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  1. mottam chesina tests enni? 600 a!
  2. news lo aayana sannihithudu ki kuda ani rasaru
  3. manishi chacche daaka emo bro
  4. Was following them since a week. every day minimum 500 people chanipothunaru. from past 3 days it is around 700 per day. USA topped the world chart yesterday in number of corona cases.
  5. Okay I remember presenting 2Lkh Crorec budget. sagam jeethalake pothe migilina schemes etc emaypovali ani Thanks for the confirmation
  6. wrong emo. yearly 84K C only employees salaries ante budget antha ledu ga
  7. Just adding . 111 GO land prices are very high now. Go lepali ani ysr time nunchi undi proposal but no one dared. Now Ishtam vachinattu istunaru. Prime defence. Now city don't need those two reservoirs as drinking source ani. All villages teermanalu chestunaru/chepistunaru ipudu. LANd rates ekkado unay around 6-8cr per acre.
  8. bjp will go along with pk to remove tdp. let us fight on screen and sleep together off screen
  9. edo emi lo plot konukkuna peasant ni miku maku polika endi anna. govt land acquisition ki ichina zamindarlu miru