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  1. Old city always has been a black box. It will remain so as well. No one has balls to really gut them out.
  2. And their respect towards other leaders though they differed in opinion. Today's leaders are just gung ho on castigating Nehru's personality.
  3. Which stalwart are you referring to .
  4. How did we go from this to where we are now ? Our generation is a truly unfortunate generation to be under the current leadership 😭
  5. Ee BJP ollu, em tintaru, ekkada vaddincha mataaru antattu chestunnaru ga
  6. Enti veella badha KCR will throw some freebies and sentiment speech their way. Can't they wait
  7. AP ni dobbatam aipoindi, ippudu religious conflict line pattukunnaru dora varu
  8. Evariki vote vesina, akkada EVM ni manage chese mafia okatundani teleedu paapam
  9. Vallu matram em chestaru. Our country has both youth and unemployment rates in high number.
  10. That’s what happens when politics, administration and religion together get into bed
  11. Past ni chupinchi chest beating aapeste manchidi. That’s not going to get you anything. In fact, it will harm you in reverse. Politics is all about your current situation and future planning.
  12. What will that achieve? I don't understand. Do you expect people to rally against EVMs like how they did against gov. during Nirbhaya?
  13. What can CBN do? This has to be dealt legally if EVMs need to be eliminated. EC is in Central Gov.'s hands. So, there's no use in campaigning against EC. Only a judgement from SC to stop using EVMs can address this issue. If CBN has to take this up, then he has to file a case in SC against EVMs and fight it till the end. We all know the efficiency of Indian Judicial System