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  1. i suppose these groups are extremely against TDP last time..
  2. Andhra might be crying... but not andhra people... andhra people are happily enjoying the sollu videos & discussions circulated in free jio internet and doing great time pass as there is nothing much to do there..
  3. anyway nothing beats jaganannas 3K pention scheme... daanni kuda 4 years lo penchutadanta... mari vaadu devuddu.... velli lip kiss ichukondi... sanna biyyam ani, daanni nanyamaina biyyam ani change chesi, kullipoyina laavu biyyam ichina jaganannaki inko kiss.... yedi yemaina, navaratnalu amalu chestunna jagannna ki navarandhrallo kisses ichi pandaga cheskondi fans...
  4. shame less AP people.. let them face... let them suffer for their sins.. they don't either have loyality or need development.. no mercy on these shameless creed.. worst fellows in entire india... good that TG separated.. they have atleast some loyalty.
  5. karnudi chaavu ki yenni kaaranalu vastayo.. TDP ki kuda anthe.. as per me, 2014 lo AP is direction less/money less/capital less and only solution is CBN. With addition of PK & BJP, i expected landslide there.. getting 100 at that time itself shows mindset of AP people.. they need freebies.. thats it... development is least priority.. they want temporary reliefs.. enabling them to be self sustained is big mistake.. YSRs method is correct... make sure they wont get food for few days and give biryani after that they will treat you as god..
  6. hyd lo ekada untav

  7. harsha anna...... super collection..... keep rocking...........