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  1. swas

    Telangana lo nijalu.

    😁wow avaaa rocks
  2. swas

    Telangana lo nijalu.

    vedi win kadu adi confirmed long back
  3. swas

    Telangana lo nijalu.

    kcr in 2 seats medchal lo kuda poti chestaru ktr also same uppal nunchi 2nd seat potu chestaru ani talk undi
  4. swas


    Bro 150 days minimum water to right canal krishna delta = 150 days * 1.5tmc/day = 225 tmc Left canal 0.75 tmc * 100 days = 75 tmc Idi kaka inko 200 tmc for godavari delta total easy ga 500+ tmc use cheyochu