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  1. Center will not invest a sigle penny in Polavaram.
  2. What ever happened to that special status guy Chalasani
  3. Fact ni true ani cheppam anthe. T cheppinantha matrana fact false aipodda
  4. Of course, air in India is filthy. Once you land in Delhi, check the air quality index on your phone. It says very bad, not breathable.
  5. People have high short term memory. One year before elections, they will go back again if they get any caste related benefits
  6. Veella bonda le, elections ki mundu vaalle back potaru
  7. This guy is mini version of Vundavelli. You should watch his interviews in TV9 during 2004 elections. He literally dissected CBN. If I am not wrong, his MLC was sponsored by YCP as well. His videos are very biased and he ends them as if he's asking a question and says he does not have all the facts. Silly fellow for being such a sissy even though he's a professor I take pity on such guys who want to project themselves as rationalists but put forward semi-biased theories.
  8. People will forget all these miseries by next elections. Only thing that matters is what happens 1 year before the election. People have short term memory when it comes to choosing their leader. They only live in the recent past.
  9. Pride and self respect unte antha develop chesina tarvata kuda YCP ki vote enduku vestaru
  10. Though he's an atheist and does not believe in caste system, he will now be linked to a particular caste(based on his last name) and targeted.
  11. People don't need roads. They need monthly free income.
  12. Janaala ki valla caste and religion thopu ani chepte chaalu edaina nammestaru