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  1. akhil ch

    Jayanagar counting live

    please share videos
  2. akhil ch

    BJP+TRS+BJD+YSRCP against Polavaram

    Bokka avuddi elections gelichi sye ani july lo water istam gravity tho
  3. @annagaru can you please list decoit and his bammardhi fertilizers scam
  4. akhil ch

    Jdidi state

    Why did she hang only one
  5. Antha clear ga target chesaru BJP Pawan ah two channels ni It is clear that both are working together
  6. 10-15 easy chusta undu bro Cadre is on fire on the leaders who went away. Vallaki matram panganam pettadam pakka. New faces this time for MLA seats. Funding from outside
  7. akhil ch


    Hashtag Time - tomorrow all day Jai Telugu Desam Hero laki matrame spamming chusaru Repu next level cheddam
  8. thalasani errabelli thummala na kodukulu ellani matram odalakudadu vellina vallalo..main thalasani gadu errabelli gaduu... manam gelichettu lekunte opposition ki ese dobbadame
  9. 31 seats won with majority below 10k (TDP - 6, YCP, CPM & CPI - 1, INC - 9, BSP - 2 , TRS - 11) Mana seats concentrate chesi rest dent eseyyadame :no1
  10. 2019 Target our 20-25 seats. 5k-10votes per constituency is enough to swing
  11. Sagam time social media lone potundi dinemma 2-3 accounts tho Mana leader lu pikedem ledu kani spend an hour or so extra in social media from today
  12. Already dobbindi Ipudu ilantivi chesi next level dobbule