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  1. Fake batch

    gaddi pettaadu !! TFS !!
  2. akka bharathi akka.....ROFL

    okka pachani polala tweet debbaki mottam tagaladi poyindi......oh my xxxx enta pani chesavu......mogudni kooda morph chesava... chivaraki account naadi kaadu ane chetulu ette sa la chesaru okka tweet tho
  3. akka bharathi akka.....ROFL

    mogudni kooda morph chesara????......oh my anil bava...amen
  4. Medical Equipment park in Vizag

    e Gadkari lanti vallu desaniki pattina daridram....Kia,sagarmala,bharatmala,river interlink annitlo eedu chesinanta "regional bias" evadu cheyyaledu.... adige vadu ledu kani 26 lakhs BIG projects under Gadkari hardly 4 lakhs kooda South India mottm undo ledo doubte.... CBN proposed Medical device park ni copy kotti first park in Nagpur ani hijack cheddam ani chusadu...CBN was much ahead of them and done Vizag park... Mana Vizag park ki etlagu center co-operation antanta matrame....AP team policy prakaram tippalu padtuundi own effort tho.... eedu personel ga Nagpur park ki matram center nunchi anni dochi pedutunnadu... /**** Maha govt, Centre to join hands for developing APIs, device parks at MIHAN, Nagpur Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari are scheduled to discuss an action plan in Mumbai shortly for developing bulk drugs and medical devices park at Multi-Model International Cargo Hub and Airport at Nagpur (MIHAN) through a collaborative approach. As a part of its policy of ease of doing business, centre is planning to develop multi-product Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at MIHAN.Both the ministers are scheduled to discuss modalities and explore areas of investment for setting up common facilities of manufacturing and testing in consultation with pharma industry, according to an official associated with the development. This comes close on the heels of Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) holding talks with pharmaceutical companies in Nashik, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Pune and Thane to explore investment opportunities for developing pharma hub at Multi-Model International Cargo Hub and Airport at Nagpur (MIHAN) multi-product Special Economic Zone.According to officials, 1000 acres of land in MIHAN SEZ is likely to be developed for API production, which will boost exports and deemed exports.Meanwhile, a technical feasibility study is also underway for setting up of medical device park at MIHAN which will also be equipped with common facilities for testing and manufacturing competencies on par with Andhra Pradesh Med Tech Zone (AMTZ) at Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh.
  5. CBN land pooling farmers ni valla own flight karchulu tho pampiste prati sannasi pisikaru pidakalu... media ni emi manage chestunaru ra e pidakala batch inkoti kooda marchi poyaru....KCR went to singapore&Malaysia much before CBN and said all MPP,ZPP,mlas&mps must&should visit singapore ...cut cheste a visit lo pikindi ZERO....T ministers even went to China and visited china wall as an "official tour"
  6. kondaveeti vagu

    Environment,farmers ani natakalu dobbina villa main motive chudandi clear ga...... blue-green and work-friendly capital ki kontaina addam padadam ani sankalu guddukuntunaru.... /***** But there are few good points in the judgement. a) It has clearly said that the river islands cannot be used for any purpose contrary to the purpose they should be put use to. We know that without altering them the tourism economy which Mr. Naidu is dreaming will not work at all. Even the 100 hectares of forest land cannot be altered even for parks.c) The course of river or water Modies should not be altered which is very crucial considering his plans for blue-green economy. d) A committee was formed which works under the jurisdiction of the Tribunal. These are not any great issues, but at least helps in keeping an eye. In the broader-context of Political Economy, this Capital is being touted as the work-friendly geographical terrain. and, if that has to happen certain major alterations should be happen. I believe this judgment forestalls any such attempts.
  7. CBN promoted list of AP industries

    CANEUS International, signed a tripartite agreement with @AP_EDB & @apssdc to establish a Center of Excellence on Space Sciences and Technologies for Development (CoE4SSTD) in Hindpur, Anantapur, #Andhra Pradesh. Ms. Simonetta Di Pippo, Director, @UNOOSA was present
  8. Kottandraa Dappu Veyyandraa Dharuvu

    Very happy ....no hurdles for Amaravati .... AP govt calm undakodadu annai....Court ichina judgement lo facts janalaki cheppi Jaffas enta worst gallo expose cheyyali.... Someone should give presentation and expose these guys - What xxx put in court and their lies(showing Amaravati as river flood area where as 2000 years back structures are still intact along the capital-river area)....why they kept silent knowing some facts like NTPC&Prakasam barrage height increase..... - Chenna REddy&NTR&pedda DECOIT govt's with study cleared TUNNEL near barrage for "man created vagu" problem where as petitioners never showed that - XXX and IYR fb friendship before 2016 and their personnel exchanges - Why petitioner closed his old FB active account once Amaravati was announced...why he started new one overnight projectng himself as green soldier???? because the old exposes his personality and there are many facts !!! - Clear cut lies that that area is "total magani" where as no one ever seen magani except couple of hundreds - Their fake propaganda showing that secreteriat gone down few meters - Why xxx opened Green Soliders collecting money from people - XXXX said he got 100 crore offer to withdraw his case....He created buzz around him and collected money showing the case in big picture....
  9. kondaveeti vagu

    Read the judgement completely ,Today I felt what is called "tutti" in spending time in NFDB and posting in support of TDP&CBN in NGT case what we wrote in this DB was as is given in the judgement. Not saying it's our posts but "our facts clearly reflected in court judgement" In this DB many times I posted fact that Kondaveedu vagu mas man created flood problem because of NTPC plant&Prakasam barrage level increase. Where as JAFFA batch fabricated and showed as if it was centuries old issue. In the JUDGEMENT court clerly mentioned what was discssed in this thread. As is In words what was posted in our DB is mentioned in the judgment not missing single point - ABout NTPC plant support maitinaing high level water at barrage - Barrage level increase after 80's /******* this is the fact which JAffas kept in dark and exaggerated the issue.... Such a system continued for a long time till the capacity of the barrage had to be increased to meet irrigation and other requirements. A minimum level of water had to be maintained in order to meet the requirements of NarlaThathaRao Thermal Power Station. In the result, the earlier system which was used to empty the water of Vaghu into Krishna river was no longer effective. It was this reason, along with others, which led to temporary inundation in certain areas along the course of KondaveetiVaghu during heavy monsoon for a few days in a year.
  10. CBN Grading Creates Tension

    No comment !!
  11. Ore bandaaa aa fyamilike adhikaaram vunte Nandulni ekkada katteseevollu raa mee ?? We all know how many yrs TDP governed and how many Nandi awarded !! Not a point to discuss eligibility, but descency !! Can you Compare with any other Powerful sons? Like Stalin Akilesh Jagga Rahul, kunar gowda, udhdhav/raj !! Think beyond skill , but about character !! Maa baabu Melimi Bangaaram !! Nuu ishool museyyehe !!
  12. CBN Grading Creates Tension

    Cast system evvar create chesaaro, inkaa yelaa continue avuthondho ?!*#!! Mind blowing !!
  13. CRYBabies

    We all know how many yrs TDP governed and how many Nandi awarded !! Not a point to discuss eligibility, but descency !! Can you Compare with any other Powerful sons? Like Stalin Akilesh Jagga Rahul, kunar gowda, udhdhav/raj !! Think beyond skill , but about character !!
  14. Amaravati