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  1. World bank venakki veladam valla ochina negative ni counter cheyadaniki. Sakshi news "World Bank went away because of cbn govt on Amaravati but it came forward to fund for 9 ratnas" Ani cover drive playing. "Jagan is waiting to take the money or not" ani. World Bank never came forward to Honor any political promise made ani.
  2. Imran khan as part of election campaign announced free electricity and now world Bank agreed to fund this project as 10th ratnam Imran was inspired from Jagan as he he fought with world Bank and chose 9 ratnas as important than Amaravati Template - like YSR inspired - troll stuff for next week ichesadu jaffa hahahaha
  3. Don't fall into joint game of BJP ycp Vimarsa chesedi - memu alternative ani cheppukodanike
  4. You forgot the highly respected Reddy surname
  5. Monna india new Zealand England mida tweets chusi e edava as it is ktr pr style following cool man I'm cool annattu anukuna. Somehow this is a different move. Also , get something into your heads that - okadni copy kodithe copy kottinatte untadi . Different ga cheste ne recognize ayyedi
  6. This is a valid point. Few Neutrals are in the image that cbn enduku o feel aypotadu prati daniki. Jagan oste ila chestaadani telusu ga ani saying. Sick
  7. caste is a reson and next thing. repu kia valani bedirinchi pressmeet petiste fruit avtadu...so anduke endukochindi ani janalaki telusu le ani gilli odilesadu
  8. గట్టిగా మాట్లాడితే అసలు కియా మోటర్స్ పెట్టిందే రాజన్న అని చెపుతాం😏