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  1. ee modi cinema sciripts ki panikostadu kaani pani cheyyataniki kadu... of course, today people wants that only...
  2. if really neutrals are feeling TDP is managing courts, the deserve the YCP dictatorship.. no development, people have nothing to do to stand on their own, all hopeless people stay in AP and wait for govt freebies.. and if anyone questions, you know the treatment..
  3. asalaina Christians bagane uantaru.. ee convert ayina valla overaction yedayithe undo.... NBNB..
  4. PRP lekapoyi unte 2009 lo ne TDP vacahedi.. AP people luck ala tirigi ippudu ee situation vachindi...
  5. excellent.. baaga cheppindi.. bayati vallaki unna understanding mana state lo ledu...
  6. well done lokesh showing with proofs that this is as per march2019... otherwise the cheap dogs will bark as if their achievement..
  7. eedi panchelu oodakottamane kada pilla rajyam nayakudu pilupu ichindi.. anna.. tammudu... mee naatakalu.....
  8. nidra matthu lo drive chesi accidents chestunnaru ani KCR garu ila set chesadu.. okka debba ki night antha nidra rakunda untadi..
  9. no one really looking to do the good.. everywhere what is there in it for me... .. employee organization, how they screwed CBN when capital shifting to AP, what they are doing now for vizag? kapu organization, what they did during TDP, what they are doing now?? same here... no one really caring about atrocities.. you kick left and right but give some money.. they are happy at the end.. chill...
  10. this is what i am suspecting.. no need to support people if they dont ask for... dr sudhakar... what he finally said?? vizag gas leak deaths.... they dont have any issues.... yevariko gundu kottina case... no one has any prob... same here.... the more TDP goes to support them, the more money they will get in background to keep quite.. and the more they love ycp... stop saying ideal things.. idi kaliyugam.. follow yuga dharma.. nothing needed... support tdp cadre, amaravathi farmers., etc ones... and have the planning internally.. that is good enough till end of 2021... let others enjoy their own fate... you can support them from 2022/23.. even if you do something now they wont remember after 3years....
  11. i'm least interested.. no need to educate some one and bring them up.... they will anyway ditch us after they got benefited.. only thing TDP should learn is, don't provide chances to people become independent to earn themselves by developing with infra and companies and providing irrigation to drought areas etc.. once you do that, they are on their own and they wont need you.... follow ysrcp strategy... always give only monitory benefits.. their brains wont grow.. they have to come back to you next month or year for your benefits as they are already dead people and cannot stand on themselves.. this way you will be always in power and people will stay loyal to you....
  12. case yenduku... atanu kuda onko rendu matalu ante ayipoyedi.... on the spot justice!! 😉
  13. chakkani voice... marintha chakkani bhasha..... cheppalankunna vishayam meeda chakkani clarity... vinasompuga unnayi.....