't see anything wrong in it. Our society defames such communication of sex and still India is one of the largest consumers of online porn. Not to mention the rape culture. The talk of sex as taboo was instilled in Indian minds by the British. Ancient India had much more open approach towards sex topic.
  18. People have become gullible. Majority of the youth and society want instant gratification. Scum like PK are exploiting it. People like these are just pawns who perish without notice in larger set of things. Only solution is people should change or awaken. Unless that happens, there's no chance of recovery.
  19. Even Sirio got the land for his house in Hyderabad for dead cheap price because of CBN. When his daughter Srija did that media drama after eloping with Shirish, it was CBN who personally went to Sirio’s home and consoled him.
  20. Aa Vijaya Kesari akkai kuda intha kante ekkuve chesindi, ippudu reality telisindi Time and destiny will decide.
  21. Though I don't like to make fun of Kaps since I have many friends in that community, idi chusina tarvata matram Jaggad Kammas meeda chesina negative publicity ki sankalu guddukunnaru ga, ippudu M kinda manta telustadi le