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  1. Intha aagam jarigina tarvaata ela veltaru NDA loki Worst case NDA (including TRS and Jagga) coming close to forming gov. and TDP supporting from outside
  2. It's heart burning to see Modi becoming PM again. But Northies can think beyond that anyways
  3. As I expected, state lo CBN and center lo Modi. But Modi will not be able to form gov. that easily.
  4. KCR deputy PM aa Mind dobbinda janaalaki
  5. Politics lo situation no batti sides switch avvatam common. KCR is not a politician. He's a snake
  6. CBN chuttu tirigi channel pettataaniki permission teesukoni ade CBN ki 2004 lo anti campaign run chesadu. When YSR came up with sakshi, he started supporting TDP again. Then he started licking TRS after the ban on his channel and finally caved into KCR. Final ga tokki musesaaru
  7. Support Mayawati, as part of her alliance with PK, she will propose him. So, CBN supports PK as PM Come on PK fans.
  8. Ee KCR BJP b- team ani veellaki teleeda
  9. Mana DB lo kanisam ee topic anna vesaru. Asala JS lone evadu oohinchi undadu vaallaki T lo MP vastadani Vaallakante manake ekkuva confidence undi ga
  10. Ento veedi tapatrayam. Aa prabhuve kaapadali. Amen.
  11. PK ki first enemy evaranna unnarante, adi veede. Veedi pilla veshalu chalu PK ki anti lepataaniki
  12. Given fair EVM handling, TDP will surely form govt.
  13. Veedi paade ni thenko. Enduku ra chadivaru IAS