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  1. a march ki tdp support kuda undi kabatti vachindi coverage etc lekapothe mundu mentalodi rallies laga undedi bomma
  2. mana iddaridi okate untadi ga anna opinion e matter lo mire odalandi na badulu
  3. TTD lo other religions matter issue. debbaki egiripoyadu pitta
  4. not needed but pk will be our social media base.
  5. Jagan s image is already damaged. He can't repair it. All he can do is make people believe others are the same by damaging it. Simple and effective strategy. People mind lo ipudu ade undi.
  6. okadi janthikalu pagilithe migilina rendu accounts close aypotay antaru anthena btw this thread is fine. Gutsy kcr.
  7. ncp did far better ga manchi elevation pawar thatha ki... power comes and goes, pawar remains anta