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  1. Election year lo vachina crisis. Thatha matram em chestadu.
  2. Rather than achieving world dominance, China's immediate priority is to get complete control over Hong Kong in terms of spreading their ideology. Hong Kong is like a teenage rebel for China and they want to tackle it ASAP.
  3. As long has Hyd. is their cash cow and they don't mess it up, TRS is king. Parts excluding Hyd. were always backward. TRS is just showing slow incremental progress in developing these remote regions. So, they have good track record. Added to that, they have strong regional feeling which is good. TRS will have an impact only in the case of a split in their party between KTR and Harish.
  4. Inka aa clapping tho em sadhinchado naaku ardam kaaledu If his motive was to unify every one under one single expression of gratitude, then he should have proposed something that was more tangible for the emergency personnel. Not announcing an relief stimulus for the economy is a big blunder. Actually, RBI is not in a state to support such stimulus since banking sector has collapsed and telecom and airlines sectors are ready to collapse.
  5. India is a judge mental society. Most of the people live in the hope to impress and get praised by neighbors and friends. So they want to present themselves as perfect as possible. So they don’t want to be isolated or classified as something abnormal.
  6. CBN power lo unte, ee paatiki entire world ki efficient handling ante ento chupinchevaadu.
  7. We should focus on testing within the country rather than spreading resources thin at the airports.
  8. Still bureaucrats want Jaggad in power. Aa logic ento manaki ardam kaadu
  9. Ee Congress ollu lenidi etu techukoleru, unnadi kuda kaapadokuleru Eellu opposition lo unnani rojulu, ee Baffas ki cake walk e
  10. I think KTR has gone above and beyond of the impact from these types of allegations. No one can scratch his current form