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  1. Inko 1 month aaagithe, Rajanna canteen ani reopen chestadu. Appudu ide DB lo musinappudu em cheyaledu, ee lopu vaadu peru marchi reopen chesadu antaaru
  2. Abba J&K meeda unna prema lo 10% AP ki chupinchina, we would have been a much better state. He's worried about J&K not developing all these years? What about the way AP was divided and still struggling to have a capital city.
  3. Poyadani Bin Laden manchivaadu avvadu ga. I used to respect her a lot during Vajpayee time. But what she did during AP division and how she easily went into Modi’s divisive politics was hurting.
  4. Karnataka lo gali brothers ni BJP lo paiki Lepindi eeme
  5. EVM ni last time YSRCP kosam tamper chesaru. Once they get to field candidates in all segments, then BJP will tamper EVMs for their win.
  6. Govt. change ayithe employees salaries enduku late autaayi
  7. Asala Kaps ni first nundi tokkindi Reddys, since Neelam Sanjeev Reddy time. He was the one who cancelled reservations for Kaps. Edo Ranga incident tho blind ga Kammas meedaki vastaru gaani, they don't have a true motive. Anduke evadu padithe vaadu football aadutunnadu.
  8. CBN expected this to happen in the last term itself. That's why he accepted all that scrap from YCP into TDP.
  9. https://www.gulte.com/movienews/76871/Vijaya-Nirmala-Passes-Away