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  1. 1 thing for sure if congress with alliance must form govt in Central and tdp in AP. Appudu Telangana lo kchr pani chustaru left right padatayi
  2. Congess must come to power by alliance then only they can control trs otherwise with this kind of scenario whole dora rule already going beyond democracy which is very dangerous
  3. Whole South India except Karnataka no bjp single mp. If in Karnataka if it gets less MPs better for India. As per current trends UP lo more then half seats they losses it Will be big blow
  4. How many MP seats did they win this time max??
  5. Magic figure ki +10 undali jagaan gadu already getting touch with mla's ani talk to buy if some seats reduced so this time bjp-trs-ycp trying to repeat Karnataka kind of environment in andhra too get ready guys. Better election day all mla's gathered at one place its good for party
  6. Ee video leader movie ee ga cut cheyandi troll cheyochu
  7. Anti kchr sentiment ni ragilesthe ground level lo max 5 kuda ravu
  8. Some people say jagan and pvp are dostanas
  9. No need to see movie comedy scenes just if u see his videos we will fell down laughing ?
  10. Pk trying to occupy main opposition role in ap by saying kchr ki vote vestara ani ycp ni trs tho kalipi ani govt voters ni split chestunadu literal ga. With this anti govt voters will split for sure which will be big blow to ycp,
  11. Mana amaravati express way em ayindi?? When going tirupati to bangalore till we cross border vamoo goram ga untundi drive in night time danini expand cheste it will connect bangalore chennai express way