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  1. Bandla ga

    Awards adukkuntaarenti ra babu . Asala mega heroes tappa inkevaru actors kaadu annattu ga cheptunnaru ga.
  2. Bandla ga

    Em matladatunnav ra nuvvu asala Veededo kala khandam teesinattu matladatunnadu ga
  3. 70 years nundi ee project avvaledu. Ippudu ela complete auddi anukuntunnaru. Especially, with BJP's current attitude, this will never complete.
  4. Gali ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka ante ide
  5. Top hero lo hero tho veyinchina get ups malli a director kuda try cheyaledu.
  6. It's Biscuits Time

    Hyd ki vachi, Amravathi ki train vestunnam. Ika andaru daily akkadiki povachu ani cheptaada Modi saar vaadu
  7. If BJP fails in Gujarath -- CBN

    Third front ni sustain cheyatam kastam. It's not same as doing it 25 years back.
  8. KCR patanam modalu

    KCR and family noru gurinchi telise antunaara Alliance pettukunna sare, avasaram ayithe TDP ni Andhra party ani malli antaru. All depends on the situation.
  9. KCR patanam modalu

    Aa alliance edo pettukuni next elections power loki vachi money anna venakeskondi.
  10. Bhopal student

    There is no line of ethics between police and petty thieves, criminals these days. 90% of the police force think it's their right to exploit both parties involved in the case. If you don't have influence or power, then don't even dream about getting any kind of help from the Police. They will be waiting for an opportunity to f**K u in the back. AP police lo idi mari ekkuva.
  11. Haali Haali

    Lyric writer
  12. Revanth gambled a lot

    National party lo honeymoon time tondaragaane aipoddi. Congress will not come into power in TG in 2019 as well. Maybe he's counting on funds from the center.
  13. Revuri..

    Whoever doesn't have any desire on power for next 10 years will stay in TDP. Everyone else will look for alternatives.