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  1. dusukochadu

    AP lo development ledu vatti matale - kcr

    Nee vasana nuvvu chusukoka, pakka vaadidi neekenduku dora
  2. dusukochadu

    I am going to request early polls

    KCR nuvvu thopu ra TDP ni mingesaav, ippudu congress meeda paddav. Last 1 year lo Rythubandhu ani farmers chetilo pappu, bellam pettav. KTR ki CM chair line clear chesav. Ippudu Modi tho kalisi early elections antunnav Repu BJP led coalition vaste, Kavita ki ministry ippinchukuntav
  3. dusukochadu

    Thodualludu gari press meet choosara

    DVR aka DLM Raja ki jai
  4. dusukochadu

    what are your wants..

    Feasibility study meeting a ga
  5. Bi-elections will not happen. Since the next regular elections are only a year away, it is the complete discretion of EC to decide whether to have bi-elections or not. We all know they will not approve bi-elections citing expenditure as the reason.
  6. dusukochadu

    Railway zone not a promise, says Piyush Goyal

    Cong. AP face meeda posindi. BJP notlo posindi. Simple
  7. dusukochadu

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    The vote share clearly explains BJP’s dreams. They want to combine BJP, YCP and JS and finally beat TDP’s vote share. But the no. of seats are in TDP favor. So, we will have to see how BJP will try to swing this.
  8. dusukochadu

    Cbn going to announce front tomorrow??

    Looking at BJP’s cunning tactics, it’s better to form the front now. If they come against CBN, then they are coming against the front. That way CBN will have help in countering them.
  9. dusukochadu

    ఏదో జరుగుతోంది!

    BJP has a strict sketch in place or else they wouldn't be so confident about CBN's failure in 2019. They have some kind of hidden strategy in place or else with the way BJP is perceived in the state, they can never imagine CBN's failure and a favorable situation for them in 2019.
  10. dusukochadu

    Slipper Shot to Jaggad & Co

    BJP pilla kaakis
  11. dusukochadu


    Padayatra chesi kuda odipoye candidate autadu Jagan anna
  12. dusukochadu

    Vajpayee health bulletin

  13. dusukochadu

    BJP Sees a Possible Ally in YSR Congress

    BJP will not agree for post-poll alliance with YSRCP. They will demand a pre-poll alliance to get a clear picture on the numbers. Jagan doesn't have a lot to say about this.
  14. dusukochadu

    Jayanagar counting live

    Sampark for samarthan ani BJP Congress ni kalavachu ga 🤣