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  1. gaddamhemanth

    NTR Anna canteens

    Some one please bring this to the notice of concerned and alert. This might happen here too (could do intentionally also) Each spoon costs around Rs 15 and plate Rs 50; contractors say they have suffered a loss of Rs 20 lakhBelieve it or not, since last August when Indira Canteens were opened, the contractors have lost Rs 20 lakh worth of cutlery to theft – that’s about 1.2 lakh spoons and 10,000 plates. Having learnt their lesson, the canteens have now stopped providing spoons altogether https://bangaloremirror.indiatimes.com/bangalore/cover-story/at-indira-canteens-in-bengaluru-its-a-steal/articleshow/64085886.cms
  2. gaddamhemanth

    Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    adhi full cement road (mumbai -pune expressway is also concerete) https://www.livemint.com/Politics/1qMxRtxFKydk2PvzpYMjLN/National-highways-to-be-made-of-concrete-cement.html https://www.deccanchronicle.com/business/economy/290717/nitingadkari-for-cement-roads-across-india-says-they-are-long-lasting.html
  3. gaddamhemanth

    Kia in Anantapur !

    This is one side of story another side is andaru somberi vedhavalu pani cheyyaru, oka roju vaste nalugu rojulu raaru torture veellatho. Bayati vallayithe dabbu teesukontaaru guttugaa vachi panichesi potaaru
  4. gaddamhemanth

    Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    Adhi veru Bangalore chennai expressway hoskota nundi separate ga veltundi last Dec lo start kavalsina works gujju PM daddamma siddu panikimalina palani valla nobody is talking about it
  5. gaddamhemanth

    Amaravati to Anantapur Expressway

    on a lighter not: up to 6 lanes Eenadu can takeup but for 10 lanes only ABN can takeup
  6. gaddamhemanth

    Amaravati to Anantapur Expressway

    @swarnandhra,'Veediki " ante just janala vaaduka basha anthe. Yeah it was delayed by Khangress for 10 yrs but appudu Karnataka side kuda ledhu. even though it is NH, I believe it is State govt's to take up and push forward. I hope, If it is done credit comes to state govt if not the blame will
  7. gaddamhemanth

    Amaravati to Anantapur Expressway

    Bangalore to Tirupathi road is in pending for over 10 years. Sagam road Karnataka vaadu complete chesi 4 years avutundi, migilina sagam AP intha varaku touch kuda cheyyaledu, it will have huge impact on Palamaner, Chittoor, Puthalapattu, Chadragiri constituencies if completed. Bus lo velithe banda buthulu tidutunnaru Janalu, Karnataka vaadu chesadu veediki emaindi ani. Vaadu cheyyakunda unte neutral ga anna undedhi. Mari ilanti photolu news lu chuste chirrettukostundi ikkada janalaku. Added advantage is if this completes half of Chennai traffic will divert to this route as it reduces the distance by 80km as apposed to Hosur- Vellore route