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  1. economictimes.com/industry/energy/oil-gas/andhra-pradesh-govt-enhances-tax-on-natural-gas-by-10-percent/articleshow/78076705.cms AP Vat up from 14.5% to 24.5% on Natural Gas.. she will die
  2. South lo anni long pending ye.. kani aa valla list lo completed ani untai
  3. matter lo music lenappuddu mydanam gurthostadu.. vadiki leni fans kuda gurthostaru.. 🤣🤣🤣
  4. 🤣anduke vediki kuda mere batting chestunnaru.. inka elli Guitar vayinchukondi STRENHA
  5. so.. aa mydanam gadiki meeku emi theda ledu anamata.. loll losers
  6. AP-TG lo enni angulalu roads complete chesaru NHAI
  7. When you cant change the fact.. Change the stat🤣🤣🤣.. loll baffas
  8. Warth of the youth ki.. dudda pungi adirindi.. loll comments deleting ki overtime working 🤣
  9. Still same song.. lolll why did you disable likes and comments ante.. pisukkotam🤣
  10. pisukkondi.. meeku teliyani thalaka masina vishayam entante, China already banned Pubg game in their country long back for the ill effects it had on youth🤣
  11. Meeremanna comments pettinolla Adhaar stamp verification chesara😛 prati daaniki blanket statements
  12. so you assume Students to bunk exams. just try unlock comments section in official channel🤣
  13. Students meda kaksha tho South Korea based Pubg ni ban chesada.. aa company lo china investor ki 10% stake ye undi.. ala ithe Paytm kuda ban list lo undali Mental Mast**bation..😂
  14. economictimes.com/news/economy/policy/govt-shoots-down-waiver-of-interest-on-loans-for-moratorium-period-favours-long-term-debt-recast/articleshow/77869577.cms “The government on Tuesday told the Supreme Court that the corona virus Pandemic has led to a 23 per cent dip in India’s GDP” noti ki edi vasthe adi cheppatame.. lolll
  15. economictimes.com/news/economy/policy/investors-will-lose-faith-in-india-if-the-post-virus-recovery-game-is-won-by-a-narrowing-number-of-tycoons/articleshow/77735173.cms Dominance by handful of capitalists may not leave enough space for others. Sums it up!
  16. amayakudi la unnave.. You think adani just want 13.5% stake... loll.. what will he do without control.. his intention to do a hostile takeover
  17. CBI and ED have also become mergers and acquisitions consultants.. daylight scam
  18. Can we create a single short video compiling all the remarks about NTR? It shall be a great to show everyone about NTR getting these compliments from Day 1.