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  1. BJP ollu Tom and Jerry games baane aadutunnaru Jaggad tho
  2. Emantadu ee so called intellectual hole
  3. Ali, Prithvi, Posani and all other YSR supporting actors' movies should be targeted in AP.
  4. Nag Ashwin is overrated in my opinion. He completely screwed up Mahanati. It was completely false representation of her story. Care of Kancharpalem and Arjun Reddy directors have the rigor but we need to see their subsequent movies.
  5. NTR cancelled the council in the 80s. YSR reintroduced it to fill positions for politically unemployed. Now, Jaggad trying to cancel again. It should be approved in Parliament. BJP will hold off on this until they feel they will get an advantage for themselves.
  6. Select committee ki velte, 1 month delay for sure.
  7. CBN di strategy, YCP di dopidi and bedirimpu. CBN never did violent politics.
  8. Only a temporary delay. Next move will be from Jaggad's side. We have to wait and see.
  9. Assembly still has opportunity to pass the bill. But it will get delayed. Jaggad ki kavalsinattu Jan. 23 ki matram avvadu
  10. Davos velli matlade antha scene unna leaders and bureaucrats leru ga ee gov. lo ATB TG
  11. Nothing wrong in thinking like that. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. That’s the universe law. Their action was misuse of their vote. This is Jagan’s reaction.