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  1. Consul General of South Korea for southern India Mr. Hyung Tae Kim has announced that that a consular office of South Korea would soon be established in Guntur. This would be the second office in South India after Chennai. Addressing a delegation of academicians and businessmen, Mr. Kim said trade between Andhra Pradesh and South Korea was set to expand rapidly in the coming years. “Our country established Kia Motors in Anantapuram district with an investment of ₹13,000 crore. South Korean professionals, numbering over 2,000, were set to visit Andhra Pradesh soon to share their expertise in automobile technology,” he said. Mr. Kim also added that 100 companies were set to invest in Andhra Pradesh. With Andhra Pradesh growing day-by-day, South Korean investments are also growing," the consul general added.
  2. GST 2.0

    krishan chopra‏ @krishnDG 16h16 hours ago More So with a steep drop from 27.90 to 8.50 in GST coffee at Starbucks wld've come down from the steep 183 for a short cappucino, right? It did, by all of Rs 4 and coffee price raised to 170 from 155. How clever can you get 34 replies323 retweets179 likes Reply 34 Retweet 323 Like 179 Direct message
  3. Best Popular Feature Film providing wholesome entertainment - Janatha Garage Best Leading Actor - N.T.R (Nannaku Prematho, Janatha Garage) Best Supporting Actor - Mohanlal (Janatha Garage) Best Story Writer - Koratala Siva (Janatha Garage) Best Lyric Writer - Ramajogayya Sasthry (Prenamam Prenamam - Janatha Garage) Best Editor - Naveen Nooli (Nannaku Prematho) Best Art Director - A.S. Prakash (Janatha Garage) Best Choreographer - Raju Sundharam (Pranamam Pranamam - Janatha Garage)
  4. GST 2.0

  5. CBN Biography

    looks like not available for US fans
  6. Operation of international cargo from Visakhapatnam Airport, which has been pending for the past few years, has been finally cleared by the Civil Aviation Ministry, and handling of international cargo has begun. The major commodities being exported from Visakhapatnam include: frozen sea foods, cashew, food products, ceramics, minerals, metals and ores, machinery and spares and building materials. Currently over 4,000 tonnes of pharma cargo from coastal AP region is being exported through Hyderabad and Brandix Apparel at Atchutapuram SEZ has been depending on Chennai for its exports as well as imports of raw material from across the country and other nations and even agro-based industries from Vizianagaram and iron-based alloy industries and cashew industry in Srikakulam are depending on other airports for their exports. The permission to handle international cargo will benefit many industries from Visakhapatnam region as they can export and import pharmaceuticals, apparel, agro products directly. This will be a major boost to trade and industry from the coastal districts.