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  1. there are few things to wait and comment. (development, future plans, revenue growth etc..) certain things cannot be waited.. at least he should have capacity to continue.. (existing welfare schemes, salaries to employees, job notifications, disaster management etc..) if your company CEO changes, will you wait for a year for salary, bonus??? jagan is utter failure.. why he delayed elderly pension for a week+ for mahametha's b'day.. its not even a new scheme... if a common man delays paying bills for a week will govt agree??
  2. super!! eeme yekkada nunchi MP ayyindi??
  3. jaggu's 1.5cr helipad, 1.2cr for road in front of his house, 22L govt money for his family trip etc many personal things also contributed to this deficit... so it absolutely fine to have deficit.. its not a excuse for fulfilling for promises..
  4. current flow unte 2-3 more days for srisaialm, 1 week more for sagar... but more or less it will reach good level..
  5. expected.. people doesn't want to fight for their rights, people who are not inserted in development.. this is the land where majority left over people want to enjoy freebees.. not much interested in taking responsibility of their work, just circulate whatsup videos with the mercy of JIO internet, and enjoy their life..
  6. •• Zomato's reply when a customer wants to cancel food because it's non-Halal •హలాల్ చేయలేదు కనుక ఫుడ్ ను రద్దు చేయాలనుకున్న కస్టమర్ కి జొమాటో ఇచ్చిన సమాధానం •• **[ .... Hai Wajid ! That’s not how we wanted your experience to be... Kindly share your order number so that we could look into this... •• హాయ్ ! వాజిద్ ... మీ అనుభవం ఇలా ఉండకూడదని అనుకుంటున్నాం ... దయచేసి మీ ఆర్డర్ నెంబర్ పంపించండి ... తప్పక పరిష్కరిస్తాం ... ]*** •• Zomato's reply when a customer wants to cancel food because delivery boy is non-Hindu in shravan month • శ్రావణ మాసం అయినందున, డెలివరీ బాయ్ హిందూ కాకపోవడం వల్ల, ఫుడ్ ను రద్దు చేయాలనుకున్న కస్టమర్ కి జొమాటో ఇచ్చిన సమాధానం •• **[ Food doesn’t have a religion. It’s a religion • ఆహారానికి ఒక మతం లేదు .. ఇదే మతం ]***
  7. no need to do anything for anyone... except for tdp karyakarthas... for all these kind of fellows.. just go there take agitation to next level... and say once we come to power we will restore things... thats all...
  8. who are locals?? staying more than 5 yrs?? or by birth??
  9. AP people deserve much more than this..
  10. jagan ki Jail model ani tag icharu ga.... jagan my role model ani aa ongole jagan karyakartha photo vaadu pilla ni chamepsinappati photo petti circulate chayyandi...
  11. karma.. they sent fake letters.. its biting them back...
  12. god gives you opportunity to learn from others mistakes, so that you can see why others are facing issues due to their choices and you can do better later.. if you dont learn, he will put you in that.. and you have to sail through it and learn... enjoy the fun ride AP folks..
  13. its faltu YCP plan.. CBN made AP to highest GST collecting state.. where that money is going?? CBN made AP as 16% YoY growth state.. where that money is going?? there is enough money with govt... so much that they can demolish existing buildings and hire other building to have meetings.. they can spend 1.3cr for a helipad.. a flat land.. also note.... CBN is the one who gave pattiseema water which jaggu using now..