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  1. Start a civil company by state govt Use govt civil engineers and if needed give some employee notification for civil engineers State govt company ki full works ni badili chesi natlu transroy ni ok cheyinchali Spillway ni each block ki oka employee ni pettali till crust gates pette varuku same strategy for all works cooling plants ni penchali it will boost the cement works machinery ni state govt mobilize cheyali Ila cheste tappa nothing possible to complete works in time
  2. Nagam also into congress ani talk undi
  3. new survey lo ade telisi shock ayaru trs vallu Pakka party ni munchethe memu safe anukunte ilage slip avutaro telustundi ippudu
  4. In 2018 2nd half lo congress and tdp ki returning candidates ekkuva untaru deni valla trs ki negative impact padutundi
  5. sc/st ki reservation godava started now. Muslim reservations icham ani hands dulupukunaru but next year deni valla godavalu avutayi ani talk undi kulala madya godavalu for reservation Simple ga with tdp death in telangana, congress is only alternative for anti govt votes ade positive ayindi congress ki deni valla anti vote motham congress ki once side padutundi it is not good for trs. votes divide ayithe trs ki plus but ala kadu ippudu
  6. congress given correct blow in correct time. Congress ni chusi andaru 1st thought they are looting our money anukunaru people But Bjp is looting lower middle class and giving to rich people Bjp kana Congress 1000% better ani deciding allover india
  7. ktr shifting to uppal ippudu sitting una place lo poti cheste he will loose anta uppal lo thousands lo voters ni added to his win indirectly