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  1. Good at least 1 pump complete cheyali before elections appudu use tdp ki
  2. CBN met Modi

    Green Tea
  3. Telangana lo nijalu.

    There is no term Vedu 31 dsts ani cheparu but no dst ki rupee kuda Ivaledu just all in dustbin lo unayi. No job notification with dist names ichi notification Valle stopping keeping a case. Just for name sake they done which is utter flop as usual
  4. One more attachment by ED

    It is just not even dust of jAgan feet
  5. Sarai

    Ippudu kuda Modi ade chestadu since no opposition he want to take advantage of it
  6. polavaram

    Enti oka news paper ivadam kudaraledu ante inko news paper line clear ani vesindi
  7. Kaboye CM daily Schedule

    How to download video?? Pls share link
  8. Vedu vedi comedy eppudo 10 years before chiru ni side track chesaru ani ippudu valla meda paga techukunada?? Siggu undali
  9. Idi prp2 confirmed last time state divide ayindi because of 2 brothers but now emi chedam ani vachado
  10. Nothing wrong in that any govt will give outsourcing don't link it with full time govt jobs. Govt jobs appsc vallaki outsourcing ki sambandam ledu It is not first time any govt will do this don't link with cbn unnecessarily
  11. South India's one and only Jagan

    Em pikadaniki released?? No arrests nothing there enduku ee release