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  1. Body lo unnadi red color blood ayithe AP lo BJP candidate ga contest cheyyaru
  2. Correct, KCR cleverly lured everyone into TRS through hook or crook methods. I still don’t understand why CBN is called chanakya of politics if he could not handle the TG situation.
  3. None of the senior TG TDP leaders stayed loyal to CBN. Errabelli, Motkupalli, Devendar Goud, Janardhan Reddy, Thummala, everyone did their part of backstabbing and left the party.
  4. He's atleast doing something. Telugu cinema heroes ayithe butter poosi mari licking chestunnaru Except NBK and RaPo.
  5. This family did the same to many people in that region. Now, they are asking for justice. What a funny democracy yaar
  6. Rajni deserves it. But the timing is wrong. My heart says Congrats. But my mind says he got it purely due to timing with elections. If it was for acting, then Kamal deserves it more than Rajni. Anyways, ATB Rajni Thalaiva.
  7. Let's talk facts and numbers. In Politics, being contemporary is important than beating on legacy. CBN-NTR episode happened in 1995. By next elections in 2024, two new generations of voters will be eligible to vote. No one cares about what happened 30 years ago. Even CBN is outdated now. People did not vote to BJP in last two terms looking at Advani or Vajpayee's legacy. They voted for Modi and Amit Shah. People are not voting to Congress due to Rahul's image and incapability. It's all about what's the current situation and how leaders are staying current and impacting people. Forget about legacy. NTR was a great leader, no doubt. CBN was a great administrator. The buck stops there.
  8. Waiting for 50 years celebrations
  9. Look at the Twitter handle owner before trusting the tweet. This is fake news.
  10. IPAC put 1000 people on this project. They are literally brainwashing voters. https://www.ndtv.com/video/news/reality-check/tamil-nadu-election-2021-inside-prashant-kishor-s-mk-stalin-war-room-579912
  11. That’s what happens at the central level and even to some extent at state level. Especially in TN.
  12. You have too much confidence on AP voters