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  1. gaddamhemanth

    India breaking : Maoists plan to kill Modi

    ee budabukkalodu malli start chesaadu whack thuuu
  2. gaddamhemanth

    BJP+TRS+BJD+YSRCP against Polavaram

    narmada ni Modi gaadu alane kattadu with out any clearences be it NGT, forest etc. Rehabilitation inka poorthiga cheyyaledhu.
  3. gaddamhemanth

    Freeing tirumala by subbu swamy

    vinasha kaale vipareetha budhi
  4. gaddamhemanth

    Unbelievable scenes

    but had a long discussion of late with one my dear friends , was a hard core TRS supporter, a neutral on CBN, a native of MBNR. These were his words exactly KCR paina asamtrupthi nivuru gappina nippula undi, BJP vaallu bafoons so congress is their alternative, if not get the majority it will give tough fight to TRS annadu. Also he said KCR know this that is why he is buying votes openly through Raithu Bandu scheme. This shows people are realising the mistake and hope the bubble will burst at the earliest
  5. gaddamhemanth

    Voka Kannada sodaruni aavedana

    we don't stay in past, we live present and aspire for future
  6. gaddamhemanth

    cms india corruption study 2018

    Oh man this report says how worst TDP as party in publicising the Govt's actions and achievements. In the report, in all the studies of peoples perception AP is worst and peoples experience the corruption it is best
  7. gaddamhemanth

    cms india corruption study 2018

    http://cmsindia.org/cms_ics18/CMS_ICS_2018_Report.pdf look in page 7
  8. gaddamhemanth

    Telugu voters in KA

    eedi OA sudandi
  9. gaddamhemanth

    Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    adhi full cement road (mumbai -pune expressway is also concerete) https://www.livemint.com/Politics/1qMxRtxFKydk2PvzpYMjLN/National-highways-to-be-made-of-concrete-cement.html https://www.deccanchronicle.com/business/economy/290717/nitingadkari-for-cement-roads-across-india-says-they-are-long-lasting.html
  10. Few days back I read a detailed answer on this including girl pictures in Quora. Unfortunately it seems I had not up voted, so I could not get it back to post here.
  11. gaddamhemanth

    Kia in Anantapur !

    This is one side of story another side is andaru somberi vedhavalu pani cheyyaru, oka roju vaste nalugu rojulu raaru torture veellatho. Bayati vallayithe dabbu teesukontaaru guttugaa vachi panichesi potaaru
  12. gaddamhemanth

    Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    Adhi veru Bangalore chennai expressway hoskota nundi separate ga veltundi last Dec lo start kavalsina works gujju PM daddamma siddu panikimalina palani valla nobody is talking about it