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  1. There's nothing wrong with doing this. Media publicity is required for any gov. or political party. Today social media is the most popular media path and Modi is doing everything to use it (exploit) to his advantage.
  2. When it becomes BJP vs MIM, it's very easy for BJP to polarize the votes.
  3. Hey, they all wanted Bangaru TG. They got it. Why this gusa gusa
  4. Jaggad ni bokka lo veyatam varaku confirm.
  5. Mundu intlo unna “leader” meeda trolls control cheyyandi.
  6. Attorney fees gov. enduku pay chestadi. Even travel should be out of pocket. But this ahole will put all expenses on the gov. anyways.
  7. Bail cancel will happen in a couple of years. MoSha baane pedataaru veediki
  8. Most locals use it. Not for business purpose but NRIs and Software Engineers. Idi kuda CBN punyame