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  1. same script all regional languages lo dub chesi thipputunnaremo.. hail STRENHA
  2. Government one sided ga Adani ane group ni one sided ga support chestundi.. literally, handing over control of all essential Indian Infrastructure (national security) to a single gujju company.. build or acquire.. if not hostile acquisition.. adani has iron fist over.. power (thermal, renewable), transmission, coal mining, sea ports, airports, roads. you name it.. every project is stage managed.. left overs are for other investors.
  3. Adani intend to to acquire mumbai airport (MAIL) from Gvk. They dont have a major airport in portfolio. Gvk Mumbai also offers larger expansion asset, under development Navi mumbai airport. As an initial entry strategy, Adani offered to acquire 13% stake of MAIL from Bidvest, south african patner of Gvk. but, Gvk had first right of refusal on these shares.. they exercised the option and blocked Adani. Gvk raised funds from private equity investors to purchase Bidvest stake. this irked Adani and now they are using Cbi like institutions to harass and bring Gvk to negotiation table. tvaralo Mumbai intl airport.. Gujju intl airport ga maarabothundhi
  4. petrol price hike anagane.. ee throwback tweet guthostadi🤣
  5. http://www.daijiworld.com/news/newsDisplay.aspx 15 police @ banjara hills station tested positive.. local media not reporting
  6. Can we create a single short video compiling all the remarks about NTR? It shall be a great to show everyone about NTR getting these compliments from Day 1.