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  1. Toilets kuda pakka state lo vadukunte 60rs tax saving ani boards pettinchandi
  2. saying is worth $7bn.. will invest $9bn in air india.. 51% shares to air india employees.. his business in us is filing returns for nris.. pedha heist plan chesinattinnadu.. majority control employees ki isthe, they will be sponsors.. veedu valla shoulders meda nunchi shoot chestadu.. andarini bakras chestadu, importantly govt of india ni modiji tea stall, dhirubhai ambani etc etc ni quote chestunnadu Telugu business jaathi ni deep cave lo ki teesukelle plan lo unnadu
  3. Can we create a single short video compiling all the remarks about NTR? It shall be a great to show everyone about NTR getting these compliments from Day 1.