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  1. Excellent question! I am sure most of us are concerned about the same. What CBN said is also correct. But ethics and logics are left far behind on the voting day. Keep the focus on how technology is being adopted for sustainable future - for educated, youth and Urban. Take the ground results and benefits to the rural. I wish CBN and his team will sell hard - the cause for keeping TDP in power and people will rise beyond caste and religion and better future for this and coming generations. The key take away from TG experience is keeping people fresh on memory and experience being beneficiaries.
  2. Jagannath

    CBN Live Conclave South 18

    Once in my career I was advised by my senior that working long hours very hard isn't enough. One should have a tact to sell the same. I feel CBN and his team is falling short in this department. We should atleast showcase em on these stage so the nation will be aware and appreciate his stand. Please share me a video that showcases CBN's strategy in AP agriculture sector and benefits to former and farming beyond loan waiver scheme.