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  1. Good morning just woke up have a great day to all

  2. Just spoke with prdcr regarding censor he is very confident about movie

  3. Feeling headache coming out from office need some rest

  4. Good evening friends have a great time :-)

  5. Watching thakita thakita movie

  6. gud mrng guys just nw woke up

  7. Step 5 chusara ma vadu flop cinema kuda collection thechadu⁰Again same repeated for next movie

  8. RT @Moulikaku: @NeilSanghavi mahesh kadu fakesh babu.....#powetsar @vrindaprasad

  9. RT @HEROMANOJ1: Well time to make things little clear:) UKUP is a pure multistarer film and it's not a guest role by ballaya garu:)

  10. gud afternoon tweeples

  11. Just watched rocha and came out

  12. TARAK - Heartbeat of Millions: http://t.co/egp0s2pA via @youtube

  13. Got new ear phones gifted by my friend worth nearly 4000 and listening #Dhammu ohoooooo

  14. RT @trulyTARUN: nina 1st & 2bd show tpt lo RACHA mve theatre lo play ayindi anta ful racha chesaru anta inka vij also * some other also

  15. Good night dudes have a great going to bed toooooo early :-(

  16. some times its very funny to see fanism

  17. RT @trulyTARUN: Just Now Touched 200 Followers Thanks TO All My Followers #DHAMMU <3

  18. Good night all

  19. RACHA⁰Below average movie ..plus --- fights and dancesminus --- 1st half lo silly comedy2nd half looses grip

  20. Can anY one share pre talk about #racha

  21. Good night tweeples #dhammu

  22. Got a relevant source if any one trying for #racha business please stop