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  1. video veyandi mana hash tag chedam vellaki
  2. A2 dandalu to Rajnath singh

    video veyandi we can cirulate
  3. It is simple vedu oka waste fellow Just kcr sitting in home vadini pogudutadu .. cbn serving for people 16-20hrs a day he says he didn't do nothing antadu kchr trying to help Bjp by stopping parliament Asalu kchr lesi nadavaledu oka quarter kottande vedu front anta comedy continous
  4. Ippudu em antaru pittala doralu who is supporting trs kcr only called mamta anta , he only asked but mamta said no vellu call chesi maku call vachindi ani chepukunaru deniki support chesaru few bakaras again front form ayithe last 6-8 months key not now is bad thing to do cbn knows that very well
  5. Koratala Siva's tweet

    Movie lo central tho fight movie ani talk undi idi perfect time for this kind of story
  6. Appreciate JP

    Brother don't forget he is having 420 cases on him and couple of land grabbing cases. Ktr drivers tho slippers tho kottinchukuna vadu except dialogues he does nothing worst ever individual for money. IVR worst ever candidate Undavali is congress guy who supported in division andarini petti em pikutadu??
  7. polavaram

  8. Shipyard nunchi export chese vatini edo okati chesi new zone ki divert cheyali appudu income motham manake vastundi
  9. Venkayya Thaatha

    vijaya sai reddy gadiki correct ga handled Tdp vallu matlada kudadu anta vedi comedy
  10. Railway Zone OK??

    Bro all people can't fly if we had a railway zone whole AP ni oka zone chesthe chalu easy ga we can have our trains, if we increase speed of trains to 200-250 km/hr 4-5 hrs lo AP lo one end to end velochu now it is taking double, triple time