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  1. 11-MArch-2015 HAL announced as partner by Dassault(See below)... 28-MARCH-2015 ADAG incorporation registered Just two weeks total golmal and India's biggest defense deal got Anil Amabani yet to be born baby got in place of HAL....Also the cost went 3 times up..... Kota sirnivasaro style: "cards printed just name change"...HAL became Anil Ambani
  2. watch from @12(from back) for Team Amaravati qualifier run.....manaki SWeden musalodu bhane kummadu unexpected ga..... Mana daggara kuda live commentary iste pandage janalaki....manchi thrilling undi dintlo...
  3. AnnaGaru

    lokesh china tour

    Huawei ki gattiga try chestuaru ga.....just adi vaste oka 1 lakh employment eco create avuddi... by the way ONLY WOMEN 19,000 working just at Foxconn...
  4. https://www.zaubacorp.com/company/RELIANCE-DEFENCE-LIMITED/U74999MH2015PLC263178 Is this proof not enough? Reliance defense Limited company registered itlsef just same week before MODI-Anil Ambani France trip(in private jet) to "add reliance as partner" How a company that has not born got "India's biggest defense deal"???? /*****************open scam, only Budi batch can't see***************/ THIRTEEN DAYS BEFORE MODI announced the agreement, Reliance Group, headed by the industrialist Anil Ambani—who was also in Paris during Modi’s visit—registered a new subsidiary named Reliance Defence Limited. This was new territory for the corporation—it had no history in the defence sector, except for very recently securing a major stake in a shipyard handling military contracts. Ten days after the Rafale agreement was signed, Reliance Group and Dassault announced the creation of a joint venture, Dassault Reliance Aerospace Limited, majority-owned by Reliance Group. From having had nothing to do with aerospace before, Ambani’s corporation was suddenly guaranteed aerospace business worth thousands of crores of rupees. http://www.caravanmagazine.in/business/india-gambles-defence-interests-reliance-group
  5. e gay kalalu endi sammy...trump gadu ayite comedy chesadu..
  6. biggest defense scam India had seen....Bofors ka baap...
  7. biggest scam in India defense deal....all these days they lied that Reliance was picked by France.... HAL Bangalore which has original agreement was taken off to help Reliance(which opened defense just 3 weeks before deal) HAL could have built Rafale jets in India, says former boss https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/hal-could-have-built-rafale-jets-in-india-says-former-boss/story-Cr0dMhZXToq1GBIdXY97YI.html
  8. AnnaGaru

    pulichintala project

    idi pai court ki vellina Govt ke bokka......original project clause contractor favour ga undindi..
  9. wow...France media also calling it open scam..
  10. darunam idi matram.....Sankrantiki(January 15th) finish target petti contractor ni mobilize(govt helped on tunnel machinery repair costs and gave new hike) cheste adevado chattisgarh BJP MP case veyyatam ento? A2&YV subbareddy AP lo jarige vati meda complaint cheyyatam....Modi govt creating immediate hurdles - MNREGA A@&YV subbareddy complained and Modi govt stopped funds and put 3 investigation teams sent to AP - A2&YV subbareddy, Polavaram land acquistion meda fake complaint chesi sakshi lo highlit chesaru...ventane 4 months delay cehsaru danni addam eptti - A2&YV complained on Vizag achutapuram industrial belt and that became big issue - A2&YV complained on Purushothapatnam and now in court
  11. AnnaGaru


    కీర్తి మెల్కొటే, ఇమాజినేషన్స్ టెక్నాలజీస్ సంస్థ అధ్యక్షుడు కృష్ణ యార్లగడ్డతో కీర్తి మెల్కొటే e candidate tho meeting koncham interesting ga undi..too good profile and tech world lo great personality
  12. AnnaGaru


    @Kiran admin ji(amit ji range lo), e thread koncham oka 1 week pin cheyyatam kudurudda?....edo ma US abhimanula quick update kosam
  13. AnnaGaru

    Jagananna vadilina banam

    @ILLUMINATI e gif peaks