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  1. swas

    Kolleru Lake

    divert some godavari water to kolleru it will help Kolleru to get filled
  2. Bjp yesterday said we didn't met now they accepted lunch ki velamu anta They caught red handedly
  3. swas

    Lokesh Mass

    Speeches ki practise cheyali first twitter star avutaadu final ga
  4. swas

    kumara invite cbn

    Bjp friend ga anduke special flight permission icharu lendi For KA mla's ki ivaru gani flight permissions
  5. It is Shivaji cheppina name But Whole national media ki telisina name Operation Kamal only which is famous one so i kept this
  6. swas

    Admin & Recording Dance Troop

    First let us see if he wins CM ante common man antadu if he looses
  7. swas

    2019 INC Face of the Party ?

    Below 200 vastayi if elections comes now for BJP. Ade inka negative wave increase ayithe below 150 UP lo both regional parties are coming together to teach Modi a lesson. Akada negative votes anni single party ki padithe BJP won't win in UP . It will be blow because 1/3 mp seats came from UP alone for BJP in 2014
  8. swas

    2019 Result will be Similar to KA

    Only option for now. Congress with it alliance parties one front UPA-3 Regional parties another front form avochu Final ga Janatadal kind of front with congress+regional front = power. All works for single agenda modi must not come to power again
  9. Operation Kamal failed same strategy for Operation Garuda Lingayukta votes and caste votes ni baga divide chesaru But Bjp got 36% and congress got 38% vote bank In AP reddy community in Rayalaseema and Kapu in Seemandhra Already everyone sensing the Operation Garuda in AP. Brahmins, kapu's ki anyayam ani gola chestunaru same strategy in KA. Jagan will divide Reddy votes anyway PK will divide Kapu votes So final Ga tdp magic figure below ne stop avali anedi plan. Clear indication of all the moves. PK can't win in Palakollu, Ananthpur anaru but now mostly he is going to contest in Uttarandhra
  10. swas

    Admin & Recording Dance Troop

    PK said Bjp will win #Modikapuppy pk correct tag for him
  11. Congress valla mla's ni kapadaru very nice fight after long time. When Bjp leaders going on national anthem padaru but Bjp leaders didn't stopped they went away. Bjp passed Go's that all cinema theatres lo national anthem ki respect ivali ani kani idu vellu patincharu It will be a serious issue
  12. swas

    protem speaker

    2 other senior members are there 8 times mla is there but 3rd place lo una vadiki protem speaker icharu chi intha goram ga undi BJP
  13. swas

    protem speaker

    As expected muju vani vote ani cheppi malli Bjp win ani anna antaru Bjp vallu
  14. BJP hasan mla jump into JDS anta 🤣 Inko 3-4 mla's jump avochu ani talk Bjp nunchi kuda laga lani chustunaru Yeddy anti mla's also may vote against BJP