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  1. Janalaku inka ardam avvadhu.. once corona pogane Hyd lo bridge open chestharu.. secreterait graphics bommalu ciruculate chesharu.. TG thammullu thoda kottukoni thirugutharu.. next election ki JAI KCR androllu mosagallu antaru.. Veeti gurinchi patinchukoni waste inka... I still see Many TOP most Social media pages still posting only good against TRS and YCP...
  2. Yeah nenu adhe chesukunna
  3. Simhadri movie HD print only availbale in Etv anukunta.. ah range clarity tho manku online lo dorike chances unnaya without etv logos🤔
  4. Can someone post HD image for below, i need without any logos fo my personal collection. @prakhyat please help🤗
  5. what happened to this? are they using? what about other COVID patients?
  6. My compliments to Health Minister @Eatala_Rajender Garu & his team on a fabulous job of converting the sports tower into Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences with 1500 beds All this done in less than 20 days Initially will be exclusive to #TelanganaFightsCorona 1/2
  7. I heard that private hospitals are charging 7-8 lakhs for covid treatments, govt hospitals ela unte common people situation enti... three months lockdown em xxxx chesukotaniki worst na xxxx gallu unnaru
  8. Jai Nandamuri Jai TDP

  9. enno cinemalu vasthuntai pothuntai kani nandamuri cinemale charitralo nelichipothai.......

  10. na uddesamlo prema kanna abhimaname goppadi.....

  11. i cn say always only one word i.e NANDAMURI BREAKS THE RECORDS OF FILM INDUSTRY.......