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  1. 1 hour ago, Kumbk said:

    Ledhule, no one expected it to move. And Jagan had not much political baggage before elections. Thats why okka chance worked. 

    okka chance iddam ani, junor doctor tho heart surgery cheyinchu kuntava??? same happened now... sarigga assembly ki rakunda court ki vellevadiki yemi choosi vote vesaru??? let them face it... its the risk you wanted...

  2. least bothered about what is happening in AP.. they thought CBN & kammas only gained due to amaravathi...

    okkokkadiki vaadu develop avutunnadu anedi vadilesi, paakkodu develop ayyadu ani kullu tho CBN ni pampesaru.... let them see the reality.. there are some mistakes you cannot fix.. let them face it... at least it may be a lesson to their children... 

  3. i've 0% care for them.. their demands are unimaginable when CBN asked to move to amaravathi.. they know they have to go as the state is divided.. but still demanded as if CBN is their servant.. they need AC busses, trains.. they keep their families in HYD.. but need separate house and wife in new capital etc.. etc..

    this is the reason i like jagan.. i want him to be CM for one more term... 

    ee rojulla cheppindi chesevadiki viluva ledu.. cheppedi okati undali... chesedi inkoti undali... 

  4. majority people liked ysrcp for their manifesto (freebies) or took money and voted.. so ysrcp leaders are masters and people are slaves.. and that how a master has to treat a slave.. well done YSRCP... keep going.. 

    some people will never learn a lesson.. they dont want to do any work or need a progression in life.. for them, free bees and free money is the only thing.. let them enjoy want they sowed..