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  1. petrol diesel meeda oka 10% VAT , liquor meeda oka 50% tax, land/realestate valuations oka 400% increase cheste ee 52Kcores oka year lo recover ayipotayi.... common jagga.... we have a path to counter these folks... you rock.....
  2. no surprise.... thats the YCP way... they take all in their control and throw some biscuits for you... you think you are surviving because of them and vote them in elections. good going!!
  3. daiva janulu.... bhavishyattu chepparu.... 😜
  4. dandalu pedithe vine rojulu poyayi.... rail roko.. rasta roko.... bundh.. etc vi matrame pani chestayi..... as long as everything is going as usual no one cares..
  5. its a fact as long as you protest peacefully no one bothers... u have to stall and show the impact.. else nothing going to happen (ex..TG etc agitations..) now, are people of amaravathi ready to go to that extent against ycp govt.. i don't think so.. once couple of police attacks happen they go underground.. just live their life.. of course cheemu netturu leni janalu... just see govt employees, thy just shut their mouths and ready to go where ever they say.. So i feel its not worth TDP to take it.. more over vizag/seema will have -ve on TDP.. rather take issue seriously and ask what development they did in vizag, kurnool & amaravathi after 3 capitals?? will they need 50years?? majority of amaravathi people themselves wanted freebees.. by seeing land rates they thought they were rich and ditched TDP... and let morons enjoy their choice there... its not worth to fight the battle believing in idiots... anyway majority worth youth will go out for next 5-6 years.. so a generation is out of AP.. rest
  6. yenta powerfull magent ayina iron ni matrame attract chestundi..... matti ni kaadu... anyway its democracy... if people want shit.. they will get it... and should not cry later in future..
  7. do you think AP people have guts..?? majority are dead heads.. you cannot uplift them and their thinking.. thy cry on others growth... so collectively the cannot grow.. who ever waned to prosper they left to other countries, later to Hyd, banglaore, chennai etc.. i was shocked with 2014 results itself... there is no option for AP otherthan CBN.. also with pk+bjp expectation is around 130+.. but getting around 100 itself shows the mindset of AP people...
  8. janalaki issue tho pani ledu... punch dialoges, entertainment kavali... logic, nijalu ivanni they dont care....
  9. nothing is surprising... everything is going as expected in AP.. did anyone expected different in YSRCP rule??? then its your fault... grow up guys...
  10. YCP pedda dikku ayina jagganna papers leak chesi CM avvaga lenidi, valla followers chaduvukuni yem chestaru??
  11. till end of 2021, take care of cadre.. bring strong network, identify strong local leaders at booth level and support/motivate them.. no need to serve public or take public issues seriously as they themselves don't know what they need and anyway forget full.. from 2022, if plans are executed properly, thats good enough..
  12. anadru postive ayina, public places ki masks lekunda ravatam yenti?? groups ga tiragatam yenti?? minor corona symptoms unna vallu, severely impacted vallato unte issue yem undada??? good.. people already accepting their fate..
  13. why CBN is worried??.. if majority of people themselves are not worried just leave them.. they are anyway happy with the compensations.. no need to go to happily enjoying people with some freebees and fight for their care... its what they chose....
  14. they get some package form govt.. they keep quite.. others who are fighting for them become idiots.. these all are not required.. for AP people, only one rule... keep them where they belong to.. don't let them rise.. if needed throw some freebees..
  15. Very sorry to hear this bro.. antha vidhi raata.. stay strong!!
  16. picha janalaki.. picha nayakudu....
  17. aa hyderabad ne AP capital ga cheste poddi ga..... inka Ap lo yemundi?? rogam vachina prathi politican hyd vaste inka AP xxxxx nakinatte ga..... LOL.. AP people...
  18. interesting.. work chesukunte mana kalla meeda manam nilabadachu ani AP janalaki yeppatiki realization raadu... this is their wish, which they invited on their own.. they have to carry it for 5years.. and again, they get wooed and vote for jagan or pk... its their destiny... thats how ysr and jagan used free schemes and built their empire with looting...
  19. they want money.. they are getting... they hated CBN because he is developing unnecessarily where someone else is getting benefited.. why they are asking for work now??
  20. idi TDP kutra... monna lokesh velli akkada nela cheelchi vachadu...
  21. oh shit.. major twist marchipoyaru... modi babu aa roju night tapassu chesadu.. indrudu vachi nenu meghalu varsham pampistanu.. avi nuvvu yem cheyyamante adi chesatayi ani cheppadu.. okkasariga summer time lo pakistan, iran, china lo meghalu vachayi.. vallaki radar signals andaeldu... varsham valla vallaki india yekkada undo sarigga kanapadaledu.. mana metro cities ki valla missiles ni aim cheyyaleka poyaru.. ee vishayam indrudu kuda naradudiki cheppaledu... alage valla news channels telecast cheyyakunda control chesadu.. anduke yekkada raledu..
  22. supporting one party is not wrong... taking power as an advantage and unnecessarily criticizing other party without ethics is blunder.. telugu lo - adhikara madham tho kannu minnu kanakunda chesina panulu antaru.. chesindanta chesi ippudu nannu mosam chesaru ante who cares.. no sympathy.. just reap what you sow.. enjoy the karma..
  23. i pity these people... such a brainless guys.. first chiru used this community... sold everything after getting the package.. mudragada.. squeezed them.. LOL... next PSPK.... double LOL.. inkokkasari yevadaina maa leader ani vaste.. chiru, mudragada madhaya lo vadilesi pacakge teesukunte vaalla population yem peekaro adagadli.... sollu batch..
  24. majority of AP people are growing lazier day by day.. more are interested in freebees rather than stand on their own earnings... unless you take that route, forget about power
  25. democracy... yadha praja tadha raja.... vaallaki matalu chepeevalle kavali, pani chese vallu pichollu....