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  1. I think folks have still not realized that no matter who helms the PM post, the core policy design and decisions are always made by the same planning committee of IAS officers and bureaucrats in the background. For examples: Modi opposed GST while in opposition, now he made it a reality. Modi criticised Aadhar, now Aadhar is everything. In fact, Modi's gov. did not even fix Aadhar's loopholes and made it even worse with its linkage to everything. Demonetization was an epic failure. His policy towards Pak. is always confusing. His promise on black money and Ganga cleaning is a big joke. GST and Aadhar were carried forward from Congress and the same planning committee took them to the next level in BJP's rule. Modi's role really comes into play while strategically planning for next elections, making decisions for states like AP etc. It's clear that he failed in this aspect. So, Modi as a leader and PM is not efficient. Even if Rahul Gandhi sits in the PM seat, he will have the same planning committee and same policies will be implemented. No change for the common man. This situation is same as in US. It doesn't matter if its Republican or Democrat, the core policy committee is always the same. Only the face and perception changes. One advantage Modi has is: he can show a comparatively less corrupt rule. However, these scams usually take time to bubble up. So, I would not count high on that too.
  2. Ram Madhav after meeting

    BJP vallu guddalu uppa deesi dance vesina evadu pattinchukodu. Special Status, Polavaram and Railway Zone is single point agenda for public now.
  3. BJP Tally

    Depends on how Rajni and Kamal parties do. Rajni upfront BJP stooge. Kamal more leftist.
  4. Yellow army retweet Piyush with truths

    Ippudu AP public unna situation lo, prathi okkari bank account ki 1 lac transfer chesina, we don't care we want Special Category Status antaru. Alaa digi poyindi mind and heart lo. Ee tweets anni madichi BJP back lo pettukunte better.
  5. Abn mrng debate public response on cbn

    Ee wilson ulfa evadu
  6. TMC

    Akali against BJP and pro-AP for now. They are not happy with BJP.
  7. No trust motion

    Ilaanti neech politics ki country alavaatu padipoindi. Modi laanti hard skin ki ivanni lite
  8. TMC

    TDP+TRS+BSP+SP+TMC+Akali Dal+AAP+Kamal Party seems like a prospect for now for 2019.
  9. Hats off to Ask Mayya

    Ask Bhaiyya ki Modi inner ego personality baaga telsu. Eppudu danni base chesukone cheppe vaadu, BJP AP notlo posiddi ani. Alage chesindi Well done Ask Bhaiyya.
  10. Prof K Nageshwar

    He is pro-YSR when he was alive. Now anti-TDP
  11. CBN Strategies - 2019 - Analysis

    What PK did is good for TDP. At least next elections lo single ga velle clarity vachindi.
  12. PRP 2

    PK edo books chadivi communist feelings tho politics cheddam ani thinking. He's way out of sync with reality.
  13. Ilaanti fronts headache vyavahraram. Better win as many MP seats as possible in AP and then decide who to support in the center. TG lo matram, go with TRS.
  14. Tdp future leader

    There are some capable people like Uma, Sunita, Lokesh, Accham Family, NTR etc. It depends on their money generation capability, mass appeal and acceptability within the party.