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  1. Latest Tollywood Bikini sensation, Shraddha das entertained her followers with exciting answers in a twit chat.Here we bring some of those.

    What is your dream role?

    Current project Rey.It provides ample scope for acting.I am enjoying it

    Heard you are injured in the sets? Does movie have any action sequences?

    Met with two nasty accidents.I'm completely fine now! Yes I hav a few action sequences in rey.

    If we want to meet you, what are your hangout spots in Hyderabad

    GVK and N grill

    Given a chance, what would you chose Magadheera or Dookudu?


    Your dream actor to work with in tollywood ?


    Your best pals in Telugu film industry?

    Navdeep, Sanjana, Thapsee

    Given a chance, would you cast in Dirty picture type of movies?

    Yes, why not.

    Who is the most funny costar u have met so far in your career?

    Omi Vaidya,Allu Arjun

    Which is tough, Tollywood or Bollywood?

    Both are equally tough

    what is best thing that you like in telugu film industry?

    Discipline and respect

    You are taking vulgarity to a next levels in Tollywood.What is your take?

    That depends on one's perception.I have nothing to say about it.