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  1. Better start ads in main edition and local editions also. It will only reach people what we had done.
  2. navalluri

    Return Gift guarantee

    Em undi vote for note case reopen Revanth daily arrest guaranteed
  3. Bro which channel kept dashboard in their website link pls
  4. navalluri

    What if KCR loses ?

    Etv and abn anthu chustam 😂 Vellu win ayithe these two close ayitayi sure ga
  5. navalluri

    Owaisi to meet KCR today

    Will see end of thoss two channels etv and abn ki warning ichadu ga small dora
  6. navalluri

    Baaga Hurt Ayyadu Jagga Matalaki

    Correct chepav bro
  7. navalluri

    Baaga Hurt Ayyadu Jagga Matalaki

    Let them fight govt anti vote division ayithe tdp ki plus
  8. Good decision mana vadu elago win avadu so better winning candidate ki lift isthe tappu ledu
  9. navalluri

    Prajakootami ads

    Buy news papers and give for free to every home
  10. Trending cheyali Twitter and fb lo tag ktr appudu vadi face chudali
  11. navalluri

    Lagadapati meeda complain icharu

    Full survey open ga chepeyali Trs out ani
  12. navalluri

    Lagadapati meeda complain icharu

    Cm kcr announced 100+ seats na two days back dani meda ivali complaint. Lagadapati must announce cheyali before elections trs won't win ani
  13. navalluri

    *TRS Won Seats in 2014*

    South Telangana motham nakinchasdu kchr nalgonda congress ki one sided winning untundi. Mahaboobnagar okate vaste vastayu North Telangana congress has good leaders and trs chesindi em ledu deniki One project complete kaledu Congress almost complete ayevi vatiki photo session tappa chesindi em ledu
  14. navalluri

    Advantage Mahakutami

    45 seats gelAvochu trs max Congress May cross trs by 45-50 So who will be king maker