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  1. navalluri

    Srisailam Project

    Godavari 14 lakhs cusecs 140 tmc always at its best always
  2. navalluri

    MP siva prasad protest now in BBC WORLD

    We want to see him in Gandhi getup for aug, 15
  3. navalluri

    Kamal hassan latest on cbn

    Mp elections must come early then it will benefit tdp more. Front form chesi babu garu pm candidate race lo unte South Indian pm ani propogonda raise cheyali north pm no use, appudu 25/25 mp vastayi
  4. Good self goals vesukunadu Bjp tho hands kalipadu now all will believe
  5. navalluri

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Godavari 32 tmc flow in a day
  6. navalluri

    Self troll ... Pichodu kikiki

    Antha pen drives mahima bjp entha worst speech IChina he needs to say
  7. navalluri


    Simple cm Ramesh deeksha ki positive response coming so bjp released pawala Tweets
  8. Kaleswaram valla tg water is more enough for them make it as zero anandi.
  9. Good thing for ap project manam kadithe 100% stack only to us Idi benefit
  10. Good at least 1 pump complete cheyali before elections appudu use tdp ki
  11. navalluri

    Telangana lo nijalu.

    There is no term Vedu 31 dsts ani cheparu but no dst ki rupee kuda Ivaledu just all in dustbin lo unayi. No job notification with dist names ichi notification Valle stopping keeping a case. Just for name sake they done which is utter flop as usual
  12. navalluri


    Enti oka news paper ivadam kudaraledu ante inko news paper line clear ani vesindi
  13. navalluri

    Nagarjuna Sagar

    270 tmc max expecting
  14. navalluri

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Krishna lo malli floods vastava??
  15. navalluri


    Build hotel rooms give at low cost adi baga use avuthundi