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  1. Nee Kallalona Full Song

    Aa Chitike vesi Nivetha Ni levamaney bit deggara Hero kummesadu Ravanudu antey NTR ye
  2. Nee Kallalona Full Song

  3. Nee Kallalona Full Song

  4. NTR Negative Role #SSRNext

    Dad of all kichdis
  5. SSR Tweet

  6. NTR Negative Role #SSRNext

    Already kichdis started
  7. NTR to host BIGGBOSS Season 2

    Biggboss antey NTR, NTR antey Biggboss
  8. Apple Iphone X available from today

    Line sitters (sitting) ki jackpot
  9. No one can beat NTR - Adit Arun

  10. Apple Iphone X available from today

    Poor kid here Still using Symbian OS
  11. Sunil,Tabu in NTR28th

  12. Sunil,Tabu in NTR28th

    Songa kaarchukunta pics adigedhi meeru, bad name naaka?
  13. PSV GARUDAVEGA 126.18M My Take

    Dio Dio song update please
  14. Sunil,Tabu in NTR28th

    Sunil in Trivi movie is definitely a positive vibe