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  1. We did not use the lockdown efficiently. Lock down only gave us some time and an estimate of what’s coming. Now that we know what are we in for, we put everything up in the air. New drama with China war started.
  2. India lo police already politicians ki prostitutes aipoyaaru. I think next it will be judges' turn.
  3. Jaggad style of ruling ki China laanti Commie country aithe baaga set auddi
  4. M dealing with Indian economy is like a carpenter trying to fix a sub-marine.
  5. Memu college lo lab exams ki Viva answers ilaage ichevaallam. We tried to totally confuse the examiner.
  6. The unfortunate part is the Central or State govs. do not seem to have an exit plan. They are just assuming Corona will go away during the lockdown.
  7. They will not extend the complete lock down. Hot spots will have extended lock down like Maharastra, Telangana, AP, Gujarat and TN. In other states, parts of the state will be in extended lock down. WFH will still continue, no schools and colleges obviously.
  8. He has uplifted an entire generation.
  9. WHO really messed it up this time.
  10. All these donations will be claimed for tax exemptions.
  11. In western countries and in India mask usage is not predominant. Especially during pre-COVID. Since the demand is less, the supply was also less. It's even hard for the suppliers to cope up with this meteoric rise with less workforce. Hence, this turmoil. In SE asian countries like China, SK, Japan, Hong kong, etc. mask usage is pretty common. So, they could keep up with the demand. I agree that it's gov. failure to forecast such mishap but all governments do fail in the first instance of an event like this. Some learn and some don't.