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  1. 21000people in hyd are having more then 100 years Shocking fake votes 1 lakhs people having votes less then 17 years govt misused adding fake voters list
  2. swas


    Bro 150 days minimum water to right canal krishna delta = 150 days * 1.5tmc/day = 225 tmc Left canal 0.75 tmc * 100 days = 75 tmc Idi kaka inko 200 tmc for godavari delta total easy ga 500+ tmc use cheyochu
  3. Yerraballi and tdp leaders went to trs names missing pakka sketch confirmed idi self goal by trs Ikada telangana lo all tdp, congress leaders are getting arrested In another way trying to start cases on all opposition
  4. check video bro before u comment ALL TYPES OF ASSUMPTIONS UNAYI DENI LO
  5. In 2014 tdp-bjp got 41 lakhs votes congress 48 lakhs votes trs - 66 lakhs check video super chepadu
  6. swas

    Kaps Meeting

    One side voting em undadu janasena ki already last time 2009 lo vesthe ammesaru whole sale rate ki they know that
  7. swas

    Kottha paluku

    If congress leaders keep their ego aside like they done in karnataka they will get good seats for sure only problem is there is 10+ cm candidates who wants power
  8. swas

    Kottha paluku

    60 or less if he changed candidates Latest info enti ante 30-40 trs mla's ki seats ivaru ani Just to taaggle asamathi in party kcr took this route ani talk undi last minute lo b-form ivaka pothe they can't do anything ani talk party internal damage ni reduce cheyali That too even more candidates ki b-forms ivaru last minute lo congress/tdp joined candidates ki b-form istaru ani talk undi 90%