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  1. 130cr janabha lo 80cr need ration.. means below poverty line.... god save india!!
  2. mana PM kuda china vollatho dating chestu mana country vishayalu china ki leak chestunnadu.... ban him also..
  3. this is democracy... if people have worth, they will think and select worthy candidates.. else they will choose as per their monitory needs.. so, don't go by leaders... how much great they are, it is useless.. Just look at people what they need.. and who ever acts as it can be fulfilled, they will win...
  4. yedisaru.... panikimalivadiki adhikaram ichi ippudu satires veste yem vastadi... what are people expectations from him.. what is the reason for that expectation... face it for 4 more years..
  5. when people want monetary benefits than permanent development, they have to face it when unexpected happens...
  6. he is business man.. he might felt its not worth spending his energy in fighting this..
  7. last lo oka 10K vestadu.. moosukuni jai jagan antaru.... ee teachers sarigga unte develop ayyi, indipenedent ga paiki vache aalochanalu maani yevadu musti vestadaaa ani vaadiki vote vese janalu yenduku tayaravutaru?? let them enjoy!!
  8. its known long time back... some one registered ysr party before jagan... may be he expected jagan will pay him and buy that..... i thought he would have bought it later.. seems still in existence.. anyway deenivalla vachedi yemi ledu... time pass.. just enjoy
  9. avunu.. veellu peekutundi yemundi.... jagananna kastallo unnadu.. sahayam cheyytam lo tappuledu... yela ayina inko 3 years lo vallu jagan ke support chestaru for some monitory benefits.. yekkado muddulu pettadu ani mukhyamantri chesaru kada.. just enjoy...
  10. Anitha Vangalapudi #StayHomeSaveLives @AnithaMLA · Jun 17 అక్క, వాళ్ళు పార్టీలో నుంచి వెళ్ళాక మాట్లాడారు. పార్టీలో ఉండి మాట్లాడలేదు. జాకీలు వేసి బోర్లాపడటం అంటే వైజాగ్ 2014 ఎంపీ ఎన్నికల్లో విజయమ్మ గారి ఓటమేనా మీరు మాట్లాడుతుంది? అయినా మీ జగనన్న బొమ్మపెట్టుకుని కన్నతల్లి గెలవలేదు, రాజు గారు గెలిచారా? Quote Tweet Girija Bondapalli @ysrcpgirija · Jun 17 Replying to @AnithaMLA మీ నాయకుడు @ncbn గురించి.. గన్నవరం MLAలు వంశీ, మద్దాలి గిరిధర్, కరణం బలరాం లు చేసిన వ్యాఖ్యల్ని గురించి కూడా ప్రజలకు అర్థమయ్యేలా చెప్పవమ్మ.. అనితమ్మా మీ నాయకుణ్ణి, ఆయన కొడుకు @naralokesh ను మీ ఎల్లోమీడియా ఎన్ని జాకీలు పెట్టి లేపడానికి ప్రయత్నించినా.. బోర్లాపడ్డారెందుకో చెప్పగలరా
  11. just enjoy guys..... let more fun happen to all castes in jagan's regime..... all should learn a lesson as they sucked jagan big time..
  12. vaadini pattinchukovaddu ante tdp meeda aa caste anta yegire vallu... veellaki jagan ye correct.... i love jaggu...
  13. water posara??? uccha posi ammalsindi... siggu vachedi...
  14. we need nagababu or alluarjun also to launch
  15. Govt screwed this lockdown process... when 10K cases they locked, when 2L cases, they opened up... 1st lock down might be fine to create awareness which is achieved.. after that its stupidity to continue country level lock down.. they would have imposed strict restriction in containment zones and opened up other areas with public travel restrictions economy wouldn't have suffered this much.. uncertainty in lock down, for ever extending screwed migrant workers and caused crowding, travel.. worst planning..
  16. when people are looking at leader's looks.. its the end of peoples growth...
  17. manishi ki oka maata, godduku oka debba annaru.. veellaki these are nothing... manam yedo anandapadtame tappa.... 20+cases lo muddayi... 16months jail... tirigi chooste CM... take it easy guys.... as long as people want free money, loose analyzing power, believe in rumors they will rule.... these all small small things don't even matter..
  18. daarina pothunna daridranni nettina petuukuni ipuudu digipo ante yetla... wait for 4 more years...
  19. pilli guddidi ayithe yeluka vachi gu**a choopinchindi ani saametha... votes vesina janalu yerri pappalayithe leaders ittage untaru... moosukuni kurchovatame....
  20. this is democracy.. what majority think they need at that point of time only wins.. it is not about what is good.. so don't go behind people and try to educate them.. if they need you, they will come to you, then support them.. no need to enlighten them that you are getting screwed in future. thats not going to work in today's world..
  21. janallo jagan ante bhayam kanapadutundi... even ee videos lo kuda adukkovatame kani questioning ledu.... thats waht he made people into.. thats what they deserve... CBN meeda lese norlu ippudu anna anna bratimiladutunnayi yenduku??? rosham tagginda, chava chacchindaa, leka kinda nunchi kaarutunnaya??? as long as there is no revolution from people no need to respond or help them.. corona ki jagan state dabbulu ichada??? adi centre ichindi... please avoid these videos...
  22. why do you think he is suffering?? whom all he and his family approached for justice?? did they approached media?? did they approached human rights?? did they filed a court case on oosting?? he and his family might be paid by YCP to do this way... same the case with few govt officers comments against vizag shift.. this is to create fear in people's mind what happens if they revolt..... sorry i have to think this way only based on recent YCP leaders comments on TDP spreading covid & liquor queues..
  23. they dont know what to do.. we have 2 months time before we hit by corona.. we never analyzed what to do.. some guys did lock down so we also do lock down. thats the maturity of our leaders.. no preparation.. nothing.. one evening one great actor comes on TV, and do emotional drama announces surprise things that has to be followed from midnight 12.. such a stupid guys people are electing.. we have to suffer..