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  1. navalluri

    Cbn going to announce front tomorrow??

    If we form front and say we are going to form next govt and bring special status it will increase mp seats and mla more
  2. Don’t worry Pattiseema motors ni ikada pedataru
  3. navalluri

    Freeing tirumala by subbu swamy

    Ap must ask to include all temples, churches, mosques to indian govt. With one move bjp ki pagili potundi ee move tho
  4. navalluri

    PK badha

    1978 nunchi winning raju garu kuda pk valla win ayaru anta comedy at peaks. I think in home he doesn't have mirror at least send some mirrors to him
  5. navalluri

    kumara invite cbn

    Cbn must go anti wave on bjp at peaks it is right time to show power of regional parties. In 2019 all regional parties + congress may form govt against modi all will unite for govt formation
  6. It will spoil modi image allover india
  7. navalluri

    Vote ki note case

    Kchr with modi ani sentiment ni nimpithe chalu easy ga ap motham sympathy wave vastundi manaki
  8. navalluri


    Not only ttd, all Christian missionaries unna old buildings and trusts, Muslim vi kuds chesukovali ani gola gola cheyali debbaki vediki no hindu will vote
  9. navalluri

    Worst CM in India ever

    Adi targetted ads by jagan. If we do seo same place lo jagan kuda vastadu
  10. navalluri

    Karnataka survey by RSS

    Adi kadu babu garu ravali Karnataka ki appudu people will understands who is fighting against bjp. It will surely nation wide news avuthundi
  11. navalluri

    Karnataka survey by RSS

    Cbn should come to Karnataka and do pracharam don't vote to bjp ani. Atleast 3 days it will make impact and helps us in getting votes in ap also. Double boost will be there. One state cm campaign against Central will make national news
  12. navalluri

    PK direct attack on CBN and Lokesh

    Just to show yellow media ani mudra vestunaru tv9 meda want to dilute channels reputation and it will help them in next elections
  13. navalluri

    PK direct attack on CBN and Lokesh

    They want to dilute deeksha Strategic ga pakka plan tho chestunaru antis
  14. Kaleswaram valla tg water is more enough for them make it as zero anandi.