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  1. dusukochadu

    sollu aapandi TDP supporters and cadre

    CBN will certainly win. Just needs to be strategic in the next 6 months. That's all.
  2. dusukochadu

    AP TDP Loksabha & Rajyasabha MPs

    Crores petti MP ayyedi udyamalu, porataalu cheyataanika
  3. dusukochadu


    Who cares about all this? Did he fulfill the promises he made last time? All you have to do is manage the media, keep police in your grip to handle all dirty laundry and make sure you treat poor people and farmers like gods just 6 months before the election. That's the way to success.
  4. dusukochadu

    Trs arachakalu modalu

    It's a people elected gov. Who are you complaining against?
  5. dusukochadu


    Brazil model. Anduke vaallu S naaki poyaru.
  6. dusukochadu


    Actual ga TG lo KCR loose ayyunte, AP lo alarm bells ring ayyevi. Now, TDP is safe. I have been saying this since the beginning. Strong regional party leaders (KCR and CBN in their respective states) ni odinchatam antha easy kaadu. Like TG statehood sentiment in TG, we have special status sentiment that can be played and CBN has been playing well.
  7. dusukochadu

    notlo naluka leni leaders

    Apart from CBN, everyone who campaigned for TDP was completely unprepared. I mean everyone, just look at their roadshow speeches.
  8. dusukochadu

    TDP .... Next yenti

    Kaps votes are going to be extremely crucial in 2019. PK is going to eat into that pie. BJP + PK/YSRCP + MIM will try for a hung in AP.
  9. dusukochadu

    TDP .... Next yenti

    TDP should release candidates like Chintamaneni during the poll management. Tokki padestaru. That's what TRS did with the help of police in all polling booths.
  10. Settlers eppudaithe trs ki municipal elections win icharo, appude gone case.
  11. TG rural were told CBN's interference will deprive them of self-respect and money distribution with police help played a huge role. Urban voters literally took it lite to vote
  12. dusukochadu

    2019 AP elections

    Kaps votes will be divided for sure. He needs to address that for his win. CBN will most likely win.
  13. dusukochadu

    New to DB

    There's only one rule of thumb. What happens in the DB, stays in the DB. Welcome to the DB.
  14. dusukochadu

    New Hit List!

  15. dusukochadu

    Jr NTR

    Tiger avasaramainappudu bari loki digi veerangam cheyyali. Aa time vastadi