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  1. Sea+Rain....Amazing combo

  2. Muhurtham fix chesa e saturdayki

  3. 4 rojulatho chennai vasaam poorthi.. Hurray..!!!

  4. Rulzu ni enduku ban chesaru?

  5. Great lives spread an aura and fragrance which outlive their mortal sojourn on earth. If one makes a closer study of what distinguishes these men and keeps them apart from the rest, two qualities stand out. The first is their concern for the good of others. The second is a constant striving for perfection and excellence with purity in personal and public life. Honour, dignity, friendship and compassion are the traits of such worthy men

  6. Unless India stands up to the world, no one will respect us. In this world, fear has no place. Only strength respects strength. - APJ Abdul Kalam

  7. underground!!!! under ground !!!

  8. Online records confirm a staggering US$72.77 million profits for ‘3 Idiots’

  9. oNlY NaNDaMuRi No OTHER PaaNi PooRi...

  10. ahimsa paramo dharmah, dharma himsa tathaiva ca — "Non-violence is the highest principle, and so is violence in defense of the righteous."

  11. SHIT.. FIRST F'ING NANI.. NOW SAM BABE!!!! FCUK. SHE WANTS TO QUIT IN 3 YEARS AND GET MARRIED!!!! :( NOO.. and she was dropped from Mani Ratnam's film :(((

  12. తోలు బొమ్మలాటలకు అలవాటుపడ్డ జనాలకు సందేశాత్మక చిత్ర రాజాల విలువ తెలిసేది ఎప్పుడో................

  13. Sai korrapati is Producing 2 movies with tarak..one is with andhala rakshahsi director and next is with Rajamouli

  14. SRK says he wants to make a sequel to Ra.One...It should be called 'Sorry Every.one'...!!! :P

  15. Comman MI Bleed Yellow...Let' s take revenge

  16. it hurts when a better known person keeps u in dark and plays game

  17. Bandodu The Laddu

  18. Jeevithamlo oka vishayam gurthupettuko... "Bus stand bus tho paatu vellaledu kaani... Cycle stand cycle tho paatu vellagaladu." :P:) good morning.