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  1. Hi Raghu,


    Any updates on KA elections?

  2. DiehardNTRfan

    Kia in Anantapur !

    Traffic between Bangalore till KIA plant has increased manifold...unbelievable development see across all fronts...just mesmerising...ika real estate aithe ,no need to talk...what a change this has brought!!
  3. DiehardNTRfan

    Kia in Anantapur !

    KIA is totally going to change the complexion of Anantapur district and bordering areas of Karnataka ..the work and the progress that is going on has to be seen to be believed...just mind boggling saho CBN
  4. DiehardNTRfan

    theen mar censor talk

    i cant reveal my sources...
  5. DiehardNTRfan

    theen mar censor talk

    ledu ivvala evening ayyindi...
  6. DiehardNTRfan

    theen mar censor talk

    theen mar was censored today....board has reccomended 9 cuts for the movie.. makki ki makki dhimparanta love ajkal ni...movie is sure flop anta....4 weeks talk chepparu...first half average anta...second half big rod anta..trisha is big minus anta...pk looks aged anta...
  7. DiehardNTRfan

    About this section

    good section