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  1. I really doubt if he tested positive. He might have thought as a celebrity if I also claim I got it, then it will give me some mileage in future
  2. Dabbu sampadinchadu kaabaatte donga kottesaadu annattu undi idi. Dabbu sampadana tappu, dongatanam kuda tappu
  3. Sivaji first supported BJP during 2014 elections. After elections in 2016 he supported Jagan and opposed CBN. From 2018, he opposed BJP and supported CBN.
  4. Mana janalaki buddi leka pothe, Modi em chestadu. They elected their own gov. Even in the capital area. So, why complain on Modi
  5. People are not in a state to evaluate a person based on his capabilities, achievements and vision. They only want to judge a person based on his caste and region.
  6. Anil Ambani ki emanna gittu baatu audda 🤔
  7. Chamundeshwar em peeking Sachin ki AP and TG lo properties eeyane dealing kada.
  8. Any given day Allu gang can defame Mega brothers as they wish.
  9. kukkala vale nakkala vale..... Apt for all in TFI
  10. Extremely saddened just by reading this. May god give the family the strength they need in this hard times.