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  1. navalluri

    Kcr nalgonda

    Nalgonda congress sweep chestundi kchr vachaka naki poyindi ee district ee
  2. Deni ads veyandi adi use
  3. 35-40 sitting trs mlas is won't win anta Last minute lo bforms ivaru ani talk will change more then 50+ candidates If it is real it will be major blow to trs negative wave vastundi 100 seats ani gola gola chesaru ga dani affect appudu telustundi
  4. navalluri

    IT raids finished in RR house

    Tv9 konesaru ga baga using. It raids avutunte aa docs news channels lo reading chiiii. Same game what BJp played in the Karnataka playing again in Telangana and following to ap too
  5. navalluri

    CBN Heroic Intro @UN

    Post full videos na bro
  6. navalluri

    Amazon buys part of “More” chain stores

    Amazon plans for offline stores ani talk undi. Same online rate same in shop kuda petti profits double cheyali ani plan.
  7. Bro election commission don't have staff also to go verify remove. If a member belongs to tdp, congress if trs members roundoff whole apartment voter's removed with out any inspection
  8. navalluri

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Krishna floods inka levu ga kchr gadu srisailam slow ga water level decreasing
  9. navalluri

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Krishna river flows vastaya again for srisailam and sagar ??
  10. navalluri

    TDP - Congress

    Unity tho unte win chances untayi but congress leaders need to work hard
  11. navalluri

    TS early elections

    Media becomes reverse kchr pani ayipotundi
  12. navalluri

    AndhraPradesh Tourism

    First website ni sariga update cheyali minimum news and plans undavu
  13. navalluri

    Srisailam Project

    Godavari 14 lakhs cusecs 140 tmc always at its best always
  14. navalluri

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Godavari 32 tmc flow in a day
  15. Kaleswaram valla tg water is more enough for them make it as zero anandi.