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  1. NBK NTR

    Kadapa - ASVR

    oh ya its 275 days......
  2. NBK NTR

    Naveen chandra speech

    words on NTR
  3. NBK NTR

    Kadapa - ASVR

    annai Royal county lo open screen show esaru Mana boya and NBK for 700 days function LEGEND movie Proddatur Royal county lo chesaru....Hope you were in Royal county during that time
  4. NBK NTR

    Kadapa - ASVR

  5. NBK NTR

    Kadapa - ASVR

  6. NBK NTR

    Kadapa - ASVR

    Shiva Shankar Reddy‏ @sankar485 Oct 11 More #AravindaSametha kadapa town Day1 up to noon shows 21,25,001. Chala mandi heros ki day 1 gross kuda undadu e figure.. Arachakam Mummy husband amma.. Day1 figure ala ila undadu esari .. kings of openings @tarak9999 3 replies269 retweets667 likes Reply 3 Retweet 269 Like 667 Direct message
  7. NBK NTR

    Kadapa - ASVR

    Shiva Shankar Reddy‏ @sankar485 13h13 hours ago More #AravindhaSametha 1st day Kadapa town & district record celebrations....Thanks to our distributor Shiva Reddy garu, Ramesh theatre proprietor Subayya garu and owner Viswanath Reddy garu
  8. NBK NTR

    Kadapa - ASVR

    Shiva Shankar Reddy‏ @sankar485 13h13 hours ago More First time Kadapa district lo open theatre lo release roju show vesina big movie #AravindhaSametha @ Proddatur Royal county Resort...Daniki maaku adagagane ok chesina Our Kadapa district distributor Shiva Reddy gariki thanks Translate Tweet
  9. NBK NTR

    Kadapa - ASVR

    BlockBuster Veera Raghava Reddy and entertainer liked Shiva Shankar Reddy‏ @sankar485 13h13 hours ago More Leaving home town Kadapa with great memories, back to back Kadapa town 1st day records with #JaiLavaKusa and #AravindhaSametha, but this time with margin of 10L+.. Thanks to our District and Town presidents Sudhakar Reddy Anna and Rama Rao Anna for their full support.
  10. NBK NTR

    Naveen Chandra

  11. NBK NTR

    *****DAY 1 Kottesam All time AP&T NONBB2 Record******

    vesedi correct ga veyyali.......lekunte fasakk ABO