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  1. akhil ch

    Congress 2nd List

    Lanjamundaa sasikala yadavareddy Patancheru nomination vesesindi
  2. akhil ch

    Congress 2nd List

    A Warangal west odilesi Paina 6 lo nzb rural odili rest all cheyalsindi
  3. Chethakani edavalu Congress ollu . Oka face undadu controlling authority undadu Station ghanpur Serlingampalli Sec cantonment Rebels ready already
  4. akhil ch

    Current situation in Telangana

    Yoo. Inkoka nela mundu veyalsindi nenu detailed ga polling booth di chala votes lepesaru
  5. akhil ch

    Current situation in Telangana

    10 days momentum gone Paina miru chepina 2 jaragali, kootami will form with 10 seats majority minimum
  6. akhil ch

    Current situation in Telangana

    Thanks uncle @nvkrishna which date is this video telecasted uncle?
  7. akhil ch

    Current situation in Telangana

    +1. last time laga ledu. ysrcp all vote bank is now for TRS in TG. PK eeka na puxu. No worry. Sagam sannasulaki vote undo ledo kuda telidu
  8. akhil ch

    Current situation in Telangana

    uncle please post sabbam link as well
  9. akhil ch

    NFDB Opinion Polls

    Updated the first post with data which you can refer
  10. akhil ch

    NFDB Opinion Polls

    Updated bro thank you!
  11. akhil ch

    KTR facing tough Fight!

    isari inkoka 5 k peruguddi emo harish majority will be minimum 75k at any cost
  12. akhil ch

    NFDB Opinion Polls

    manalo entha mandi octopus lu unaro chuddam Total clarity on constituencies till date 65+9 = 74 Andulo Kootami - 35 TRS + Others - 39 PS - No discussions Please. Just post your numbers _/\_ Data - North Telangana: Out of the above 74 seats, 33 seats are from North TG. North TG has total of 54 seats. Balance 21 seats lo kootami has easy chances to win in around 4 seats. gattiga poll management mida kurchunte Kootami can win Dharmapuri, Yellareddy too. So fair chances to snatch 4-6 seats out of 21. Be aware out of these 21 seats, TRS has won 20 in 2014. South Telangana: Out of the above 74 seats, 41 are from South TG. Balance 24 seats lo kootami has chances to win 14. Gattiga kurchunte another 3 seats malkajgiri, sanathnagar and khairtabad kuda kottachhu. So fair chances to snatch 14-17 seats out of 24. Balance 7 lo TRS will win 3, AIMIM will win 3 and BJP 1 for sure. kootami - TDP + INC + CPI --> 58 Others - TRS + BJP + AIMIM --> 61 PS - This is the best case scenario. It is possible if and only if poll management is done at booth level. Guys need to have a look into booth wise list. Add missed voters around you immediately. Even 5 votes per person is more than enough. This is the tightest contest we've seen so far. Only if cadre gets down to work saving the party, we'll have a future in TG. Other state elections lo even the slightest hint that BJP is loosing it anna indication vaste chalu, AIMIM which will win 7 seats will jump. Will update this thread with data soon.
  13. akhil ch


    Nijayithi ga iste maryada ga untadi lekapothe okatiki moodu mottikayalu esta so not revealing
  14. akhil ch


    Nadi ichettu ledu. Anduke plan B esa
  15. akhil ch


    Votes are still being added. Today I gave request for adding 7 votes in Sanath Nagar constituency. So, Too early to comment. Unless you shed blood for party, you cannot save it. Btw my vote is still pending since months. These bastards they didn't even add it. Voter ki thikka dengedaka teste they'll resort to other practises. Simple. As of now fair chances in 5 seats