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  1. Mr.Feku

    Benazir Bhutto signed the Shimla Agreement with Indira Gandhi. “When Indira Gandhi signed the Shimla Agreement, or the pact with Benazir Bhutto, we were not in agreement. However, Atal Bihari Vajpayee did not go out and talk about it, instead, he took time from Indira Gandhi and talked to her. We didn’t let the nation suffer.”--Feku Asaduddin Owaisi was fact-checking PM. He shouted over the din to correct the PM that the Shimla pact was signed by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto not Benazir Bhutto
  2. KA lo INC ki

    bjp is giving all credits to feku
  3. KA lo INC ki

    Narendra Modi at Global Investors’ Summit: Maharashtra is a beacon of hope for the growth of India, says PM Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the Global Investors' Summit at "Magnetic Maharashtra http://www.financialexpress.com/india-news/narendra-modi-live-at-global-investors-summit-mumbai-pm-inaugurates-magnetic-maharashtra-convergence-2018/1070638/ How can a PM endorses selective states and ignores others completely. Kukkani simhasanam vekkiste yemavutundo veedu perfect example. Nenu adhe chebutunna andariki, evarikanna veyyandi veediki matram veyyakandi ani
  4. KA lo INC ki

    Dont know the reason even though many people dont like congress but they are very angry on BJP as I see of-late in bangalore. IMO it is sure shot for congress and I wish it would be. look at these Former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda today requested incumbent Narendra Modi to ensure grant of Rs 500 crore for Mahamastakabhisheka Festival in Karnataka, which the Finance Ministry has denied. Gowda said the Finance Ministry had in a letter denied the grant for the festival https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/grant-rs-500-crore-for-mahamastakabhisheka-festival-h-d-deve-gowda-to-pm-narendra-modi/articleshow/57312442.cms In 2006, the Centre allocated Rs 30 crore for the festival, while the state spent Rs 90 crore, he said (Mr. Deve Gowda met PM and FM twice on this but received nothing but insult) ‘Centre spreading a pack of lies’ The total money allotted under 13th finance commission for Karnataka was ₹62,775 crore, but ₹61,692 crore was released during 2010–15. The State’s per capita contribution to Central taxes was 19%, but per capita devolution was a mere 6.3% http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/karnataka/congress-flays-modi-govt-on-funds-release/article22647500.ece Of the around ₹95,000 crore Central allocation that was due to the State in the last three years, the State was yet to get ₹10,553 crore
  5. Is Neerav Modi a cheater?

    Twenty-one electoral trusts heavily funded by the country’s top corporates gave more than Rs 290 crore to the BJP in 2016-17, and a mere Rs 16.5 crore to the Congress The top 10 donors to these electoral trusts were led by the real estate giant DLF, which was caught in a political controversy over a land deal with Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra, back in 2012. DLF donated Rs 28 crore, while its subsidiaries DLF Cyber City Developers Limited donated Rs 15 crore and DLF Commercial Developers Limited Rs 9 crore https://theprint.in/2018/01/29/electoral-trusts-donate-rs-290-crore-bjp-2016-17-dlf-leads-list-bigwig-donors/ The Extortonists
  6. If you put money in bank - Nirav Modi will take it If you put money in cricket - Lalit Modi will take it If you keep Money at home- Narendra Modi will take it
  7. Is modi heading for resounding defeat in 2019

    Anything <272 pakodi is out as PM Anything <250 bjp is out of govt.
  8. BjP AP KABJA PLAN - updated

    In 2004, the India Today survey predicted 330-340 seats to NDA There was absolutely no chance of Congress Party coming to power. two months later, when the election was held Congress came to power and stayed there for next 10 years. 2019 it is evident that no party will get absolute majority and even if modi is again chosen as PM definitely he would not be as powerful as now. Time will teach every hypocrite a lesson .
  9. NITI Ayog

  10. NITI Ayog

    Personally I got the same response regarding CBN appointment requests. I got the response after second appeal (could have shared it here but I have no permissions for attachments) Since the coming in power Modi tries everything to weaken RTI: Killing it Softly PMO among top rejectors of RTI applications, reveals CIC report Data Reveals Decline in Access to Information Since BJP Came to Power Modi PMO stonewalling RTI queries: Activists - Times of India ‘Modi Government is Making RTI Dysfunctional’ Govt plans word limit for RTI, make information expensive

    Roughly Rs 250 crore for 11 central educational institutions in AP state, including the IIT and IIM sanctioned during the past four years. Telangana was allocated Rs 75 crore for the IIT in Hyderabad in this budget but Rs 50 Cr for IIT Tirupati Points 9,10,11,14,17 thee are given to almost all states and the allocotations are far more than ours
  12. 2016-17 Maharashtra Rs 3.14 lakh crore is followed by Delhi that paid Rs 1.08 lakh crore in direct taxes. Karnataka (Rs 85,920 crore), Tamil Nadu (Rs 60,077 crore) and Gujarat (Rs 38,808 crore) rounded off the top five states http://indianexpress.com/article/india/income-tax-dept-data-maharashtra-accounted-for-37-per-cent-of-direct-taxes-collected-in-country-in-2016-17-fiscal-4995193/
  13. I am sorry you are 100% wrong in the case of Guj, but Maharashtra can't argue A sample (from one of my old post) State (2014-2015) State GDP (In Rs. Lakh Crore) Direct Taxes Collected (In Crore) Maharashtra 16.8 2,77,720 Gujarat 7.66 35,912 Tamil Nadu 9.76 44,732 Karnataka 7.02 60,595 Delhi 4.51 91,247 GDPs of Delhi and Karnataka are substantially lower than that of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, they actually contribute much more when it comes to direct tax collection. The table below shows that Karnataka’s state GDP was 7.02 lakh crore rupees and yet it contributed a little over 60,000 crore rupees in direct taxes. Gujarat’s state GDP, on the other hand, was recorded at 7.6 lakh crore rupees in. It contributed only 35, 912 crore rupees in direct taxes in the same year though. Enjoy this so called developed state hypocrisy https://thewire.in/32648/new-data-indicates-that-direct-tax-share-in-economy-is-at-decade-low/
  14. https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/angry-andhra-citizens-flood-state-bjp-s-facebook-page-after-being-ignored-budget-75876 andharu oka hand veyyandi Angry Andhra citizens flood state BJP’s Facebook page, after being 'ignored' in Budget
  15. Delhi ninchi Phone calls to Cbn

    There some coverage in National media today Hope CBN would not fooled by these con-man's acts After Union Budget blow, BJP to offer olive branch to save alliance with TDP The New Indian Express 7h ago  RELATED COVERAGE India Budget 2018: Narendra Modi & Arun Jaitley India Union Budget Live News, Updates, 2018 - 19 - The Times of India Most referenced Times of India 37m ago BJP rush to placate ally The Telegraph 8h ago To appease TDP, Jaitley speaks of special aid for Andhra Deccan Herald 8h ago