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  1. naku INR 40.17 deposited last week..
  2. Besides Delhi, the 21 other Indian cities among the 30 most polluted cities in the world are Ghaziabad, Bulandshahar, Bisrakh Jalalpur, Noida, Greater Noida, Kanpur, Lucknow, Meerut, Agra and Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, Bhiwari in Rajasthan, Faridabad, Jind, Hisar, Fatehabad, Bandhwari, Gurugram, Yamuna Nagar, Rohtak and Dharuhera in Haryana, and Muzaffarpur in Bihar.
  3. 22 Of the World’s 30 Polluted Cities are in India; Delhi Most Polluted Capital City Globally: Report Delhi has been ranked as the most polluted capital city globally, according to a new report released on Tuesday. The 'World Air Quality Report, 2020', shows that Bangladesh, China, India, and Pakistan account for 49 of the 50 most polluted cities worldwide. The latest report has been prepared by the Swiss organisation IQAir. In terms of country rankings, Bangladesh has the worst air, followed by Pakistan and India. In the world capital city ranking, Delhi fares the worst, followed by Dhaka and Ulaanbaatar. Notably, India showed an overall improvement in several cities, with 63% reporting direct improvements over 2019 averages, the report stated. It added that the progress is only marginally attributable to India's flagship National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) introduced in January 2019, which targets PM2.5 reductions between 20-30% in 122 selected cities by 2024 from a 2017 baseline. According to the report, despite widespread air quality improvements during 2019 and 2020, air pollution in India is still dangerously high. India continues to dominate annual PM2.5 rankings by the city as 22 of the top 30 most polluted cities globally are located in India. Major sources of India's air pollution include transportation, biomass burning for cooking, electricity generation, industry, construction, waste burning, and episodic agricultural burning. Transportation constitutes one of India's leading PM2.5 emission sources, responsible for emitting pollutants and re-suspending road dust. Biomass cookstoves are the main source of indoor pollution nationally, particularly affecting women and children, the report stated. "Delhi, the world's second-most populous city, is located southeast of India's agricultural breadbasket, where open burning is common," it added. It is estimated that as much as 20 to 40% of Delhi's air pollution originates from Punjab farm fires During peak burning season, Delhi experienced average PM2.5 levels in November and in December, which exceed the WHO's annual exposure guideline by more than 14 times.
  4. Adi k0zza CM laga vinipisthundi
  5. I did passout in same year.. my friends who are reddy's got reimbursement due to farming or private income.. and I'm 10000 pc sure that there is no caste equation except income. if you can't accept so be it.. please don't tell others that you are the only one lived through ages and know all about it..
  6. Nope.. YSR unnapudu except govt employees or tax return ppl (with limit).. everyone availed the scheme irrespective of caste
  7. I think is not coz of 30 to 300 (appatlo 3rd year 2nd sem kalla place ayetollu satyam, tech mahindra, wipro, etc vatiallo ani chepettollu seniors)... but due to 300 to 900 colleges by YSR + additional benefit college fee reimbursement
  8. .net positions on c2c unte kuda cheppandi.. 🙄