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  1. janasena

    you are right. Even I saw many but simply ignored those illiterates. as we all know Sri Krishnadevaraya is kannadiga and he merged all warrior castes like Yadava ,Kapu, Kamma , Bunt, etc. and called it as Balija caste , and identified himself as balija . Balija includes Bunt, Boya, Golla, Gavara, Kamma(Naidu), Velama and Kapu castes and some malayali nair castes. Balija caste was not part of Kapu caste , the fact is Kapu and Reddy castes were tied together as one caste. As Kapu and Reddy's were dominating during that period, balijas went on to identify themselves as Kapu caste to which reddy caste was reluctant. Hence Reddy has to move away from kapu , thus this had given space for balija to be identified as kapu. Hence Kapu's today claim Krishna Devaraya as kapu. But the fact is , he is from Balija caste. Balija is a combination of many Yadavs, Kapus, kammas and Bunt Families. In fact, near Chittoor (don't know other places) reddy are called as kapu reddy. Naidu's are called as kamma naidu,
  2. ఓరీడి యేసాలో

    yevaru yeeni cheppina Jaggadu muddulu pettatam aaputadaa? veedu anthe
  3. Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    adhi full cement road (mumbai -pune expressway is also concerete) https://www.livemint.com/Politics/1qMxRtxFKydk2PvzpYMjLN/National-highways-to-be-made-of-concrete-cement.html https://www.deccanchronicle.com/business/economy/290717/nitingadkari-for-cement-roads-across-india-says-they-are-long-lasting.html
  4. Kamalpreet kaur #INC‏ @kamalpreetkohli 1h1 hour ago More #MaheshHegde of #Postcard news is now in jail is followed by our beloved PM Modiji on Twitter, isn't it fair to follow him in jail also. Just a thought !! #PostcardsToVoters
  5. kaneesam oka 100 tweets chesaa iddarini tag chesi ippati varaku report meeda discussion yekkada yekkada ani. Finally this comes. EE inter fail gadini kukkalu kudaa dekavu inko one month wait
  6. Few days back I read a detailed answer on this including girl pictures in Quora. Unfortunately it seems I had not up voted, so I could not get it back to post here.
  7. PDPK letter

    mundhu ee xxx kodukuni Polavarama meedha vagina vagudiki Masood report chadhivi AP janalaku Lempalu vesukoni sorry cheppamanamdi.
  8. Rajyasabha Elections

    purchase over
  9. Masood Committee Report on Polavaram

    How could you say that BJP has not influence the committee, they could have tried but ekkado oka chota neethi nijayathi gala vaadu okkadanna untadu gaa, dharmam anedhi untundi gaa
  10. Another Subtle answer encountered In Quora Why Chandrababu Naidu is the best CM India has ever seen? Kailash Mehra Answered Wed Originally Answered: Why may Chandrababu Naidu be the best CM the country has ever seen? I want to put some astounding facts before you regarding this public personality. He possess some greatest insights about latest technology and comes up with several initiatives in improving governance . This fact is indeed admitted by Bill Gates. He is workaholic who strives for the development of his state who is no less than an Olympian , who works so hard persistently to reach pinnacle The party which he heads may be compared to a typical political party which consists of some elected representatives who are hooligans , corrupted ones . But he does his work so passionately and whole heartedly. Common on , in India you couldn't find a complete party without any rogues. His age is 67 and he works far more than an average young Indian man. He has memberships in some of the renowed global forums like World economic forum where other CM' s of the country don't even market their states in their own state .This man leaves no stone unturned when there is chance to market his state's resorces, potential etc. He resided in a bus ( modified to a control room ) for 4 days in the turbulent times of HudHud Cyclone which devastated the city of Vizag during 2014. He restored the power of entire city within one week which can termed as outstanding in Indian point of view. He may not have much popularity among majority of Telugu population but there are some of his brainchild ideas that transformed the India's landscape. I am talking about the golden quadrilateral which is proposed by this man to then Prime Minister Vajpayee and succeeded by making sure the first phase of this project started within his state territory i.e from Chennai to Nellore. And now Modi government is thinking about diamond quadrilateral and first phase is being done from Ahmedabad to Mumbai as he hails from Gujurat. He turned the barren lands of the Hyderabad to present Hi-Tech city which hosted the recently concluded GES Summit (Global Enterprenurship Summit) . He awlays thinks with a long term developmental approach which may not be well received among public. This is one of the reasons for his defeat in 2004 general election. He has some coveted titles on his name like 1. SOUTH ASIAN Of the year by TIME Magazine Hillarious part is the below comment : Siddharth Telgote 22h ago Do you mean he is better than Modi? Hey, you must be kidding bro. Admit it else who get roasted alive by bhakts (disclaimer - I'm not ).
  11. Masood Committee Report on Polavaram

    official report ikkada link ivvandi twitter lo pawala gaadini vesukontaam
  12. Operation pawan kalyan

    Veedini vodinchi venu madhav gaadiki seat ichi gelipinchaali
  13. Operation pawan kalyan

    Maa vaadu okadu naaku phone seyyadame manesadu after that speech papam nenu disturb seyyadaluvhukolaa