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  1. akhil ch

    Game Started for 2019 Elections

    This'll happen if we wins. If anedi never. So lyt
  2. Uncle last time e aalmost confirm ticket
  3. akhil ch

    giving smart phone free to each family

    Bokka lodi. Phone ki 5-10k badulu adedo middle glass income group who are filing IT returns between 5-7L showing as net income group ki tax redemption ivandi "from GOVT end" . Yearly same amount - middle class ki em cheyaledu - bochu lo comments annitiki cover drive.
  4. akhil ch

    Tdp mla & ministers

    aa erraju gadini guddaloodadesi thannina evaru adagaru aina piriki nayalluuu
  5. akhil ch

    Tdp mla & ministers

    protests these days are limited only to social media
  6. bjp ollani ekkada kanapadithe akkada state lo thanthe siggostadi and mileage kuda peruguddi...
  7. akhil ch

    why jaffa says pk and cbn are one

    there is nothing other than caste feeling. it is purely that. but majority kapus are with tdp and they will be with tdp. every group has this outliers. just because kapu caste % is high you see it significantly. chiru didn't get that expected support. because of this, their frustration grew a little more
  8. akhil ch

    Pithapuram MLA

    enna samachar
  9. akhil ch

    Real Estate

    Three districts esi ground level aduguthunnara uncle
  10. akhil ch

    Real Estate

    Kadapa Nellore
  11. akhil ch

    New year twist by cbn

    Kikiki pawan kalyan is like death. Evartho kaliste avatala vallaki estaru 20 seats Janasena ki iste avanni avatala vallake fix. Hope pawan bargains some 30 seats with ycp our target will become easy
  12. akhil ch

    New year twist by cbn

    20 seats deal okay na Aina buss emo
  13. 😮😮 this didn't go viral?