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  1. Off screen (natural) Balayya super, on screen edo okkati chesi chedadabbutaaru.... Enta lavu vunna Mohan Lal on screen presence super vuntadi manaki reverse offscreen presence baguntundi...
  2. No logic in this post Candidate > Money - YCP ki otherway so he got ticket there...party ethics marchali annattu vundi post...
  3. Adding 12 more District collectors, administrative staff, administrative buildings, courts, quarters and many more is not feasible for state running in deficits...
  4. Yes Kavitha point testaru ane pre-planned ga vodincharu. It was all part of the pre-planned game, few get sucked into it since it was against KCR's own daughter.
  5. This is true.... cast division lo kaapu vote bank chala important, BJP did damage both CBN and PK with their wise strategies...
  6. Special status ite ivvaru...for BJP YCP is just another party, I don't think they will help another to outgrow
  7. KingV


    Kavitha lost but this is pre planned to suppress allegations of EC support to TRS during assembly elections...
  8. Wish list - 130, 20 100, 15
  9. 100 to 120 MLAs 18 to 20 MPs
  10. Biopic movie valla vachina talanoppi ee interviews...hopefully damage is limited...
  11. Kotta concern kaadu, poye concern assalu kaadu...
  12. As a CM he is warning goons party what they need to do after results....we are seeing everything through eye glasses made by YCP
  13. Votes manipulation ledu brother...EVM tampering is possible but not easy... EC support helps only till ballot, counting lo manipulation dadapu ga vundadu, CBN alerted everyone just to be cautious...
  14. Mari anta bayapadalsina pani ledu... BJP will be more friendly this time, they are not going to get absolute majority like last time...